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  1. Nice. Insult the collective of "American women." Chicks dig that.
  2. Ironically, I used Google to look up your claim.
  3. The drugs helped a lot.
  4. Like 10 of them? 100? 1,000? How many is "lots?"
  5. I'm 59. When I was 40, I could swing a driver at 118 mph. I'm down to 104 these days. On the positive side, my slower swing speed means that the ball doesn't go as deep into the woods as it used to, so it's not all bad.
  6. Tried the side saddle chipping today and learned that I can blade it just as easily that way. I am a master blader.
  7. Played 18 this afternoon and tried the motorcycle move, but I kept doing wheelies. I must have been keeping my weight too much on my back foot.
  8. Irons have gotten better at maintaining ball speed on off-center hits. That's probably the biggest improvement.
  9. Yeah, he'll be back. He'll win at least one more regular tournament to set the all time record, but he won't win any more majors. Jack's record is safe.
  10. You and Crossfield obviously hit more consistently than I do in the center of the club face. If you can always hit in the center of the club face, then you should absolutely play blades. I don't, so I don't.
  11. Me, and it's not even close! Wait. You said flattest, not fattest. Never mind.
  12. That is quite the accomplishment given that you are smaller than Rory. Congrats!
  13. Wait. What? I need to lift weights AND make the tennis stroke at the same time? I'll give that a try. Seems kind of weird, though.
  14. Aren't you one of those "experts?"
  15. I tried that but kept missing the golf ball. Maybe if I used a 3 foot tee or something?
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