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  1. Just got them in stock. They look great. Tipping one up to demo tonite.
  2. I have Edel’s and love them. Would 100% like to see Taylor Made, Callaway, Titleist etc. options. My only issue with the Edels is the short irons fly a touch far but I’ve learned to control distance with my swing/grip down 1/2”. I’ve never been more accurate with the long irons in my life. P770 one lengths would be $$&
  3. With Bryson’s win and more interest likely to follow for one length irons, does anyone know if other OEM’s are considering releasing sets?
  4. Selling a few from the collection. No Trades, Cash only. 400GR. QB6. 33.5’ Raw finish, no nicks. Patina is very even. Look beautiful. COA included. Faux Gator cover included. Cover is in good shape. $800 Shipped 2020 Masters/Spring Classic. Brand new in wrapper. 35” $675 shipped Cujo with welded flow neck. Putter is very clean. Orange Iomic Grip. COA included. $750 shipped. Cover was gamed regularly. 44 Magnum. 35”. Shows some wear from carpet putting over the last few years. Grip shows some wear. Cover is in good shape. No nicks on the head. $750 shipped
  5. Which AV white version made it to retail?
  6. Is there a write up anywhere of what to expect from previous Tensei Pro to the AV Raw from a launch/spin/feel perspective?
  7. New Spring Classic BB1.1 35” limited to 275 made. $700...retail was $750+tax on release New Bettinardi Red and Blue Staff bag. Only displayed. Never saw the course. $400 shipped New 2020 3.0 forged wedges. 52-56-60 black C-grind.SOLD Used one round 2020 3.0 black C grind 52*. Standard LLL and S400. $150 shipped
  8. What ferrules have you guys used when reshafting P760’s? I’ll be using graphite shafts. An exact OD fit would be ideal to avoid turning them down.
  9. Going to build a Rogue Black 130 60TX to put in a Mav SZ. Will play it at 45”. Anyone know how sensitive to tipping this shaft is? How much does Phil tip his? I’m 117-120mph and want to enjoy some higher launch but not have it kicking a ton. I like a more stable feel.
  10. I’ve got a set of LSL2’s I’ve been holding onto. Waiting for the right set of heads to try them in.
  11. What sort of head weights have your Mavrik’s been coming in at? Mine is 192gr with the acre and a has a 5gr weight installed. Came with the Rogue White 70x I’ll be putting a RipX or Diamana limited in at 44.75” and hate to go from a 5gr to a 14 or 16gr screw. Will all that backweight increase launch?
  12. Anyone compare the ZF to RipX or Diamana Limited? How have guys been tipping it and any playability difference from the 60TX to 70TX? Thanks
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