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  1. I'm looking for a G Series 7 Iron only. Please DM Me. Thanks!
  2. I think you took that a little too harsh honestly. The OP is looking to spend 2 million on a house and I'm sorry to tell you that there probably aren't any many South of Thomas that fit the bill. I grew up on 35th ave and Camelback and went to Alhambra High School so I know a little bit about a sketchy neighborhood lol!
  3. Harrington is right with being cautious of Arcadia Lite. Depending on what activities your kids are into you may also want to look at the Gilbert area. They have much better organized sports. I'm a ride or die west sider that is out by Verrado now. There are great communities out here but it seems to have a stigma with some crowds. I swear by it and will probably never move to the east valley but to each their own. If I had your budget Arcadia would be my 1st choice. Great homes with gigantic lots. The only thing that would come into consideration is the drive/commute for k
  4. Southern dunes is Near perfect right now. It's hard to say at $90 is a bargain but when you look at what some of these courses are charging right now I think its a no brainer. My only issue was that the bunkers were pretty inconsistent. Some had a lot of fluffy sand and then some were just a thin layer over hard pan. Tough to blame them though, I'd imagine with COVID the bunkers would be the first thing to go.
  5. I 2nd want Puttnforthe8 said on Southern Dunes. It is coming out of overseed VERY strong. Played there last Friday and walked as well because of CPO. Though, its a pretty easy walk and I enjoyed the course even more walking. I may walk there during cooler months going forward. Greens are probably rolling at 8 right now but will only get better.
  6. GCU after overseed is nearly perfect. Played there on Saturday and actually met FerrisPGM by coincidence. Great time and great conditions.
  7. Thank you for the offer but I actually am switching to I200's already and have a set. Thanks!
  8. I have a very good condition set of Mizuno MP18's for sale. The set was ordered directly from Mizuno last april with the below specs. I can get more/better pictures when I get home if needed. Played from April - October 2019 and haven't been used since. Less then 20 rounds and 0 range time. $400 Shipped and Paypal'd OBO Mizuno MP-18 SC 5 iron - DG X100 + 1/2 “ - 1* upright - standard loft - standard SW - Golf Pride MCC +4 Align grip Mizuno MP-18 6-P - - DG X100 + 1/2 “ - 1* upright - standard loft - standard SW - Golf Pride MCC +4 Align grip
  9. Everything changed when the shift went from dads volunteering their time to help kids in the community to washed up pros/greedy parents turning sports into a business. I ran a club flag football team for 5 years and didn't make a single penny off kids, never turned away a kid who couldn't pay for uniforms or tournament fees and won multiple tournaments and state championships in the process. My son now plays baseball and I'm forced to put him on a club team that is for profit and it makes me sick! The coaches are paid and we pay these inflated dues every month to feed the monster. Once we
  10. Just waiting for the replies to this. People hate that course on here.
  11. Played Aguila Saturday Post Overseed They were CPO but also allowed you to drive in the rough since they didn't overseed that. Course was pretty decent for being fresh out of overseed. Greens were a little slow but it was very enjoyable.
  12. > @danman44 said: > is old town a good choice for accomodations or somewhere else is better? If you're looking for Night life then it doesn't get much better. Me personally I would stay at talking stick because I like to gamble. You may be looking at house rentals though so Old Town is a good place.
  13. > @az2au said: > > That storm was pretty cool last night. Here's a picture looking back up the 16th hole at Troon CC and towards my house (less than 2 miles from where we standing). We heard a bunch of emergency vehicles and I'm guessing people got stuck up on Tom's Thumb during the storm. Great round with @Olson12 @MackDaddy480 and one other. This was our 34th hole of the day so the 30* temp drop was welcome even if it came with crazy winds. Hit a full 7 iron on a 140 yard par 3 and the next hole went driver 5 wood on a 629 yard par 5. Gotta love mother nature.
  14. In may you may want to check out Show Low area. Torreon has 36 fantastic holes, and Silver Creek is close behind Torreon. Not much to do up there besides golf though. They do have a old casino but its not nice at all. I would stay at the condos at Torreon.
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