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  1. it's not the shaft which is the issue, it's the wind. You just don't how to properly flight a ball into the wind which is very common. People want to know why their ball doesn't come out low and knuckling into the wind like the pros can do in the wind. Well it's not the shaft. You're probably hitting the ball too high on the face without enough deloft.
  2. That's why it was never his swing which was the issue.
  3. I liked Rickie Fowlers move before he had instructors telling him to change his swing. I just grabbed some of his swings from 2010 before he had everyone telling him to change it. IMO it's a way better swing than anything of recent, even the Butch changes. He was a stud leading up to the tour with this move. His problem now is changing it too many times.
  4. could be heel to toe vs mp 20 but I can’t even see that really
  5. except the new blade sole is kinda chunky too for a blade
  6. Wtf did Butch tell Rickie this week in Vegas?
  7. Yea, these aren’t my photos obviously. Pulled from another thread in equipment section
  8. well in that case it’s not really the running that caused the injury, It would be the golf swing which carries more force to the knee and caused it to fail. It’s like saying doing those lunges caused my acl to tear when I was deadlifting 600 pounds
  9. Yuck to the mp line sole, 223 vs p7mc. Looks like a callaway game improvement iron
  10. One thing I don’t like is a fatter sole of players clubs even with the toe grind they have going on it’s still a wide sole. That p7mc looks much better to me in regard to players club turf interaction. Save the fatter sole for jpx line. Unfortunately what I have seen from this line, there isn’t a players mp iron with a thin sole for that precise turf interaction. The mb even has a more fat sole and you are going into the mb territory that carries all the other unforgiving qualities like perimeter weighting.
  11. Nice pics, looks way bigger on 6 iron vs the p7mc, like game improvement big
  12. Thats fine and all but why do you guys keep saying messed up his knees like it's both, it was only his lead knee. Well maybe not now after the accident, think his right knee was ok though
  13. yea but you can’t really compare body types when your 17 vs 35. Most kids are skinny when they are 17 and put in weight when older whether they lift or not. Metabolism slows down and body matures
  14. anyone ever see that guy with the blonde long hair walking behind the camera guy. I've got to tournaments over the years and he is always there, must be on the road 24/7 for his job.
  15. He's mentioned a few times he had to change his swing from 2000 with Haney because of his knee but honestly I thought he snapped his knee just the same or more in the Haney swing. His upper body started getting pretty stuck closed on the downswing in the later Haney years and would have that weird follow through because of it. Doing a golf swing 8-10 hours a day for years is going to cause some injuries that need to be worked through. People think that a playing 2-4 hour round a couple times a week is the same thing.
  16. You take his word for it eh? Well he has said many things over the years so guess you aren't really taking him at his word. Truth is, if it were only running why would it only be his left knee which happens to be the one that takes the most stress from a golf swing. Running didn't help but the main culprit is going to be repeated golf swings. Tiger's surgeries have been to the left knee, which is the more commonly injured knee for a right-handed golfer. Tiger Woods told Golf Digest’s Jaime Diaz in 2005 that he has had a bad left knee since childhood. “It’s because of the stuff I did as a kid,” Woods said. “Wiping out on skateboards, crashing on dirt bikes, jumping off things. I banged it up pretty bad." As ESPN's Bob Harig summarizes neatly: Speaking on Tiger Geno Auriemma's "Holding Court" podcast, the 14-time major champion spoke honestly about why it's not as simple as going back to his 2000 swing: "I can't. My knee is trashed from all those years of playing that way. I've had four operations on my knee. Forget when my back was bad; pre-surgery and pre-back problems, people were saying the same thing: 'Why don't you go back to 2000?' I can't; my knee's trashed from playing that way, I can't do that anymore. I have to look for a different way."
  17. busting his knees? It's only the lead knee and he claims it was from snapping his lead leg in the golf swing. His injuries are all related to repeated golf swings
  18. It's many factors but he's mostly had knee issues and some of those were just from benign growths back in the 90's so that didn't help from snapping his knee and then the Foley years with his back, right? Hitting as many golf balls as he does at his speed can add up.
  19. exactly, being a Christian don't mean much especially in sports. Michael Vick was thanking God first in his interviews and running a dog fighting ring on the side.
  20. I've played the course a couple times in mid Oct. when they lower the rates for the year. It's around mid Oct early Nov depending on weather when they punch the course and lower the rates. Believe it gets down to like 70 for a round and lower later in the day.
  21. do you guys think that will be similar to the new MB they release? Should be time for a new release, I'm just hoping not a lot of offset like they did with the 716 mb when they used adam acotts feedback
  22. Bigfoot sighting of him walking the course at this link. There is also a people magazine interview from anonymous inside source saying he has a date in mind to return to pga tour but won’t disclose it and things are going well. https://amp.tmz.com/2021/10/11/tiger-woods-walking-no-limp-port-st-lucie-florida-charlie-golf-tournament/
  23. I liked his swing when he first got on tour, it was unique like Wolff or something.
  24. i played golf and most I know played 4 years, a lot of it was the scholarship money as well as the experience. I saw a video of JR playing the tournament earlier today and he was on the tee box playing with 3 white kids that looked 19 at most. It just looked out of place which is why I don’t think he will play 4 years. Good on him for going back to school though.
  25. The main point is they are kids, most golf teams are white kids, didn’t know it was a HBCU. I give him 2 years at most on the golf team.
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