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  1. Selling an autoflex 505X rainbow shaft with a Callaway tip. Has been hit twice and is like new. Plays 45.25 inches Lamkin Crossline grip $675
  2. I’m pretty sure I’d never be able to buy it back...
  3. Came across this picture a few days ago in my old emails.
  4. Never gave a specific model. Just wanted a larger footprint with lower CG and thicker top line and softer lines.
  5. 46 degrees. I hit the 53 from about 85-115
  6. I was lucky enough to meet Patrick and the Scratch guys years ago and work with them on a few sets of custom blades. I unfortunately moved on from my old sets and knew I needed one to hang onto. Everything I have ordered in the past was small head, sharp lines, and squared off toes... I can't play those anymore. Patrick and Don went the other way on this set and I couldn't be happier. Softened lines. Lower CG, and thicker toplines all with the same specs of my first order 6 years ago... Just very happy to get another set done while Don is still working... Low CG channel back Softened lines Raw Thanks Patrick
  7. I had a custom set made a while ago and quite frankly the mg 1008 was the worst Miura iron I have ever play and I love the brand. To see hem now marketing them as "new" also seems pretty lazy.
  8. 2017 M2 9.5 degrees Graphite design GP 7S 44.25 inches Used for about 20 rounds. Clean top line and sole. 450 shipped
  9. Custom 009 gamer ordered from AOP. Some chatter on the top line but in great shape. Scotty Cameron 009 welded round neck SSS Chromo bronze 33.5 Welded round neck White iomic grip Original shaft Studio design circle T cover Please let me know if I can add any additional information. 2900 shipped. Not looking for trades
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