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  1. Srixon Z785 Irons 4/5/6 Nippon Modus 120 stiff std setup 5 iron 38” Great condition see pics asking $250 shipped Taylormade P790 3/4 irons Modus 120 X with Iomic grips and play + 1/2” SOLD PXG 52 wedge HEAD only SOLD PXG 56 wedge modus 125s shaft asking $125 shipped Dynamic Gold 120 stiff 4-PW pulls PARALLEL tip plus GP grips played standard length in PXG 0311T $100 Shipped
  2. I'm not really setup to separate the heads/shafts. I appreciate your interests though.
  3. Miura TC-201 4-PW Blackout project X LZ 5.5 38.25” 5 iron std L/L $1500 shipped Wilson Staff Tour 3-PW DG S300 38” 5 iron SOLD
  4. I fully understand all the talk about rolling the ball back or increasing the spin of the ball, but the courses I play do not have 40-60 yards of roll when it lands. I'm not sure of how this would be done, but why do their fairways need to stemp out at 10. Get the ball to stop rolling out that far. Having that kind of roll out is at least one or two clubs different into a green. The last long drive hole in the Payne Valley expo didn't allow for nearly the roll they normally would get. Only one of them even hit it 300. Bryston also is using a wedge that is 6 iron in length whic
  5. I have two set of identical wedges set for sale. They are factory Titleist SM7 Blue Slate finished. All have Modus 125 shafts and are STD length loft. ill call the set on the left option and first in series option one and the right And second in series option two. Just let me know which set you want but both are in close to the same shape. Both SOLD
  6. Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 33” mint SOLD Fujikura 757 TR stuff Taylormade tip $125 shipped Project X HZDUS Yellow 6.5 PXG tip std length and stock from PXG NO grip $85 shipped No trades at this time. US shipping only
  7. Tiger and Bob May playoff of 2000 PGA to secure his third Major of that year.
  8. Project X 6.5 Hzrduz Green TM tip like new asking $75 hipped Project X 6.5 Hzrdus Yellow PXG tip like new asking $50 shipped Taylormade TP 3 UDI Modus 120 X midsize grip asking $75 shipped
  9. Miura MC 501 4-PW in excellent condition with Blacked Out STIFF KBS $-Taper 120 shafts std L/L/L Will send shaft label as setup clean now. asking $1350 shipped Taylormade 2019 P790 4,5,6 irons with KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff shafts all standard asking $425 shipped not looking for trades at this time.
  10. Currently playing Miura MC 501s, but would like to potentially change shafts. If buying someone's pulls is insertion depth a concern? If so, what should be be looking for in terms of length of the shafts to make a set with 38" 5 iron? thx in advance for any info.
  11. PXG Gen 2 10.5 driver with Project X Green HULK Small Batch 44.5" with cover MINT SOLD Wilson V6 Tour Irons 4-GW hit 4 rounds factory stock S300 white labe SOLD Callaway Apex MB 18 5-PW Elevate Tour VSS PRO shafts Stiff SOLD Callaway Apex Pro 16 .3,4,5,6 Irons KBS 120 Stiff Shafts -.25" SOLD Toulon Palm Beach 34" putter SOLD Tensie PRO ORANGE 60 Shaft with TM Tip $175 Shipped project x hzrdus smoke black 6.5 TM tip SOLD project x hzrdus smoke yellow 6.5 PXG tip $65 shipped Not looking for trades at this time. PP is [email protected]
  12. Mint P790 UDI 2 iron black DG x100 105 shaft with Iomic grip SOLD Callaway forged UT 18 OTi100 pro type Mitsubishi shaft It does not have a stated stiffness. I can tell you it is a strong stiff or X. It is not as stiff as say an X100 DG. Probably more like a Modus X 120. SOLD
  13. I felt the 660 was one of the easier blade irons to hit. Soft and performed pretty well. I had a number of guys try them that were not great ball strikers love them.
  14. Any word on why the Slate blue finish isn't available on the SM8? Was this finish discontinued for some reason?
  15. Was not a fan of either ...especially Kostis.
  16. Taylormade P7-TW 4-PW True Tempered 120 X100 shafts. SOLD
  17. Played these in a few different heads now and the perform very consistent. I've had trouble with the 120 S, 105X, the 125S was okay but kept going back to the 120X.
  18. Mizuno MP-18 5--PW Nippon Modus 120 X 38" 5 iron in excellent shape. $400 Shipped Callaway Apex 3-6 iron KBS Stiff shafts Standard Length $150 Shipped Taylormade M6 Driver 9 Degree Excellent condition with head cover. Aldila Xtorsion X70 Shaft 44.75" SOLDPXG Bat Attack H Black putter 34" and headcover mint SOLDMizuno YORO Custom 52' & 56' Wedges Almost NEW SOLD
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