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  1. Gankas is just trying to get the average am golfer to open up. It's a pretty natural move for younger kids because they don't have the upper body strength yet to hit it far, you see a lot of the young guns that hit the tour with wide open bodies. They all started playing golf at a very young age and developed it there. There are benefits to it but many ways to swing.
  2. well doing a little research and it explains why its so hard. It's estimated Masters only allows around 50,000 on practice rounds and 30-35,000 on actual tournament days. Compare that to PGA championship in 2019 with more than 200,000 and you have your answer why it's hard to win on the lottery.
  3. that’s exactly what I’m saying. There are tons of people there because it’s a golf tournament with acres of land to put people on unlike a super bowl arena, yet pretty much all the posts are of people get rejected from the lottery for decades it seems. The majority of tickets have to be coming from other sources than the lottery. A golf tournament is not that hard to get a ticket too because of all the area to fit people on, I’ve never had problems and I’ve been to Ryder cups.
  4. I'm just saying, I'm surprised how hard it is to get a ticket to an event that is acres of land to fit people on. This isn't like a super bowl area with pretty limited seating, it's acres of land. When you watch the tournament, there are tons and tons of people yet you hardly see people get selected in the lottery for decades in a row.
  5. I tried in the spring with Ping and they didn't have any plans to bring the bag to the US yet and was limited to the UK market.
  6. its weird seeing everyone get rejected and when you watch the tournament, there are 1,000's and 1,000's of people in attendance, many aren't golfers, kids etc.
  7. you will always look steep with the camera that far behind you. He’s not steep but he does work with his instructor on a better turn on backswing to prevent too much EE. He has great tempo and the ball explodes off the face with what looks like little effort, that’s why people like his swing so much. Morikawa doesn’t hit it as far.
  8. I get where you are coming from but Morikawa didn't hold the lead overnight each day like Louis did. If he did, you might of seen some putts miss eventually from sleeping on the lead.
  9. Happens all the time, you can get hot if you get a feel for the greens at a venue and are “on”
  10. You have to get use to playing blades and once you do, they will spoil you in the looks and turf interact department. I’ve played blades for a few years and players irons for years. They both take an adjustment period when switching back and forth
  11. take responsibility for your own swing, no one should be working on the same moves for years without improvement. Move on to something else if it isn't working for you. Lessons you get are just ideas to help and not always the correct movement for you to hit it best.
  12. I went Thursday and watched Cameron champ, Troy Merritt and sung kang for awhile. Then watched Patrick Rodgers, that Kramer dude who almost won recently and bill haas. I’ve always been impressed by Rodgers ball striking and Cameron was hitting it great as well. Those are the main groups I followed and then watched random other groups come through. Enjoyable day in the low 70’s and not too many people
  13. Adams is all like the 90's fundamentals, he does get pretty external with his right arm at the top (classic holding tray position) and that can be an uncomfortable static position for some.
  14. usually a lot of young talent in the field, Jordan Speith won it a few years. Remember watching Jason Day, Justin Thomas, tony finau few years back there before they got too big and wanted to head to the Open early. The big name guys want to head to the Open early which is part of the reason they aren't in the field but Zach Johnson placed 3rd in 2015 at the JDC and then went on to win the Open the next week. Jordan won the JDC that year and then placed 4th at the Open. I think it gives them momentum in competition to shoot low rather than sitting around at the Open for a couple we
  15. Bryson tries to hit it too hard these days, like every shot was an over hook miss way left. They only won because of Aarons playing and Tom's terrible game.
  16. that's what is cool about it, its a small town. I've been to all the big tournaments with the big names and this is actually one of my favorites to attend but I'm pretty close by. Also, the BMW is usually played in Chicago, looks like its leaving the next two years. Wonder when it will be back
  17. take that back, I think his driver swing might be slightly less upright in 2004. Irons look the same
  18. 73662474_761627284520934_567727892344228311_n.mp4 169.42 kB · 1 download Thats still the butch 2000 swing to my eye. He just started working with Haney and doesn't look like much had changed at this point.
  19. Kind of funny but generally when you aren't striking the ball very well your short game shows up and when you are hitting it well the short game goes out the window. Most people also get worse after a lesson because they are trying a new move that will throw off other parts of your swing, this is especially true for online lessons.
  20. CDC I thought had released its hard to contract by touching something, mostly by air that people get it. Anyway, it's not like you aren't touching the door handles, credit card machines etc. when you go to play golf, doubt a rake that sits in the open UV light is much more of a threat.
  21. not really, I mean how can they talk about the wrist is bowed/flat at impact but in the process of extending without the technology to measure that, cameras can't pick up that minutia which is exactly what it is. There was plenty of talk on flat left wrist and bow at impact and the release. You marry the intent of having a bowed flat wrist at impact with a proper release of the golf club and you will get what you want. I do think lately with DJ that bowing the wrist at the top and opening up has become popular. That is taught a lot nowadays and I never really saw that
  22. 7 years? I've saved some Bourbon countys that long and I find the sweet spot with aging any beer is 2-3 years at most. After that, they tend to get a little flat tasting.
  23. its the same thing really because the downswing is so fast. No one can instantly feel bow at only impact, it will happen much earlier with even the intent of having a bowed wrist at impact. Also, good players do have a more flat wrist/bow at impact. It may not be in the act of bowing at impact because of how fast the downswing is and the release but that is just my point.
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