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  1. Every week, I play golf with 20 other guys - and VERY few of them really like to talk about equipment. Whether this is because some of them don't understand the subtleties of this area or are satisfied with what they play, I don't know. I get a great deal of information from this website - and have purchased more than my share of clubs from other members. This is, simply, the best place to go when you want more data and informed opinions about the sport we all love! Blademan
  2. Only 78.3 miles away. I've always been interested in seeing how golf balls are manufactured. Great opportunity! Thanks for the chance... Blademan
  3. My "protos" are getting a bit long in the tooth. These Apex MB's are a beautiful and functional update. I hope the Cup is won by the team who wants it the most! Go USA!!!!
  4. Ooohhh... A new Shaft Config... XP95 S300 Something I gotta try... Thanks, Blademan
  5. Wow - soft lines - and a powerful muscle!.. Combine that with a smooth leading edge, a matched shaft - and you have the perfect combination. Thanks for the opportunity to make these part of MY FOURTEEN!!!! Blademan
  6. Hardly original - but a great moment - Phil from the straw!!! Thanks to Callaway for the opportunity! Blademan...
  7. RocketBladez - fitting - meet the Shark - and play - PRICELESS ! Thanks, Blademan
  8. [quote name='HipCheck' timestamp='1348540939' post='5689737'] GolfWRX is proud to welcome Stitch Golf as a sponsor! To celebrate, they have a very special giveaway for GolfWRX members for Ryder Cup week! [attachment=1360873:stitch.png] [b]Per Stitch Golf:[/b] [size=4][size=4][color=#CC0000][background=white][color=#000000]"Welcome to the world of Stitch Golf" - Stitch Golf has become the fastest growing headcover company and the number #1 choice by many of Top 100 country clubs and resorts.[/color][/background][/color][/size][/size] [size=4][size=4][background=white][color=#000000]Mad
  9. Phil Mickelson - the Father's Day Collection - because he's gonna win the US OPEN on Father's Day - just wait and see... Blademan
  10. H370 Tour - 18 Degree would be great. Thanks for providing this giveaway. Blademan
  11. OLD School Wrap for me - and welcome to the best site on the web... Blademan
  12. The new KNIFE!!!! Count me in and thanks for the opportunity! Blademan
  13. Now, that's a cool color scheme... Please add me to the list - and thanks for the opportunity. Blademan
  14. Oh, put me in the drawing - so I can put it in the bag. Thanks, Blademan
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