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  1. Not a fan of the QST. Not a fan of the AVX, either, but if those are my only two choices, I'd go with the AVX. A little longer off the tee and with the irons, and better spin around the greens. Try the Titleist Tour Speed. Less expensive than the AVX with better performance for me.
  2. It appears that Ping's Alta CB graphite shafts were intentionally designed to reduce swing weight. One can derive that conclusion by reading Ping's comment about them: "Alta CB Premium Shaft Powered by AWT (Ascending Weight Technology), PING’s proprietary counter-balance design allows for more mass in the head to increase energy transfer at impact for greater speed and distance with stability for forgiveness." More mass in the head, meaning a counter balanced shaft is needed to offset the increase in swing weight caused by putting more mass in the head. Hence the counter-balanced design of the Alta CB shafts. That stuff about increasing energy transfer at impact is just marketing spin.
  3. Whoa Nelly! The Tour Speed is a great ball for those of us who are not on the Tour. You should give it a try...unless, of course, you're on the Tour, in which case you'd probably be better off with a "tour level" ball like the ProV.
  4. Lol. Only until they catch you.
  5. Hold on now. He hasn't done drugs for years.
  6. So if the US plays many, many matches against the Euro's, they might finally win one?
  7. Sure, but the same impositions apply to the Euro team, as well. It's not like only the US players have team meetings and other events that impede a player's ability to get into a rhythm. Both teams are playing under the same constraints. Everybody's routine on both teams is being impeded. Hence, the playing field is level in that regard. Given that, Brooksie's comments come off as whiny and entitled. He's making excuses before the matches even start. Regarding the writing, the article was just questions and answers. No editing. No paraphrasing. No sound bites. A question and then an answer. And then another question and an answer. And so on. I mean, it's Golf Digest not the National Enquirer or TMZ. If you see any evidence to the contrary, please let me know.
  8. Yankees vs. Tigers? That's not a real rivalry. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Now THAT'S a real rivalry.
  9. Or maybe rename the trophy, since his store has gone out of business? How about The Sears Trophy? Wait. They're gone, too. The KMart Trophy? Nope. Also gone. Are there any department stores left?
  10. Wait. What??? We need to stop playing hockey, then.
  11. Well, my entire post is 100% correct. If, for example, I call your response moronic, do you actually have to hear me say it to discern my tone? Of course not. If you did, then you'd need to have an author read out loud and explain his book to you to discern his tone. They used direct quotes from Brooksie. Nobody edited or paraphrased them. So it's his tone that is whiny and entitled, not the writer's. And how do we know that? Well, by reading his direct quotes.
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