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  1. Great post - fantastic info. Where are the charts from?
  2. Ping irons are all well made - just because a player doesn’t switch immediately doesn’t make the older model obsolete. Remember, the pros are people who depend on knowing their equipment well to make a living. They strike their irons well enough that a newer model isn’t going to give them that much of an advantage. Their livelihood depends on being familiar with what they are using every day. If you think about it, there is a transition period to get used to an iron set. With so many tournaments the pros play, it is difficult to get in the practice time with a new set.
  3. The G400 Max driver was very forgiving - well struck shots travel far. However it went a little left for me. The new G425 LST driver is very long and worth a look. I usually try drivers out before woods - use more often that fairway woods in any given round
  4. The Ping G425 LST is pretty fade biased even when the weight is in neural. Very long when struck well
  5. I have tried several Ping irons - iblade, blueprints, i210, i200, g400, g410. Numbers wise the s55 is the perfect blend of forgiveness and distance. It has very little to no offset which I like. The thin soles cut through thick grass and can pick the ball off tight lies. Usually with thin soles there is little forgiveness however with the tungsten in the toes of the irons, they are very forgiving. The s55 is an amazing club head that in my opinion is the best Ping ever made - even compared to other brands it would be very hard to beat. The combination is just amazing. I now understand why Bubba Watson has not switched and not intending to switch!
  6. Sonartec GS Tour! Bar none the longest, accurate, low spin, consistent wood out there!
  7. I love my ss-02, easy to hit out of the rough but not so forgiving. The GS Tour is touted as perhaps the best fairway wood (if there is ever a perfect fairway wood lol) and most forgiving in the Sonartec line. Low spin, long and tight dispersion low boring flight into the wind, what more can one ask of a fairway wood? Dare I say better than TEE CB2 and CB3? Expertise and feedback from other Sonartec owners on this club have made me covet the GS Tour even more!
  8. [quote][color=#1C2837][size=2]Yeah, none of this new stuff even makes me tingle, let alone drop down 200 for a new fairway wood. MAYBE the Ping 15-20, but thats just a maybe. I still play a SQ2 and a V steel. Save your money and get an oldie but goodie, (06 launcher steel, 07 burner, TEE CB1-2, SQ2, Vsteel, Titleist 906, Sonartec GS tour) put your favorite shaft in it and forget about it for a while. A fairway wood should be your best friend not the new hot girl on in the office. [/size][/color][/quote] I AGREE!!! SONARTEC GS TOUR!!!
  9. I am looking for a new fairway wood, the one club that does not change often with amateurs and pros alike. I have been reading about the new RBZ line and how long it is compared to anything else, fine if you want the distance but I think its a ploy for gap creep, to force you to change your set to have better gaps (P wedge is like a 9 iron loft). I want to get the Sonartec GS Tour over the new RBZ line because of two things. The first is distance gaps, why would anyone need a wood that is so long it creates a gap between their 3 wood and 5 wood (or hybrid) not to mention decreasing the gap for the driver. Second is consistency, my Sonartec has been consistent and dependable for a long time, who knows what the RBZ will do with its lower swing weight. But I have digressed as you can see, I have thought long and hard about it and having tested/owned everything under the sun (you name it I have/had it), I feel they have made some best fairway woods ever, very much under the radar. I just want to get the best they made, before they went under and the GS Tour seems the way to go, forgiving and long! Thanks to all those who have chimed in and gave their experience and feedback for the GS Tour!
  10. [color=#1C2837][size=2]There are some great things said about the GS Tour, but I haven't hit a deep face wood, is it easy to elevate? How is distance on the GS Tour? Trajectory, height, sound? How does it compare to the Nike SQ2, TEE? [/size][/color]
  11. Hi guys, anyone here still play Sonartec fairway woods? I have the ss-02 model but was thinking about finding their GS Tour model. I heard this model was the best they made before they closed shop. Sonartec IMHO are some of the best fairway woods made, having owned the ss-01, ss-02, ss-03 models, didn't know the GS Tour even existed until recently. Anyone?
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