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  1. Srixon ZX7 irons 4-PW Standard Length/Loft and I was told the lie is 1* flat. nippon modus 120 stiff shafts SOLD Srixon ZX5 Driver 9.5* with stock PX Smoke Stiff 6.0 shaft (shaft never been hit) with Head cover $310 Shipped Titleist SM8 wedge set 54/58 all stock setup (selling as a pair) standard stock Titleist wedge shafts $200 shipped
  2. Ventus Blue Velocore 6S Taylormade Tip. Factory and no tipping. 44.75" SOLD Titleist U500 2 iron custom order factory shaft HB Velocore 9x untipped 40.5" $275 shipped Titleist U500 3 iron shaft Velocore HB 8X appears tipped 1/2" 40" NOT factory SOLD Callaway Apex Pro 20* factory shaft Velocore HB 8S 40" $265 shipped
  3. Shaft is the stock shaft. I have it set with logos down which is the lowest or -2 deg.
  4. Taylormade Original One 11.5 degree with HzRdus smoke 6.5. NO head cover or tool. SOLD Callaway MD5 wedge set 50/54/58 in great shape with DG TI XSeven shafts $265 shipped Titleist SM8 wedge set 50/54/58 light use stock shaft and grips SOLD
  5. I don't take practice swings as it did not appear to change the actual outcome. If committed to the shot i felt a practice swing just added unnecessary thoughts and time. The groups I play with seem to be those with double digit handicaps use practice swings which never end up like their actual swing and those single digit almost none take a practice swing unless its a strange lie or that have to hit some unique shot under or around something.
  6. The PX Blue RDX has worked out excellent for me in all of my wood. Primarily started with my SiM2 3/5 which produced great results. So much so I purchased the shaft for my driver. I rotate the blue, Velocore Blue, and still my fairway finder which is a blue OBAN Devotion. Just love this shaft.
  7. Callaway 21' Apex MB Irons 4-PW - $900 Condition: Excellent - see pics Shaft: Nippon Modus3 130 S-Flex Length: +0.5" Grips: Factory Align Lofts: Standard Lie: 1* flat Pin 7/21
  8. I’m a Titleist fan who has owned the t100s and really like the 620MB, but this design is not appealing in anyway. Almost looks unfinished with that pocket or something from a few generations back. Just not a fan.
  9. Callaway Apex TCB (Decided I can't part with them yet.) PXG Gen 2 13* 2 wood project X hzrdus yellow 6.5 43.5” SOLD Basically New Project X Hzrdus Blue RDX 6.0 Taylormade tip, stock length no tipping. Length 44 7/8 from tip to top of cap. $135.00 shipped conus Basically New Project X Hzrdus Yellow 6.0 Taylormade tip, stock length no tipping. Length 44 7/8 from tip to top of cap. $75.00 shipped conus not really looking for trades at this time
  10. Cobra RF Proto Rev33 irons 4-PW with stock KBS 120 C-taper shafts. Standard factory L/L/L which is +.25” so 5 iron 38.25”. in really good shape. $1400 shipped the ‘MSRP $2499
  11. Srixon ZX7 4-PW custom order project X 6.0 all std L/L/L some irons may not have been hit. Iomic grips. I have the original super stroke grips black that came on them originally if requested. Sold PXG 0211 9 * Driver Accra LZ6 7s proto shaft SOLD PXG 0341 Gen2 2 wood 13* Project X HZDUS Yellow 6.5 X stiff $200 shipped Dynamice Gold 120 S300 shaft pulls. Basically new 4-PW play to standard length tour velvet grips. SOLD
  12. Title says it all. New Bettinardi queen bee 6 in wrapper. 35” with head cover. Sold
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