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  1. Having been a member since 2010, I remember those days. Maybe I'm subconsciously trying to bring back the same energy and force to WRX that existed back then...or maybe it's just the ground reaction force.
  2. Ad hominem attacks followed by righteous indignation usually means that you've lost the argument based on objective facts, so good job there. That's what politicians do. No need to take it personally. I'm just telling you that your elevator metaphor does not apply to the golf swing. Nobody is standing below you and suddenly pushing you upwards when you swing a golf club. And it was you who went off on the tangent about the elevator, not me. So don't get mad at me for answering your question. Since you are only squatting down for a few inches during your golf swing, it's unlikely for most people that any resulting ground reaction force when you do push up has a material effect on your golf swing. Like the guy in the video, most people are probably better off working on increasing their twisting force rather than their vertical force. I suspect it follows a traditional bell curve metaphor. 80% are better off working on their twisting force, 10% are better off working on their vertical force, and 10% are better off working on their horizontal force. What I did suggest to the OP, is that he do the same test they did in the video to find out which force he should work on increasing. I know I will the next time I get access to a launch monitor. I'm pretty sure I fall into the twisting force category, but want to verify that. One drill he I think he can do related to vertical ground force, and it was shown in the video, is to move his right foot almost behind his left foot, but on its toes, and balance/push with his left leg while swinging the club.
  3. "But again, I think we all knew what he was saying." Apparently not, given some of the subsequent responses. Several people still think that squatting down automatically causes you to jump up because of GRF and that your subconscious has nothing to do with it. Also, given Einstein's definition of Spacetime, gravity, and Special Relativity, is ground reaction force really a thing the way Newton explained it? Genuinely curious.
  4. That's really not a valid metaphor for a golf swing. Normally, the ground does not out of the blue push up against you beyond the normal force. I guess it could in an earthquake, but that's not a normal occurrence. Your elevator example is a totally different use case of how force gets applied. As far as automatic vs. subconscious in a golf swing, my point is shown in that video when the guy does his second jump. He settles down into the squat position and then stays there. Then he actually has to think about trying to jump up. Hence, squatting down does not automatically make you jump up or he wouldn't have been able to stay in the squat position. Either your conscious (as was the case with the guy in the video) or your subconscious has to engage and make that happen. If you have a cat, watch it the next time it tries to jump up from a standing position to a very high shelf. It squats down and gathers itself for a few seconds while looking at the shelf, kind of gauging how much force it will have to exert against the ground to jump that high, then it consciously applies that force and jumps up. The simple act of squatting does not make that jump automatically happen it just puts you in the proper position for that to happen. Again, this was my initial point all along. The act of squatting down during a golf swing does not automatically result in an upwards jump as a result of ground force.
  5. Look up the Stack and Tilt thread.
  6. Just as you are allowed to be pedantic about gravity not being a force, I am allowed to be pedantic about Newton's 3rd law only applying to physical forces. But then a bunch of people jumped in claiming that ground force automatically makes you accelerate upwards when you squat down, as if your subconscious had nothing to do with it, and everything went to hell. Thanks for the video. It did explain Einstein's theory. The Earth keeps accelerating thru space time and essentially rises up to meet you when, for example, you jump off a roof because you are no longer accelerating in conjunction with the Earth. When I first internalized Spacetime a few years ago, we were never taught about it in school 30 or 40 years ago, it ruined every Star Trek episode or movie that I had ever watched about time travel, knowing that backwards time travel actually means Spacetime travel. Meaning that if I traveled back in time even 1 second, the Earth would not travel back with me, and I would end up in a different point on the Earth than I am now (probably embedded into the wall).
  7. I will, but please cite your source where Einstein said that gravity doesn't exist. Maybe you have him on video?
  8. Don't be purposely obtuse. It's unbecoming. Monte said "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" and then tried to apply that to the subconscious reaction of a golfer squatting down. I pointed out that Newton's 3rd law only applies to physical forces, not mental ones. Then a bunch of you went mental.
  9. Einstein never said that gravity didn't exist, he just said that Newton's definition of it was incorrect. Einstein said that gravity was the bending of Spacetime as an object gets placed upon it. That gravity is the natural consequence of a mass's influence on space.
  10. Says the guy who thinks that you can squat downwards without acceleration (i.e., force). Oops.
  11. When you squat in a golf swing, you are only squatting a few inches. The force plate will show a miniscule reaction to that. It will also show a miniscule amount of force on the way up because you're only going up a few inches. In that video, the guy was squatting about 3 feet, way more than you squat in a golf swing. Plus, it turned out that he needed more twisting/rotational force, not ground force. Go figure.
