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  1. depends what you are going for, looks like a heathy women's diet to me. They like to eat alot of heathy carbs and low protein.
  2. I saw him play a par 3 during practice round a few years back, was like a 220 hole. First shot with iron was flared wayy right of green, hit another one and pulled it way left of the green. They were both really compressed though. He then started stretching out his upper back walking to the hole.
  3. This drill originated for Rose because in his old swing, he was more upright at the top and he naturally has a more out hand path from the top, guess you could say over the top. Like he mentioned, he would stall the rotation and drop it down from there to not be over the top. Tiger used the opposite drill back then, he would leave his arms up and go over the top because as you know he would always drop his hands down too much from the top and get stuck.
  4. Online isn't all that bad really for just general information. Years back I went to some really respected instructors for in person lessons and tbh, nothing really stuck that I was taught. It does get you more focused on improving though. You hear these instructors talk and they themselves admittedly never had in person lessons that helped much. To me so much of improving the swing is self discovery and you can't learn that from someone else. You can get general information but applying it is very individual and requires self discovery.
  5. I've seen the hoofer lite USA bags online for sale at a few places in the past month or so, never really interested in one though. Saw one at the pga superstore a couple weeks back and then saw a some 50 year old guy running around with it like he found something, lol. The 2019 hoofer lite LTD edition all American bag was way better, had the large Ping letters and didn't have a giant American flag on it.
  6. the cottonwood falling around this time of year during the tournament is always bad. I've got a few times and have had to hold back sneezing during pro's shots because it was snowing cottonwood, in fact if masks were required probably would of been a good thing to avoid it.
  7. I'm currently playing ad di as well, it's been good to me but wanting something with a little less kick and more accuracy.
  8. That aldila tour line was pretty good, I use to hit that green shaft pretty well in testing and they aren’t all that expensive. Have one in my three wood from years ago that I still use. They go pretty straight. I need to update my bag though I’m wanting to try out a ventus velocore, wish the graphics were a bit cooler though. Kinda plain Jane looking to me but they must perform, Fujikura always makes good shafts, loved then ever since using a speeder tour spec for years
  9. Going to be less hinged with a driver vs a short iron because it’s a much longer club and more shallow
  10. just depends how close to the new release it is and how much you like the current line.
  11. I worked on speeding up my swing today on the range just for fun because I never do. I must have a lot in the tank because I picked up a few clubs and was hitting bombs with driver. Not sure if it will allow me to shoot lower scores but will give it a try on the course, kinda felt like Bryson there, haha.
  12. I would agree with that, some good points. The 20 handicap who swings 120 is definitely an outlier and has a higher ceiling for sure, that would be someone you would want to help improve his mechanics. When I am going hard at it I don't seem to lose accuracy but it is a natural reaction on a tight hole with hazards to swing slower.
  13. I know he never did, I was reiterating what I said in my post to Richie that he replied to. He replied 5 handicaps have room to improve their swing and thus speed. I said I agree and reiterated what my post to Richie was about. " I'm just saying distance as the main factor at play for lower scores isn't really the right approach. " Talk about not that hard to grasp, geesh
  14. I'll try to clear it up for you, I replied to Richie's post saying if you look at lower handicaps of course they are going to have faster speeds because they have more fundamentally sound swings than higher handicaps. Can't single out just distance for their low handicap. Which I pointed out above, he clearly notes. Pinhigh replies that 5 handicaps have room for improvement of swing and thus more speed, which I agree with. I never once said they didn't.
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