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  1. Yep and add in sidesaddle putting, during which you're actually already facing the hole anyway, and you can't miss !
  2. As the OP for this topic, perhaps I can throw another question into the mix - can anyone tell me who invented the current conventional style of putting ? If you were going to invent a putting style from scratch, I can't imagine you'd start by standing side on to the hole so that you were putting blind would you ? The old photos we've all seen of the early Scottish golfers suggests they played a lot of full shots from a very open stance - probably due to the kind of equipment they had or constrictions of clothing making full swings difficult. So I would have thought it logical to adopt something similar for the shorter shots such as putting, where control and feel for distance are all important. Anyone have any insights ?
  3. Hardly think any self-respecting S+T teacher would approve of the chicken wing, but the straightened right leg looks familiar.
  4. Any S+T cynics notice that Andy Plummer student Alex Cejka just won 2 Majors in a row on the Champions Tour ?
  5. Interesting that Mangum, whose depth of knowledge and insight is most impressive in this area, questions the suitability of the hand for this process elsewhere in the post quoted because of extraneous factors. Sidesaddle putters create a fulcrum with one hand to reduce/eliminate this factor. Conventional putters use both hands without any control ! Yet that's somehow preferable...
  6. Seems ironic to me that he's gone to a fade just now - his most common miss ( with a couple of famous exceptions ) was a weak push fade with a high right shoulder, that lean to the right was always the telltale sign that he'd be in the trees... now he's switching to a ball flight which he's hated to see for his entire career..I'd love to get inside his head and see which neurons are firing to get that done ! Must be a real jumble and will take a while to clean up the hard drive and replace it with the new pattern. There are certainly plenty of top players still playing draws as mentioned but worth perhaps pointing out that many of the greats were primarily faders - Nicklaus the most prominent example. I remember reading in one of his books that at a certain point in his career for about 18 months he started drawing the ball without knowing why - and he didn't start playing well again until he went back to his customary fade. Making this change certainly pushed DJ forward and at the top level control is much more important than distance, so maybe Rory is doing the right thing, only time will tell. This win was all about the putter indeed, not normally a strength of his - if he ever gets that to an acceptable level then the rest can forget it !
  7. There is also no data-driven evidence that conventional putting is the best way to do it ..... Which leads me to wonder where the conventional style came from in the first place - who invented it and why ! Did one of those Scottish shepherds say to himself " I have to hit this ball into that tiny hole with this stick - so I'll turn sideways to my target so I can't see it at all and use both hands to strike it ".... I would love golf historians to chime in on this. All the historic pictures I've seen suggest that the older players used a very open stance so maybe they putted that way too ???
  8. Exactly my point, I'm currently testing how far my clubmates drive and so far if I translate those distances into swing speed I would estimate " average " as in the 75-80 range and that's being generous....so why would such an allegedly reputable organisation publish such misleading information ? Worse still, that information has been adopted as gospel by the USGA and other Golf Federations. I'm trying very hard to persuade my clubmates to play from the tees which are appropriate for their playing standard - it's already hard enough to get these guys to swallow their egos and move up a tee or two without this kind of nonsense.
  9. Very interesting to read in the article quoted above that in the Pelz anecdote the guy is using a totally different grip to the one predicated by all the advocates of this style - his right hand with its back to the target rather than behind the shaft in whatever configuration you choose. Initial practice on my home green suggests this causes a very stable face indeed and induces an SBST stroke.by paralysing the muscles which might otherwise affect the stroke path. Definitely worth further experiment !
  10. Trackman claims that the the average golfer has a swingspeed of 93.4 mph. I wouldn't rely on any instrument that is so far out of touch with reality....
  11. Well I'm very pleased to have stimulated such debate on this topic, much of it from people who are both smarter and better informed than I am ! As often happens when something radical is suggested, much of the response from traditionalists is rather defensive and aggressive at the same - reminds me of the launch of S+T all those years ago ( not very well handled by the S+T people themselves of course ) - now much of their thinking has been incorporated, often without attribution, into mainstream teaching. I think of sidesaddle at being the Fosbury Flop of putting - remember the ridicule that faced, how could you possibly jump over a bar by first turning your back on it ? It's a little disappointing that the pros have given it much of a shot - I do remember a brief flirtation by KJ Choi, and I heard that Dechambeau had looked at it before going to his current style - now that really would have been something ! I remain convinced that sidesaddle facing the hole is the way forward, just based on basic commonsense if nothing else. After all, it's the golf shot requiring the most precision - an inch left or right and it doesn't go in - so why would you deliberately turn your head away from that tiny target and opt to put blind ? Anyway my thanks to all who have contributed so far, I've already learnt a lot and maybe will learn more should there be future contributions.
  12. I have been putting sidesaddle for 2 years with good results thanks. In particular my distance control has improved dramatically and reduced my 3 putt level significantly.
  13. My apologies if this sis the wrong place for this topic, but I felt I had to ask - why are there so few sidesaddle putters around ? ( I hasten to add I have zero commercial interest ). Sidesaddle has 2 huge advantages over conventional in my view : 1. Even if you don't putt looking at the hole ( which I recommend ), by standing behind the putt sidesaddle and facing the hole you are still more conscious of the distance to the hole than the conventional " blind " putter, thus helping distance control 2. We see pros experimenting with more and more ridiculous looking grips to try and reduce rotation during the putting stroke - but with sidesaddle the putter head automatically stays square during the stroke and travels straight down the putting line I'm sure you're still highly sceptical, so let me quote from Dave Pelz's 300 page Putting BIble, page 40, describing sidesaddle : " I can't remember the name of the man who figured this out, but I give him credit : he found something that really does work....This technique produced the consistently best putting I have ever seen, and it is legal. But I'm certain that if someone switches to this style and starts winning with it, the USGA will probably ban it. " For those of you still doubting, let me ask this : I'm assuming most of the readers of this Forum are Americans, and many of you will no doubt have gone bowling at some time. How many of you turned sideways on to the lane and bowled your ball without looking at the pins ? Just asking...
  14. It's completely logical to look at your target when putting - it's the most precise stroke you have to make so why would you do it blind ? If someone asked you to throw a ball into a bucket you wouldn't look at the ball would you ? Now add in sidesaddle putting for the same reason and you're good to go !
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