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  1. that sounds good to me, I was kinda hoping for something smaller like the older sets.
  2. looked smaller than mp20? What do you mean by normal old school Mizuno?
  3. its actually Andy's posts on the Stack and Tilt fb page I guess. Here are just a couple examples, obviously we know who he is talking about, I just scanned the page quickly but there is a ton of this from him on the page.
  4. I liked my 7 max better than my regular 11 iphone.
  5. They have been predicting that for a few years now with no notch etc. but it never came with the next model. Believe they were doing that back in the iphone 10 days. I've got an 11 and went for the regular iphone 11, the iphone 11 pro was too small for me or what I was use to with videoing swing but it was the superior phone for sure. Now the Pro versions are slightly larger so I will probably upgrade to the 13 pro
  6. Came across Andy Plummers f/b page the other day. They are still ragging on other instructors as a main focus, was like his every post. He was posting a lot against the Gankas "butt twist and leave hands up". I mean I'm not saying the Gankas method is all right but has to be a better way to promote yourself.
  7. Everything in San Diego cost 20x more than the rest of the US so I imagine not cheap
  8. helps when you live in a mansion and have millions in the bank already from your career.
  9. yea, he was about to win a tournament and withdrew before the final day to see his child born. Ever since then he never played the same and in the beginning would blame it on being family focused.
  10. Monte goes into pretty good detail with these moves, more than others. I've seen others teach the outward of the hands from the top (Jake Hutt, someone said he was S&T which is funny), Chris Como, Trevor Immelman and Gankas but not really in the detail Monte does. For me personally, the move/feel doesn't work too well. I lose feel of the clubhead and my arm structure too much, I also get too shallow but I probably didn't need to move in the first place, I've just tried them over the years. Just throwing that out there in case anyone else can relate.
  11. seems to me it is just trail side extension and keeping arms in front, no?
  12. it’s never black and white. From the article though his main thought is clearing the hips which is different than 2000. Which is interesting to hear from him, years back I watched him practice on the range and you could definitely see him working on it. I’m recent years I’ve heard him talk about clearing the hip which throws the hands out in front on the downswing which he likes so it isn’t stuck
  13. it’s a good article shortly after he won the masters. I came across it and thought it was great and surprised hadn’t seen it before “Once I’ve completed my backswing—which almost always stops short of parallel because I’m concerned with hitting the ball the right distance, not the farthest distance—my main thought is to push down into the ground and clear my hips. That’s one reason my latest knee scope was so important. Toward the end of the summer, pain in my left knee prevented me from pushing hard. I was sliding a bit, which made it nearly impossible to get the hip rotation I needed to hit my cut. My other thought is to not let my hands get stuck behind me, which leads to having to save the swing and manipulate the face with my hands—that’s no good. The best way to avoid getting stuck is to not let the lower body out-race the hands on the downswing. My thought is to have everything synced when I reach impact.” So it’s like his main thought is pushing and hip clearing but also arms so they don’t get out of sync, kind of a balancing act. I do similar but this is Tigers feels. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.golfdigest.com/story/tiger-woods-breaks-down-how-he-hits-his-irons/amp
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