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  1. I own both a SKB and a Bag Boy T-700 soft sided carrier. I prefer the soft sided carrier because you just take your golf bag out of the carrier and it fits in the car easily. The carrier folds up so you can easily get it in the trunk, too. The SKB is great except for being way too heavy and won't fit in a lot of rental cars. I'm not sure that the pros use adjustable hosels like we do. A lot of their drivers and other woods are glued, not adjustable. So taking the heads off is not an option in that case.
  2. I carried for years almost exclusively, and mostly it was because the course I played had some really steep finishing holes. I moved away and now play on another hilly course. I went back to a push cart recently (Sun Mountain PX3), and I like the change. The PX3 is light and easy to push, and I feel like I finish stronger now vs. carrying my bag.
  3. i'm all about getting as much exercise as possible, so I mostly walked and carried my bag for many years. I also had a Sun Mountain Speed cart for the last 20 years for when I had to carry cold weather gear or rain gear or extra liquids. The Speed Cart finally bit the dust after many years of service, and I replaced it recently with a Sun Mountain PX-3 three wheeled push cart. I like it a lot after about 4 rounds of use. I play on a hilly course and I immediately noticed that I have a lot more energy on the back nine and finish a lot stronger with the PX-3 vs. carrying my bag. It has all the good features of my old Speed Cart plus it's lighter, pushes easier, has foam tires (not pneumatic) and stores a bit more compactly than the Speed Cart. I'm happy with it and it seems to be one of the best choices out there for a push cart in terms of quality and performance. There are cheaper options, but this one works for me and looks good, too. I'm 67 1/2 and play 3 times per week.
  4. Why do you have a picture of a Boxster when your name is "Cayman S"?
  5. I usually wear Adidas lightweight poly shirts and poly shorts that don't fit tight. The most important things for me are: 1) stay hydrated - more water keeps your body temperature lower, and 2) wear a wide brim hat with a liner that you can wet down to increase evaporative cooling. I use an Imperial "Old Norse" model. It's a bit goofy looking but it's effective.
  6. A couple years ago I did a golf trip with friends to Medford, OR. We played Eagle Point (Robert T. Jones, Jr.), Centennial (John Fought) and Rogue Valley CC (H. Chandler Egan). Three great courses , by noted architects within 20 minutes of downtown Medford, and all reasonably priced. The RVCC shouldn't be too hard to book, either through a reciprocal or just calling them up and asking. If you can't get on RVCC, there's also an Arnold Palmer course near Klamath Falls at the Running Y Resort, about 1.5 hours east of Medford. I would put all of these courses in the gem category, and they probably qualify as hidden since nobody has mentioned them yet!
  7. I've purchased several polos and a pair of pants from Golfetail.com. Good prices on Adidas, Greg Norman, UA and other brands, Very satisfied with all purchases from them.
  8. Similar to the previous post, here is the red, white and blue Hoofer - a little larger and heavier than the Hoofer Lite. I have the 2016 red, white and blue version, but it was time to replace it. The new one (2020 model) is slightly improved in features and looks but otherwise is the same great carry bag, if you don't mind a 5.5 lb bag.
  9. I've been playing the exact same Mil-Spec since I bought it new. It's had a few time outs and four new grips since then, but I still love the way it rolls the ball.
  10. I have played Cleveland wedges for decades, beginning with the original 588 series. I continue to carry more modern versions of Cleveland at 50 and 54 degrees, plus a Callaway PM grind 58 degree. The PM is the best lob wedge I've ever used. At 12 degrees of bounce it doesn't have a lot of forgiveness on tight lies, but it's money out of the rough. Not bad out of the sand, too.
  11. My L.I. is 5.1, but I've gone up a little recently due to illness. I'm still playing an old Cobra Bio Cell 3W with a Project X PXi stiff shaft. I bought it for $40 used about 5-6 years ago. I just can't seem to kick it outa the bag. I hit it fairly long off grass or tee, and I generally keep it in play. It's ugly but effective.
  12. i'm in - this will match nicely with my Mavrik driver and Mavrik Pro hybrid.
  13. There are lots of people that are fans of Loudmouth, William Murray, Linksoul and other brands that aren't exactly mainstream. This stuff doesn't look too bad, and probably closer to middle of the road than the previous brands I mentioned. I may buy some at the right price.
  14. 1. City and State? Solvang, CA 2. Handicap? 9.8 3. What ZX ball do you want to test? Z-Star 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Sure, courses are open year round here in So Cal 4. Current golf ball? Z-Star or ProV1 5. What do you look for when buying a new golf ball? Short game feel, ability to control flight on tee shots 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  15. Sometimes, but only if it's blowing really hard. There's also a cord to tighten the fit around the brim which keeps it in place well.
  16. I don't use the chin strap (it snaps off). Otherwise it's a good looking hat. I get lots of compliments.
  17. Imperial Old Norse. It has a liner that you can douse with water every few holes to keep you even cooler, plus it gives good sun protection.
  18. I love it when they come out with new models. I bought 2020 models before Christmas (Tour 360 XT-SL and Crossknit Boost) for less than half of MSRP. I like both styles, but the Crossknits are super comfortable. Too bad they were discontinued.
  19. Favorite head cover: Red and Blue striped white headcover Which Accessory to Customize: White Crocodile pattern scorecard hokler Which Prize would I like to win: Birdie set
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