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  1. I checked the swing weight today and the 5i came in at D0/1. D0.5 to be exact. Correction on the length as I mistyped original post. Set is 1/4" over standard - 5i is 38.25" with grip. For me the shaft produced a slightly lower penetrating flight than the PX 6.0 I'm used to. Full club longer distance through the set - could be because of the lower flight or the lighter shaft.
  2. Ready to accept I've reached age x100's aren't for me anymore, so parting with my beloved Bridgestone set. The 5-PW are Bridgestone J40 Dual Pocket forged irons with X100 shafts and Lamkin 3Gen Crossline grips in great condition. No shaft labels but I know for sure they are x100. 5i measure 38.25" and D4 SW. The 4i is a Bridgestone J38 with Project X 5.0 Flighted shaft. I used my 4i as sort of driving iron hence I liked the lighter regular shaft. The extra 4i x100 shaft with same grip as 5-PW is included though. Set is in ok condition for an older forged set. Please se
  3. Selling my trusty Bettinardi 2019 BB1 putter. Great condition with only marks are the light scuffs on the sole show. Face is clean as are the face edges. I am not worthy of such a fine instrument. 100% milled from one block of soft carbon steel, producing a memorable and distinct feel at impact with super-fly mill face milling PGA Tour Proven, heel-toe weighted design for consistent feel and perfect balance Durable and classic looking stealth black finish for a more glare-resistant appearance out in the Sun Made in the USA Lamkin Standard Deep Etch OEM g
  4. 2015-2017 I was a Speith fan. I enjoyed watching him on top of leaderboards and dominating the majors that 2015 year with "old school" just irons, short game and putting. He was not long and I enjoyed him humbling the bombers. Now he just seems content with his millions, lost with his game and unsure of himself. He doesn't have the fire anymore like he used to and has too chased distance.
  5. I have been on ebay since 1999 and 100% feedback until about two years ago. At that time, I posted and sold a motherboard/CPU combo for $200. I got paid and sent it out no problems. I was also literally moving houses that week and when I sent it out I misplaced the receipt with tracking info on it. I have sold so many things up to that point and buyer had good feedback I just didn't think anything of it. About three weeks pass and I got a notice of product not received yet claim from the buyer. He was claiming I never put in tracking # and that he hasn't gotten item yet. I tried to reason
  6. > @golfer929 said: > ... You can just see it in his eyes. Would you mind accompaning my to the race track one weekend? We can sit in the pre-race area and you can give me endless winners. I never knew you can just see it in the eyes on who will win or not and can tell everything from their own will and desire as well as the lack of in everyone else in the same event. B)
  7. Pretty Good condition Forged 2008 Titleist AP2 iron set. 3-PW. Dynamic Gold S300 stiff shafts OEM installed. Blue Golf Pride mcc4 standard grips. standard length/lie. 5i measures 38". No browning. $230 shipped to US
  8. I remember Tiger 2012 and 2013 vividly as I would watch every round of his that they would televise. I was really into why he was even with Foley and what they were working on. At times I would think all the Foley/Trackman stuff was producing Tiger's most pleasing looking swing of his career (especially his irons) and other times I would think it was ruining him with way too many thoughts and a tough-on-body swing-left, everything is a cut shot. Anyway, 2013. How he won five times that year (and another 3 the year before) with his driving/tee game is a testament to how good his irons were. H
  9. I don't like unsolicited people knocking at my house to sell me something. The range is no different. I don't care if I happen to be shanking every third ball that day, I don't appreciate someone noticing I'm struggling then giving me advice. Especially if they aren't even good themselves or aren't an experienced teacher. Most annoying are the ones who've read one thing on the Internet or are bringing up "such and such pro does this" and/or "do this drill because it worked for me" while I am trying my best to agree with them but ignore them at same time. Actually the worst are the some of th
  10. No way. You telling us you are spending $28k a YEAR to play golf? I don't see how that is even possible even playing some of the best courses. Unless you are an aspiring pro and entry fees are that much or this including wagers lost or something. In that case, congrats, you must be wealthy, not have to work and you've made golf a really expensive hobby.
  11. At this point i would bet Tiger thinks he knows more about the golf swing than Butch. He probably thinks Butch is a dinosaur, modern/Trackman is so far ahead and he would have nothing to even learn from him. So NO, Tiger is not going back or even askkng for help from him. Or Haney. Or Foley. He got what he could from each and moved on. Thats how growth works! Would you go back to your business college professor from 20 years ago for advice after having risen to a VP? Now can we please stop these threads!
  12. I know this question comes up once in while and I've also wondered myself. What would a pro shoot at one of the many public "Normal" courses we play? John Rahm played Canyon West somewhere in Texas. Looks like it is rated 72.6/136 from the back. Here is the course scorecard: http://www.canyonwestgolf.com/scorecard/ And here is his scorecard... :swoon: https://imgur.com/gallery/9GvGnOL
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