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  1. this is like the chuck norris stuff......Corey Pavins stache is so good....it swings the club for him
  2. i just posted in another place.......you will love it....GREAT shaft. it is the V2 with the axiv technology.........bumped my F7M2 out.
  3. Nick Faldo's "Swing for Life".....AWESOME and I reference it constantly
  4. Royal Aberdeen is my favorite....pricey, but worth it. there is an inland park course north of the airport that I have played . Newmacher golf club...decent track.
  5. want to move fastwant to move fast. both pairs are 10 1/2 (normal width) maybe worn 5 times each. near mint. 1. black with white stripes- $sold 2. white with black stripes- $sold SOLD
  6. First time I played was with my father and we both birdied 15 with pin up front...we were pumped. we both went to 16, He hit 3wood and pulled it left. I roasted a 3 iron to 15ft. pin high...missed the putt. made par though and that was like making a birdie...birdied 17 though and parred 18. shot 72 the first time I ever played it....that is a special place
  7. Oakmont and Oak Hill....both in Tournament conditions..Oak Hill was just stupid and Oakmont will give you a serious headache.
  8. you have NO IDEA how bad I want this putter...need to come up with funds
  9. Day isn't overhyped just needs to learn a little humility and to keep his mouth shut. HUGE ego. Rory is great and after his first year of figuring out what it is like to travel that much and play he will come out like a house on fire next year.
  10. Sale Pending....sold upon reciept of MO. Thanks George
  11. 58 & 54 TNC...Custom order tour wedges...CHEAPLook, I hate doing this but need to. two almost brand new Scratch Custom Wedges. 54 and 58 with project X 6.0 shafts in them. D-6 on 58 and D4 on 54. pictures tell it all. Ari was great working with on these. hit maybe 25-50 balls on the range with each. $300 EACH brand new. I will let go for $125 for each or $225 for Both....Ridiculously good deal. The first face pic below is the 54 the second is the 58
  12. Just wanted to say that I am willing to trade this thing guys!!! Fastback or squareback (34" version) with some cash......looking for a F7M2 in an X-stiff untipped for Driver...MP 62's....HELP ME OUT
  13. the white stuff by the hosel is just from low heat...it is shown because of the flash but not very visible when looking at it without light magnification
  14. 9/10, diamana blueboard need to move fastWould like to move really fast guys. tour issue Taylormade Tour Burner 08 9.5 TP head with Diamana Blueboard 83 X- untipped plays 44 1/2" . Swingweight is D3. BIG Bomber...loving my MP 600 more right now and need to move this. Will sell it outright for $650 shipped TYD in CONUS. Will trade for a Squareback or Fastback (retail) with some cash. Also looking for MP 62's (retail)..thanks.
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