  12. Sure, but your body athletically reacting to prevent you from swinging the club into the ground has nothing to do with physics. It's your subconscious telling your body to stand up or you will hit the ball fat. That's the point I was trying to make to Monte in my original post. Then others chimed in and took everything down a deep rabbit hole.
  13. If there is no downward force, then how can you accelerate downwards? F=MA, right? Your mass remains constant and you are accelerating downwards, so there has to be some kind of force making that happen.
  14. Interesting video. Interesting video. Interesting video. Interesting video. Interesting video.
  15. 10 plates (500 lbs.) with those toothpick legs? Nope. Fake photo.
  16. How long is he planning on living in that house? If it's less than say 20 years, then it makes economic sense for him to spend the least amount of money on a new roof. Most people act within the normal laws of Economics.
  17. Wait. I hit myself in the back with the shaft all the time with the driver and fairways. You're not supposed to do this?
  18. Wow. That's harsh. I helped him. See my previous post. I'll await your apology...
  19. Regardless of the argument around this force or that force, this video is somewhat misleading but also makes my point: Misleading Part You don't squat to parallel when golfing. At most you squat down a few inches. So this video showing the forces when you squat to parallel grossly overstate the gravitational and ground forces that are a part of a normal golf swing. To be intellectually and scientifically honest, he needs to measure the forces from squatting down just a few inches and then jumping. That graph he shows will look a lot less impressive if he just showed the force from squatting 3 inches vs. 3 feet. The peak on the graph would hardly be noticeable. After the first jump he says, "This double peak is kind of your nervous system ramping up and saying, no, no, this is not for you." Huh? Where did that conclusion come from? Is he also measuring the guy's nervous system? I didn't see the graph for that. Then in the second jump he explains the double peak as the ankles providing the second peak. Dude needs to make up his mind...pick one story and go with it. Then he concludes that because the guy didn't jump as well on the second jump that his nervous system works really well and that he shouldn't lengthen his swing. Huh? Where exactly is the proof for that conclusion? Is there a graph? lol Then he goes on to measure jumping off of each foot, which essentially just shows which leg is stronger, as it's your muscles that provide the force required to jump. Then out of the blue he moves in a completely different direction and measures swing speed with both legs together, and then just balancing on the left leg and then on the right leg. Then based on that, he determines if you need more vertical force or more horizontal force or more twisting force. Turns out the guy DOESN'T need more vertical force. He actually needs more twisting force. OOOPS!!! Why didn't he just cut to that part from the get go? All of this vertical force testing for the first half of the video was meaningless in terms of that guy's golf swing. So the video is entitled "These Jump Tests Determine Your Best Golf Swing". No they don't, as it turns out. What determines your best golf swing is if you swing faster with both legs together or with just your left or right leg. Hence, why I call the video misleading (at best). Where It Proves My Point The second jump, where the guy is preset at the bottom of the squat, actually makes my point. There is no additional ground force being exerted when the guy is preset at the bottom of the squat. The graph shows that. Nor is anything forcing the guy to automatically accelerate upwards. He actually has to think about it and make himself jump upwards. It even takes him a few seconds to get his mind to do that. Technically, he could have stayed in that position for the rest of his life, assuming his muscles were strong enough to support him. Ergo, squatting does not automatically in and of itself cause an equal and opposite ground force reaction that makes you accelerate upwards. You have to tell your body (usually the subconscious does that) to push against the ground with enough force such that the ground reacts with an equal and opposite force that overcomes the gravitational force and makes you accelerate upwards. And this, my scientifically-challenged friends, was my original point all along and the reason for my initial post. So to the OP, before you try to find some drills that will increase your vertical force, first determine if that's the force you really need to increase, or if it's your horizontal force or your twisting force that you need to increase. For the guy in the video, it was his twisting force. In the end, this was actually a very informative video to me, but for totally different reasons than you expected it to be.
  20. Good Lord. It's a metaphor, folks. 12 holes of golf. 12 rounds of boxing. Match play. Each hole counts as a point (round). In Las Vegas where most of the major boxing matches occur. And the referee at the end says something like, "Bryson wins 7 holes (rounds) to 5." (sigh...)
  21. Anybody see this twitter discussion going on between Mickelson and McCormick/Kostis and have any insights into which is correct? Seems like Phil is making up scientific principles on the fly. Gary McCormick Come to Phil with all of your biomechanics questions, because he majored in Psych at ASU…
  22. "The day I start wearing a skirt to the course." Chuck Norris
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