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  1. From what I gather to create the long moment arm at the top of the swing its better to have some spine extension vs. having the upper body tilted away from target with hips closer to target. Having upper body tilted away from target and hips closer to the target the center of rotation is closer to the force you are pushing with your feet and you also tend to slide hips more on downswing.
  2. pretty good little video. I think this Kwon thread is the best thread I’ve read on this forum in regard to ground reaction forces and how to pivot.
  3. I've worked a little on the step drills, you catch onto the little issues everyone runs into by watching the vids and focus on not making the same mistakes. If you do them awhile, you start really paying attention to pressuring your feet in normal swing so it becomes a bid more body focused. I haven't hit balls though considering we have snow on the ground.
  4. you call different clubs and they reach out to titleist on ordering, I specifically had them ask about private clubs as well. Some had those colors I mentioned in stock that they just received but when trying to order a different color from titleist it is the same story now from all of them which just confirmed it. We haven't heard from anyone trying to order directly from titleist in the past two weeks when this seems to be sent out as a communication to reps. People are saying they ordered around thanksgiving or christmas
  5. Ok multiple titleist reps now saying the same exact thing vs random guy on internet. Think I know who I trust.
  6. yea but black they always create more of for that reason. It's like the standard color. Not the case for cool white, green etc.
  7. I just talked to some people from titleist who know. It’s not private club only, you could maybe order them a couple weeks ago but not now for anyone. Some clubs and retailers received some recently and have some coming end of Jan but only in colors like black, slate, ash. They aren’t getting colors like the cool white etc that are popular.
  8. I wouldn't be concerned with the hip slide/bump, yours isn't overly excessive. Kwon etc all teach a little hip bump to the right before turning the hips on the backswing, lets you push more from the right side on downswing vs. just spinning the right hip back during the backswing.
  9. I'm telling you what I heard from people in other linksmaster threads who recently ordered and were refunded. I then checked with my titleist rep after hearing that and he said the same thing to me when trying to order. "They are no longer accepting orders for the linksmaster bag because they are sold out and don't know when they will get any more in or if they will even get more in"
  10. there is no changes because they are sold out, they don’t even know if they will get anymore so they are not taking orders. There is no 2022 linkmaster
  11. From what I gather it seems ground reaction force is kind of the basis of what Kwon is teaching with the swing. Trying to maximize the ground reaction forces for your benefit of speed, therefore a more body driven swing really focusing on using the big muscles to interact with the ground instead of arms kind of dominating. The step drills he uses teach this, he is trying to maximize the rotational torque for the downswing by having a long moment arm between the center of rotation (hips) and the horizontal force created in the backswing. The active backswing using the body and step drills he teaches set all this up.
  12. yea, titleist is no longer taking orders for the current linksmaster bags, they don't know if they will even get more in. I'm guessing to that mean of this particular model.
  13. I saw the new colors yesterday too on the ping site for the regular hoofer. Looks like they accidently posted them to early and took them down. Nothing to write home about like you mentioned
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