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  1. My dad, who just turned 92, liked Arnie. Speaking of fascinating, you got any more pictures of Tiger in pleated pants?
  2. Yeah, but if put Hagen ahead of Hogan, then all the Hogan guys would hate me too.
  3. Clearly. But I do know something about math. 18>15
  4. You know you've lost the argument when you go ad hominem...
  5. I'm not saying it, Jack's 18 majors are saying it.
  6. "Nicklaus played against four of the greatest golfers ever and not only won 18 majors but had 19 second-place finishes. His rivals were killers too – Palmer got him at Cherry Hills, Trevino took him down four different times including on an 18-hole playoff at Merion and Tom Watson won three majors over Nicklaus, all in heartbreaking fashion. Then there’s Tiger, who never had a Sunday showdown with any of the modern greats."
  7. Jack Tiger then a big gap Hogan Hagen #5 is a tossup between Jones, Player, Snead, and Arnie
  8. Sure, Tiger was the best golfer ever to tee it up on the planet...for about 12 months. I just wish he hadn't gotten into the drugs. He might have broken Jack's records. Oh well.
  9. More like self-deprecating.
  10. Lol. I think @triplebogeyblues started this, then you jumped in and piled on. I just felt compelled to defend Jack's record...and I don't even like the guy. But you can't argue with his record.
  11. Like all true GOATs, Jack was just being modest.
  12. Here's another Tiger update... Jack’s contemporaries included Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Tom Watson and Lee Trevino, each of whom won six or more majors. Tiger’s biggest rival is Phil Mickelson, a guy best known for his collapses who not only failed to outduel Tiger on a Sunday, he failed to even duel him. Phil won five majors but none with Tiger in the picture. Aside from him, there are just two other players with three major wins during the Tiger era: Ernie Els and Vijay Singh. The evidence suggests Tiger was beating up on inferior competition.
  13. Sure, the best in the game at that time. Jack has never said that Tiger is the GOAT.
  14. Watch the 1986 Masters and get back to me.
  15. Oh, sorry. Here's a Tiger update...he will never break Jack's record. How's that?
  16. So you've been tracking these fragile little fellas?
  17. Sure, but his wife is hot! Wait...
  18. Not with persimmon woods, one irons, and wound balata balls. 59. I grew up watching Jack play. 18 majors. 19 times finished second. Ain't nobody ever gonna beat that record.
  19. I got 18 to show. How many you got?
  20. Wait. You think that Azinger does a good job on tv? Well, there ya go...
  21. Nope, but they did show me this...
  22. Tiger will be back in time for the Champion's Tour.
  23. Where I went to school, 18 beats 15, but Tiger did have the best 12 months of golf ever. Oh, and I guess you never saw Ali fight.
  24. Yeah, it's the "as fast as possible" part that gets people injured. I would never tell anybody to do deadlifts, for example, as fast as possible, especially a 53 year old woman. That's almost criminal. As fast as possible means you end up trying to do them quickly as opposed to correctly, which leads to bad form, which leads to injury. Good Lord. Again, where's the science in this approach? Are you trying to burn as many calories as possible, is that the goal?
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