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  1. Cobra RF Proto Rev33 irons 4-PW with stock KBS 120 C-taper shafts. Standard factory L/L/L which is +.25” so 5 iron 38.25”. in really good shape. $1400 shipped the ‘MSRP $2499
  2. Looking for a Hzrdus Blue 6.0 stuff preferably the USA scheme for a Taylormade driver.
  3. Srixon ZX7 4-PW custom order project X 6.0 all std L/L/L some irons may not have been hit. Iomic grips. I have the original super stroke grips black that came on them originally if requested. Sold PXG 0211 9 * Driver Accra LZ6 7s proto shaft SOLD PXG 0341 Gen2 2 wood 13* Project X HZDUS Yellow 6.5 X stiff $200 shipped Dynamice Gold 120 S300 shaft pulls. Basically new 4-PW play to standard length tour velvet grips. SOLD
  4. Title says it all. New Bettinardi queen bee 6 in wrapper. 35” with head cover. Sold
  5. Excellent condition Limited Titleist T100s Blacked Out Irons. 4-PW with Black AMT White S300 shafts. Black Tour Velvet grips. Clubs are + 1/4” measure 38.5” to top of cap on 5 iron and are 1 deg upright. Please see pics as they have two rounds and three range sessions. SOLD
  6. Miura MB 101/TC201 combo set. 4/5 TC201 and 6-PW MB 101s. Standard length 38” 5iron with Modus 120 S shafts. I’m the original owner. They are close to mint. Please see pics. SOLD PXG 0311T 3-PW modus 120 s shafts in 4-PW and 120x plus .5” in the 3iron. Standard length 38” iron 4-PW. Shafts were new pulls and have almost no use. SOLD Graphite Design Tour AD XC6 and XC7 X stiff. Please see length in pics. Both SOLD not really looking for trades but may consider a mint set of Titleist 620MB with Project X. 6.0 shafts.
  7. Mint Srixon 785 4,5,6 irons with Nippon Modus 120 S shafts. Std L/L/L. See pic for condition. sold
  8. Miura CB-57 Irons 4-P with Nippon modus 120 stiff shifts and Red ionic grips. They are standard length 38” to top of grip with 5 iron. I’m not sure about the lofts as they seem maybe degree or two upright. Clubs are in close to mint condition. I used them for one range session but have too many irons. There’s little to no bag chatter, no knicks and only some light light light wear on some of the club faces and only very light brush marks on the soles of the clubs. Sold
  9. Srixon Z785 Irons 4/5/6 Nippon Modus 120 stiff std setup 5 iron 38” Great condition see pics asking $250 shipped Taylormade P790 3/4 irons Modus 120 X with Iomic grips and play + 1/2” SOLD PXG 52 wedge HEAD only SOLD PXG 56 wedge modus 125s shaft asking $125 shipped Dynamic Gold 120 stiff 4-PW pulls PARALLEL tip plus GP grips played standard length in PXG 0311T $100 Shipped
  10. I'm not really setup to separate the heads/shafts. I appreciate your interests though.
  11. Miura TC-201 4-PW Blackout project X LZ 5.5 38.25” 5 iron std L/L $1500 shipped Wilson Staff Tour 3-PW DG S300 38” 5 iron SOLD
  12. I fully understand all the talk about rolling the ball back or increasing the spin of the ball, but the courses I play do not have 40-60 yards of roll when it lands. I'm not sure of how this would be done, but why do their fairways need to stemp out at 10. Get the ball to stop rolling out that far. Having that kind of roll out is at least one or two clubs different into a green. The last long drive hole in the Payne Valley expo didn't allow for nearly the roll they normally would get. Only one of them even hit it 300. Bryston also is using a wedge that is 6 iron in length whic
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