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  1. Lol. The best part of the day was watching her consistently outdrive my buddies by about 30 yards. I hit it a little longer than them and could barely keep up with her. She was tall for a woman, but rail thin. They couldn't believe (nor could I) how far she hit it given her frame. She was still in college at the time, but you could definitely tell that she had a bright professional future ahead of her.
  2. Close the club face and hit down hard about 2 inches behind the ball. Don't decelerate. Doesn't really matter which SW you use. That said, I once played in a charity event at East Lake on a drizzly day with a women collegiate golfer who is now a well-known LPGA pro. She said she opens up the face even more than normal and swings shorter but quicker thru the hit, if that makes sense. It worked great for her. She popped the ball out to about 2 feet with tons of backspin. I tried it and bladed the ball about 100 yards over the green.
  3. P770s and Apex Pros are not distance irons. The P790 and regular Apex are the distance irons. Titleist T200 are probably the most compact distance irons. The regular Apex are fairly compact, too.
  4. Yeah, that does suck. Sorry to hear that. Looks like your fortunes have changed, though. That's good news. I play a lot at Grand National in Alabama. It's a Robert Trent Jones designed course on the relatively famous RTJ Trail. They used hold the Barbasol Open on it until a couple of years ago. I can remember 10 years ago when they redid the greens on the Lake Course. They were rock hard for the first year or so. And by rock hard, I mean that no matter how high and with how much spin you hit your approach shot, it was guaranteed to bounce at least 10 feet in the
  5. Did you have any launch issues with the Catalyst 100s? They are listed as low launch, low spin. The Elevate 95s are listed as high launch, high spin in comparison.
  6. You said you played your best your best golf with MP30s. So why did you stop using them in the first place?
  7. Better your heels than your knees. Ask Brooks.
  8. Bought a dozen. Played 3 rounds with them so far. I would call them lower spin (than the Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X), but not low spin.
  9. I have two pairs of ZG21s, and have worn each 10 times. No blistering issues at all. Put a band-aid inside the shoe where it is rubbing against your heel. Back in the day when I wore stiff leather dress shoes, I would get heel blisters the first few times I wore them. I would put a band-aid inside the shoe where it was rubbing against my heel and it would prevent the blistering.
  10. Do you have any issues with ball height with the Catalyst 100s? The one time I tried them in a demo Mavrik Pro 7i, they were very low launching.
  11. i210 or g425, depending on your preference for sole width and offset.
  12. In January, the moveable weight on my Epic Flash flew off and I couldn't find it. I called Callaway the next day requesting a replacement. I just got the replacement yesterday. No contact from them in between. In the meantime, I had to go buy one off of Amazon. That's not good customer service.
  13. Have you ever hit the Catalyst 80 taper tips? If so, how did they compare to the Catalyst 100s in terms of distance, spin, height, etc?
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