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  1. Look at my signature, Haywood Signature irons, Haywood wedges. They are amazing, great quality at a great price. Customer service is absolutely amazing, you can call/text the owner of the company. I text Joshua Haywood whenever I have a question, he responds very quickly.
  2. haywoodgolf.com does both, there new cnc'd iron the Haywood 100 is designed by Haywood. The rest of their irons are just heads from a foundry in China. http://haywoodgolf.com/products/haywood-100s
  3. I finally figured out the putter theme. I played the Rifle 6.0 for 10 years and loved them, until I found the KBS C-Taper Lite in Stiff. Great bag all around.
  4. There sizing chart is wacked. It's in inches but sizing is S,M,L,XL, XXL. Makes no sense. .......and for that reason, I'm out.
  5. I got RedHat the last week they had them, October 12, 2020. I play Belmont as it was the only place I could get tee times during Covid and I am cheap, hence the RedHat. I live in the West End, Vancouver. Yes, yes it is a long drive to golf. I used to live in Downtown Ottawa and every course was 20-40 minutes away.
  6. Also, maybe cut down on the caffeine intake in the morning before you play.
  7. I have a RedHat membership at Belmont, I know how cheapo WCGG can be.
  8. What about a fitting at a decent fitting studio?
  9. Why not try the new Srixons? ZX5 or ZX7
  10. Did you call them? I am intrigued now.
  11. Which Bridgestone ball did you get?
  12. Logos are very similar, but not exactly the same.
  13. https://golf.com/instruction/bryson-dechambeau-world-long-drive/ Bryson is delusional.
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