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  1. Sometimes, but only if it's blowing really hard. There's also a cord to tighten the fit around the brim which keeps it in place well.
  2. I don't use the chin strap (it snaps off). Otherwise it's a good looking hat. I get lots of compliments.
  3. Imperial Old Norse. It has a liner that you can douse with water every few holes to keep you even cooler, plus it gives good sun protection.
  4. I love it when they come out with new models. I bought 2020 models before Christmas (Tour 360 XT-SL and Crossknit Boost) for less than half of MSRP. I like both styles, but the Crossknits are super comfortable. Too bad they were discontinued.
  5. Favorite head cover: Red and Blue striped white headcover Which Accessory to Customize: White Crocodile pattern scorecard hokler Which Prize would I like to win: Birdie set
  6. 5.4 - I play Ping i210 irons with R shafts. Very versatile irons. It's often windy where I play, and it's possible to hit a variety of trajectories and shapes with these.
  7. I just bought 2 dozen Srixon Z-Star Kelly Green balls (last year's) - delivered in about 4 days. Also bought a Callaway Mavrik Pro Hybrid 20 degree right after the stay at home started. It was delivered to my course pro shop in about 3 days! I'm only 200 or so miles north of Carlsbad, so maybe that explains the quick shipping.
  8. I hoard both drivers and putters. I've sold or given away a few drivers, but I don't remember ever getting rid of a putter. I usually game one of my two Camerons, but occasionally dip into my backup trove of 2 Odysseys, 4 Ping Ansers, 1 TM Spider, and assorted others.
  9. I just sit on the couch watching TV golf when I cut off the old-grips and replace the tape. When it's time to install the new grips, I go out to the patio so I don't drip solvent on the carpet/floors. I use a drip pan to catch and reuse the solvent to the extent possible. No plans for a dream grip workstation. I generally replace grips about every two years. I try to give them a good soap and water scrub every now and then to keep them fresh and clear of any viruses. My favorite grips are New Decade MCC black and white. I really liked the "whiteout" grips that were made for a few years, a
  10. I haven't tested everything out there, only the Sim and the Mavrik, I chose the Mavrik Pro 20 because it's easy to hit straight and it is literally a bomber. I've considered taking the 3W out of my bag because I can hit the Mavrik so far. It's also effective when you choke down or take 3/4 swings to reduce the carry and total yardage.
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