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  1. TRS30

    U-510 v SIM DHY

    Ventus Black 9TX Fuji Atmos Black TS 9X Any cheaper options that's similar to these? Both are quite pricey for an experiment! Yea, I can understand that. I need something that is hard to go right with (for a lefty).
  2. TRS30

    U-510 v SIM DHY

    Have heard this plays very stout. Is that your experience? Will have a look at these two. Looking for something low launch and spin.
  3. TRS30

    U-510 v SIM DHY

    Cheers guys. Ideally would like to hit both however hard to get demos here for lefty’s. For you U510 guys what shaft you playing?
  4. Was just about to pull the trigger on a U-510 and started to read up on the SIM DHY, I know, I know! Anyone hit both? How are for forgiven mainly and distance?
  5. TRS30

    U510 shaft

    Any particular reason you went with the 6.0 rather than 6.5?
  6. So have decided to buy new in my driving iron quest. Going with a U-510 1 iron solely to hit off the tee. For those gaming one what shaft you using? Is the stock Hzdrus any good? Driver SS is around 112 so would be going x stiff.
  7. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Left-Hand-Black-Mizuno-MP-20-HMB-17-Driving-Iron-HZRDUS-Black-85-Gram-6-5-Shaft/303722879569?hash=item46b74b5a51:g:uFoAAOSwHlhfg2CO
  8. wish i could find a U510 1 iron in lefty
  9. Leaning towards the Cally x forged UT and reshaft it with the Aldila NV 105. If anyone else has any thoughts on x forged v U85 please shout. Going to sleep on it!
  10. A Callaway x Forge UT 18 has also popped onto the radar. How would that compare to the U85??
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Just a couple of things to add. I use to play a lot was down to a 6 handicap when I stopped playing. Back playing now after about 5 years however due to family and work commitments I can't practice and play as much as I use to. I had a Mizuno Hi Fli that I used when I played as my course has a few tight par 4s. I got fit a couple of weeks ago and put into x flex iron shafts (88mph ave with 7 iron). Hit a few drivers as well and averaged 112mph. The Speedblade has a TP Aldila NV 105 x flex shaft which is really nice and I like t
  12. Anyone any thoughts??
  13. So certain lefty clubs are hard to find this side of the pond. Was looking for a driving iron to use off the tee and jumped on a Taylormade Speedblade 3 iron off the ‘bay. While is good when hit well it’s not very forgiving. Have option to get a Srixon U85 and was wondering how this would compare forgiveness wise? Would a GAPR Lo be even more forgiving? What else would be worth looking at?
  14. Thanks. Going to pair it with a M2 head I have. Can get both cheap so might even pick them both up and see which works better,
  15. Which of these two shaft would be lower spin? Thanks
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