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  1. hybrid 5 way > 14 way hybrid having the clubs evenly spaced in each slot gives them room to swing against each other and causing more dings and noise. I hate to admit it but there was a brief period of time when I had a 14 way and iron headcovers, hard for me to admit but it was a very short time. I've used a 5 way bag since and if you stand the bag upright, there are no tangle issues especially with a bag the size of the hybrid and you look cooler... Just trying to help a fellow golfer, 14 way bags are like the New Balance dad shoes of golf
  2. charlie wi is better than both Tiger and Jack
  3. 14 ways have more material in bag and cause more clubhead clatter/noise.
  4. I would get the hybrid 5 over the 14 way. 14 ways are gimmicky to me
  5. not sure I can ever buy a sun mountain bag, I helped my dad get a SM 3.5 couple years back and for the past 2 years the legs overextend way out to where the bag is almost hitting the ground, never seen anything like it on a stand bag. Called SM about it couple years back and they only warranty their bags for 1 year. Ping would have replaced this bag without any hassle
  6. who buys a 14 way bag anyway? honestly haven't seen a golfer who could play worth a lick owning one
  7. I was going off memory and tried looking it up, it looks like they modified their approach shortly before being bought out by limiting their releases and limiting their inventory. I remember this new company that bought them saying something similar in inventory as well. They were flooding the market with new releases and product which was part of their downfall. Obviously they have gone too far in opposite direction.
  8. not just covid, it was the same situation years ago after they were bought out. They changed approach to have a limited supply of materials in hand and its been a problem since.
  9. Looks like you already hit some stones with the p7mc irons?
  10. Guys the delays with TM aren’t new. They were like this back when I tried to order p730 irons, was a huge problem. It started when they were bought out and started to limit their “stock”
  11. Really all you need to do at your level is try hitting semi high draws that start right of target and come back. Do that for awhile and your swing will just change instead of playing golf swing. Swing feels and moves are fleeting but playing ball shape pulls out the natural athleticism.
  12. Good DD video, haven’t worked with him in forever. He’s always been a pretty good teacher
  13. i wouldn’t worry about it much, you’ve got a good swing. There are trade offs with deeper vs more upright swings. if i had your swing and wanted more depth on downswing I would get the shaft less laid off at the top (laid off tends to create more left path for me) and make sure right elbow doesn’t get too narrow at the top. You could also work on more hip depth on backswing but I think that might throw your whole swing off, it does for me,
  14. These pro golfers have very smart trainers, they know what they are doing. Exercises they are doing like squats include the hips and core. Its very hard to completely isolate a muscle when you are training, you will be working surrounding muscles in the chain. Rock climbing while it is good for strength in the back etc probably isn't the smartest idea for someone who makes alot of money playing golf. There is more room for injury vs. a controlled environment and movement, especially when looking at the hands.
  15. Need a little more right arm flex at top of the swing, too extended, you want a 90 angle
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