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  1. Sim2 Max 5w Ventus Blue Velocore 7x Excellent condition Great club, just doesn’t fill the spot in my yardage gaps. $295 shipped trades: 3 woods, 50 or 52deg Wilson staff model wedge
  2. I can confirm that these are excellent. I just used one for a fitting last week and being able to show impact to the customer is a really nice plus. Best of luck with the sale, someone will be very happy with this unit!
  3. Mizuno MP20 MB Irons 4-pw Re-shafted with an older set of Tour Issue X100 amt - shafts and bands show wear Golf Pride MCC Align grips in great condition Will ship in original Mizuno box, well protected. $675 shipped $595 heads only shipped Trade interests include: (Excellent to Mint Condition) TaylorMade MG3 wedges, Wilson Staff Model wedges, New gen P770 or P790 irons, 3 Woods
  4. FYI for anyone interested. The seller seems like a super guy. In a rush this morning before leaving from work, I incorrectly read the title of the ad and messaged right away (have to be quick around here) and agreed to purchase thinking it was a standard bending machine not a putter bending machine (it is right in the title...I know). I "always" read thoroughly but in my morning fog and rush I totally botched this one. Point of my comment is that I intend to buy the swingweight scale, but I suspect the bender will still be available for anyone messaging him, so please be patient. Sorry for any inconvenience for the seller and potential buyers. Just wanted to own this error!
  5. Final days of my sale before pulling to sell local/eBay. Send me some trade offers. Thanks for looking!
  6. Haha, I’m always up for trying new irons. They are a great set, but I’ve finally decided to get fit and just go with those results, so I’m clearing everything out so I can’t go back!
  7. Looking to trade for TM P790/P770 irons/MG3 wedges/Wilson Staff Model CB 4-5i but may be open to other irons and wedges and/or 3 woods. First up is a really nice Flightscope Mevo+ Launch Monitor Original Owner. I have used this 12 times (229 total shots). Everything is like new except for the zippered case (carabiner loop fell off). No longer needed, I now have access to an indoor golf business 2 minutes from my work. Comes with all of the original accessories (I used 1 or 2 of the metal dots) and the zipper case. Happy to send additional info/pictures/video. $1,595 shipped Honma Rose Proto Irons 4-PW Standard Project X 6.5 LZ shafts Like New standard Zgrip align grips Excellent overall condition $465 shipped complete $350 shipped heads only pin 10/1
  8. Looking for a straight set of p770 or p790 irons or a mixed set that can include P7MB or P7MC in the 8-pw. Can be heads only or assembled (preference is for stiff plus/x-stiff flex) 7 out of 10 condition or better Please send pictures and pricing with any PMs. Thanks!
  9. Mizuno MP20 MB Irons 4-pw - heads are 8+ out of 10 - 8i & pw show some wear, but most look mint Tour Issue X100 amt - 6 out of 10 - shafts and bands show wear - see pictures - original shafts were pulled to use with my HS golf team. Golf Pride MCC Align grips - 8 out of 10 Will ship in original mizuno box, well protected. $775 shipped obo Willing to do a trade plus cash from buyer for wedges.
  10. possibly. I have interest in the heads right now. Send me a message. Thanks.
  11. launch and spin were in line with most other shafts for me. Something just didn’t gel with my swing/release. Impact position wandered around too much for my liking.
  12. To me the S+ would be similar in stiffness to C-taper stiff, px 5.5, px 6.0 lz, s300.
  13. I actually started a small company designing and building custom putters. So that’s probably the only thing that isn’t a revolving door in my bag haha.
  14. For sale/trade: Sub70 TAiii black forged irons 5-pw standard l/l/l KBS black $-taper S+ 125 shafts multicompound plus 4 grips (midsize on 8-pw & standard on 5-7) **I have 6 new Pure pro grips in white that I can swap on if you prefer, no charge ** 1 round on the course (shaft isn’t for me) Heads are Like new, shafts in good condition sold pin 8/20
  15. TM milled grind 2 wedges 52/09 - px 6.0 - midsize mcc plus 4 great condition $sold TM milled grind 2 TW 56/12 - kbs tour 120 S - std tour velvet bct great condition $sold TM EF spin wedges 52/atv and 60/atv (I removed a small amount of weight from the 60 for the feel I wanted) both have x100 shafts and black multicompound grips more wear on 60, both still within 2-300 rpms of newer milled grind 2 wedges $80 shipped obo for the pair will not split Titleist SM8 wedge 54/10 S - vokey shaft - midsize black tour wrap great condition $sold Titleist Spin Milled wedge 58/08 - vokey shaft - midsize black tour wrap excellent condition came across this un-hit on the rack at a local course, played a 2-3 rounds with it $sold
  16. Trade friendly, cash preferred. Mizuno MP-20 mmc 4-pw standard l/l/l kbs tour v 120 X GP Multicompound standard BB&F ferrules matching serial numbers good overall condition, see pictures $sold HZRDUS RDX Smoke black 6.5 Titleist tip 44in grip to tip Tour velvet 360 standard grip $75 shipped MP 59 4i head $25 shipped Sub70 649 Tour mb raw 5i head $30 shipped
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