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  1. Used to have custom made putters, irons and wedges - back then my bag would be really expensive. Now a days I have a nice retail bag, nothing special........ R9 SuperTri Tp R9 Tp 3w R9 Tp 5w Burner Tour Launch hybrid AP2 710 Cb 5-PW Vokey SM 52/56/60 Scotty Squareback 1 'Heavy'
  2. I still like my old Squareback No. 1 - but will probably get a Californication Del Mar soon Must say the new Corza Ghost also looks interesting.....but Cameron is a classic. Bettinardi and Tp Mills, Ping and Odyssey are also among my personal favorite putter brands though.
  3. I'm in the same boat as you - but I still have 8 ½ dozen Tp Red LDP left, so won't need to start looking until next year Bought 3 TM R9 Tp woods and expected to get the promised 3 dozen of Tp Red LDP, but unfortunately the shop, where I ordered the R9 woods, were sold out of the Tp Red LDP, so they sent me 2 dozen of Pro V1 and 1 dozen of Penta Tp instead. Testing the 3 balls up against each other, and I still think I prefer the Tp Red LDP overall. The Pro V1 is a bit better on short irons and wedges and the Penta Tp is longer with the driver - but other than that, I prefer the Tp Red LDP overall - better in the wind, softer with the putter, better trajectory with the longer irons and very nice green side control. It scuffs more asily than both the Pro V1 and the Penta Tp, but that's because it's a softer feeling ball overall - so that is what you can expect from it. Just bought the new C¤C Vokey SM wedges with the new grooves, to avoid cutting up my ball on every hole so this is not such a big problem anymore. But I will definitely try the Srixon Z-Star X in Tour Yellow - and see how it performs compared to the Tp Red LDP
  4. I have red on my 52/08 and 60/07 and white on my 56/14Hey, just received my new Vokay wedges from Titleist and have a question. The 52/08 and 60/07 have the loft and bounce in red letters, while the 56/14 have the loft and bounce in white letters. Is there a reason for this - is white for high bounce and red for low bounce ?? Just wonder why there is this difference :huh:
  5. Cast full bag: Ping Forged full bag: Titleist Overall: Taylor Made
  6. I had to choose between Mp58, Mx300 and Titty Ap2 710 and in the end chose Titty AP2 710, because I couldn't test the Mx300 anywhere in my region. Anyone who has tested Ap2 710 up against Mx300 - and in case you did, how did you like them ?
  7. Nice first 'honeymoon' review of a set of irons Return back to this thread in 2-3 months time and see if you still like these irons as much as you do now
  8. Whoa!!! Your forward press must be extreme! zero forward press, I actually have the AP's (non 710's) sitting right here. 4 and 5 you can see the back of the club. same issue of the 3,4, and 5 for the CB. I like very thin top line which is why I didn't go for the 710's or the CB's and bought Miura's. The CB's are much softer then the AP, as I do not consider the 2 a true forged club with all the mixed materials. Both were pretty clicky. If there is one thing that bugs me about a club it is the large top line and the amount of crap on the back. Last thing I needed was more distance, I was looking for control and less deviation. You know what they say, once you go Miura you never go back to anything else. Don't know who exactly said that I've owned Miura Cb-201, Cb-301 and Cb-202 - and they were all great irons. Looks what's in my bag now
  9. Which one do you prefer and why ?I haven't been able to demo both drivers at the same place - so still wondering..... I can get a very good offer on a t**-ty 909 D2 with the t**-ty Diamana shaft in it. Which of the 2 drivers do you prefer and what shafts did you test in them before you bought your favorite ? I'm beginning to feel the HO rise in me once again - it's been a long time
  10. I remember when I first came here from BSG (that other golf site) - I was member 1375, and I thought it was a nice little cosy place to hang out :) Lately I have been playing golf on and off, as I started to enjoy other things in life, but I've started to play a bit again and I'm back reading and slowly posting a bit again on this site. I see a LOT of a new members in here now, I'm almost lost in here now - this site has really grown a lot the last year or two
  11. I used a computer at work with IE 6, win xp and also use my Nokia E72 with opera mini 4 and also Opera Mini Beta 5. Will test it tomorrow again on my home built system with win 7 and IE 8 and also newest version of Firefox.
  12. Haven't been here for some time.....Hey, I haven't been active in here from some time now, but now that I return - the website has a new look and is really slow on even very fast internet connections compared to the old site design - will it continue to be that slow The old site was really fast compared to the new site........
  13. Haven't tried a Mizxzie driver since the Mp 460, would love to win one and test it for sure. Sign me up please !
  14. I would like to win it - couldn't game it for obvious reasons (being righty) but would love to win such a rare unique putter
  15. Can't wait so long. So this is what Im will do. Buy the Superdeeep Tp now, then play with it for 4-5 rounds, then get the R9 445 supertri superdeep superfly super superfast with 6 adjustable weights and 325 different ball flight combinations next week and sell the Superdeep Tp for half the price I paid for it
  16. I feel less of playa, if I bag anything from 'Gallaway'....just kidding In fact I use their rangefinder and love it - but somehow their clubs have never appealed to me that much.....
  17. Best solution - BOTH I have Sonocaddie V300 GPS for everything up to 140-150 yards. I have the Callaway LR800 laser for range practice and everything from within 140 yards.
  18. Please let me in Would love to give either of these sets a try on the course. First choice - Mizuno Second choice - Taylor Made Thanks
  19. Rory for sure - I try to copy his swing to get back into golf again. This young guy has the smoothest swing motion and tempo ever - he has that rare combination of smotth rhythm, nice tempo, almost perfect swing motion on perfect planes from start of backswing to finish of the follow through. Amazing....just amazing. However the swing of Ryo is also a joy to watch - but I don't think he hits it quite long enough to be able to compete for World number one spot in some years time, when Tiger has peaked at maybe 43-44 years old. Rorys swing is pure pleasure to watch
  20. [quote name='j0npeterson' post='2065058' date='Nov 15 2009, 08:38 AM'][quote name='Viking Golfer ' post='2064815' date='Nov 14 2009, 07:41 PM']Only get LCD if you will it use for computers/game. Plasma for TV watching - plasma is still far superior to all LCD's, except the topmodels from Samsung and Sony (and they cost $$$$) A $750 Panasonic Plasma will have far better picture quality than a $1.000 LCD. Burn in on Plasmas is a thing of the past - get a Panasonic or Pioneer Plasma anmd forget about LCD. Just my honest 2 cents [/quote] I dunno... I think there are huge advantages to a good LED LCD. I have a 46Z4100 I would put up against almost any plasma but a Kuro. [/quote] What are the advantages - if you don't intend to use the Flatscreen for Computing ? Plasma has FAR better REAL contrast, better at viewing sports, larger viewing angle and just overall is a better technology than LCD will ever be. I agree that Sony's new topmodel LCD and probably some of the LED, that will come out in the next couple of years will be able to compete with plasma, but they will cost 3 times what a plasma costs and most likely not even perform better. Most people buy LCD because the "guy at the TV store" says it's better, because the tv stores have larger revenues from selling the usually smaller sized LCD's and also because the LCD's look brighter in the TV store, which many thinks indicates a better overall TV - which is NOT the case at all. 'Burn in' is a thing of the past in plasmas, so this old argument doesn't stand either.
  21. Still prefer the good old Squareback 1
  22. 1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Stevie Ray Vaugh 3. Carlos Santana 4. Albert King 5. Eric Clapton
  23. Stanley Clarke & Jack Bruce - NO CONTEST
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