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  1. Used to have custom made putters, irons and wedges - back then my bag would be really expensive. Now a days I have a nice retail bag, nothing special........ R9 SuperTri Tp R9 Tp 3w R9 Tp 5w Burner Tour Launch hybrid AP2 710 Cb 5-PW Vokey SM 52/56/60 Scotty Squareback 1 'Heavy'
  2. I still like my old Squareback No. 1 - but will probably get a Californication Del Mar soon Must say the new Corza Ghost also looks interesting.....but Cameron is a classic. Bettinardi and Tp Mills, Ping and Odyssey are also among my personal favorite putter brands though.
  3. I'm in the same boat as you - but I still have 8 ½ dozen Tp Red LDP left, so won't need to start looking until next year Bought 3 TM R9 Tp woods and expected to get the promised 3 dozen of Tp Red LDP, but unfortunately the shop, where I ordered the R9 woods, were sold out of the Tp Red LDP, so they sent me 2 dozen of Pro V1 and 1 dozen of Penta Tp instead. Testing the 3 balls up against each other, and I still think I prefer the Tp Red LDP overall. The Pro V1 is a bit better on short irons and wedges and the Penta Tp is longer with the driver - but other than that, I prefer the Tp Red L
  4. I have red on my 52/08 and 60/07 and white on my 56/14Hey, just received my new Vokay wedges from Titleist and have a question. The 52/08 and 60/07 have the loft and bounce in red letters, while the 56/14 have the loft and bounce in white letters. Is there a reason for this - is white for high bounce and red for low bounce ?? Just wonder why there is this difference :huh:
  5. Cast full bag: Ping Forged full bag: Titleist Overall: Taylor Made
  6. I had to choose between Mp58, Mx300 and Titty Ap2 710 and in the end chose Titty AP2 710, because I couldn't test the Mx300 anywhere in my region. Anyone who has tested Ap2 710 up against Mx300 - and in case you did, how did you like them ?
  7. Nice first 'honeymoon' review of a set of irons Return back to this thread in 2-3 months time and see if you still like these irons as much as you do now
  8. Whoa!!! Your forward press must be extreme! zero forward press, I actually have the AP's (non 710's) sitting right here. 4 and 5 you can see the back of the club. same issue of the 3,4, and 5 for the CB. I like very thin top line which is why I didn't go for the 710's or the CB's and bought Miura's. The CB's are much softer then the AP, as I do not consider the 2 a true forged club with all the mixed materials. Both were pretty clicky. If there is one thing that bugs me about a club it is the large top line and the amount of crap on the back. Last thing I needed was more distance, I was
  9. Which one do you prefer and why ?I haven't been able to demo both drivers at the same place - so still wondering..... I can get a very good offer on a t**-ty 909 D2 with the t**-ty Diamana shaft in it. Which of the 2 drivers do you prefer and what shafts did you test in them before you bought your favorite ? I'm beginning to feel the HO rise in me once again - it's been a long time
  10. I remember when I first came here from BSG (that other golf site) - I was member 1375, and I thought it was a nice little cosy place to hang out :) Lately I have been playing golf on and off, as I started to enjoy other things in life, but I've started to play a bit again and I'm back reading and slowly posting a bit again on this site. I see a LOT of a new members in here now, I'm almost lost in here now - this site has really grown a lot the last year or two
  11. I used a computer at work with IE 6, win xp and also use my Nokia E72 with opera mini 4 and also Opera Mini Beta 5. Will test it tomorrow again on my home built system with win 7 and IE 8 and also newest version of Firefox.
  12. Haven't been here for some time.....Hey, I haven't been active in here from some time now, but now that I return - the website has a new look and is really slow on even very fast internet connections compared to the old site design - will it continue to be that slow The old site was really fast compared to the new site........
  13. Haven't tried a Mizxzie driver since the Mp 460, would love to win one and test it for sure. Sign me up please !
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