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  1. Yea, this is exactly why many don’t fix it. They start pulling their left hip back hard from the top and it throws your whole swing off, over the top and steep. Give up on it because they hit it better the other way.
  2. went to the range for the first time of 2021 yesterday and hit a bunch of balls. Got a medium bucket and was hitting them pretty nicely, pulled out the camera to see how it was looking. Noticed a few things to tweak, started doing that and trying different feels. Next thing I know, I've spent 20 bucks on some range balls but was striping it at the end. So easy to spend alot of $ on range balls especially when working on your swing and trying feels.
  3. yea, that is true on the head backing up and I believe Adam Scott does that same thing but addresses the ball on the heel. Regarding the others I mentioned, they may not do it on every swing but I have seen swing videos in which they did come off the tush line on the downswing and the angle of the camera wasn't terrible.
  4. If the definition of EE is during the downswing coming off the “tush” line before the ball is gone I have seen many pros do it. Just a few off top of my head from watching swing videos: Louis oost.,Rory mcilroy, Jim furyk, Mac o grady, and the great jack Nicklaus. There are many more but it’s not extreme like some amateur’s are so they do have enough room. You don’t see it much on pga tour though
  5. I mean I'm not the biggest white/black fan on golf bags but that is their trademark color's and what the "tour" bags come in. I had a white bag back in 2010 for a few years and it never got really dirty although I'm kind of a clean person. Long term they will need to be cleaned though
  6. I play a lot of 9 hole, in high school our matches were 9 holes after school. If I play after work during the week it’s always 9 holes
  7. don't see many green members bags in this thread, alot of white though. The green ones hard to get?
  8. I got hit when I was 16 and only had my license for two weeks at that point. Was stopped at a stop light and got hit from behind at 50 mph no braking because he was “looking at scenery”. No air bags in an 1987 cavalier, trunk of car went up to the front seats and I smashed into the car in front of me turning into a 4 car collision. I ended up with only a small nick on my knee from hitting dash that needed a bandaid, to be 16 and bulletproof again. Oh and I was a little scared driving for a week after that considering I just got my license and was pretty traumatic.
  9. I guess Tiger doesn’t remember any of it which is expected from a serious car wreck and signifies some concussion. It’s also going to be a pretty good response for all the press and questions he’s going to get down the line “I don’t remember anything”. Haha not much you can get out of him if he doesn’t remember
  10. Every news outer was saying both legs, sounds like it was the lower right. I believe that the right leg being hurt is better than lead leg for a golf swing so I guess that’s a positive.
  11. Truly sad but I know one thing, Tiger is a terrible driver. What is this the 3rd accident now?
  12. Supposedly there is an mp iron coming that is in between the mb and mmc in size, kinda like the mp18 sc size that was missing in the mp20 line. Jpx tour kinda filled that spot recently but they are coming out with an mp iron
  13. talked with different people at Ping past few weeks and looks like those two color additions (slate/black, heather grey/black) are the only two additions for hoofer lite. Only other release is going to be more hoofer tours so don't hold back waiting for anything to be released.
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