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  1. I “needed” these, someday I hope to play with them.
  2. I just “won” a set of Honma Rose proto irons. felt a need, once you get something in your head you gotta have it.
  3. 5 is enough, believe it or not you will shoot about the same score
  4. I’ve got a cabinet w glass beads and I’d do it for you pm me if interested
  5. Do not waste your money on reshafting old clubs. Put that towards new or newer used clubs
  6. This is a “funny” thing for me. I believe in a best of the best bag. Hit 6 drivers pick the best, hit 6 3 woods pick the best and so on. This gets me to, callaway driver, tour edge 3 wood Taylor made and titleist hybrids, Mizuno irons, ping wedges and Scotty putter. Now if I had to go to one brand I’d go titleist. Why? I don’t play much titleist, It’s mental thing and nothing is more mental than golfers.
  7. You never know til it’s too late. Most of us have sold the putter that worked best. You keep looking and realize that you sold it. I need my TP Mills back, who knew you were the one.
  8. I’m still driving to the course 45 minutes before. Stretching isn’t needed, you can’t pull fat
  9. 2 strips plead tape covers the sole Nicely and protects it from scratches
  10. > @texasdave said: > > @luke1333 said: > > > @barksdal87 said: > > > Anyone else plan to game theirs but also maintain the collectible value? I was planning on setting aside the grip and the headcover to put back on if i ever needed to sell it. Should i just get it re-shafted as i was planning on putting changing grips anyway? curious to know others line of thinking... > > > > I recommend putting tape on bottom of putter to keep it from getting scratches on sole > What kind of tape would you recommend? > > @texasdave said: > >
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