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  1. 712U 2 iron, played the 716U but the 712 hits the perfect yardage on 4 tee shots at my home course including the #1 hcp hole. It's paid for itself 4 times in skin money.
  2. This comes down to 2 main elements 1) Course conditions 2) The array of shots you're looking to play Naturally with the 58 being for bunkers one would go with a higher bounce 10-14. However, with a lack of options you may want to think about less camber. If conditions are soft this club will be mainly need to be forgiving with a blunt leading edge. I think of shots that have little green to work with out of fluffy lies. With only a 52 remaining 8-10 bounce is better. This is enough for 3/4 swings out of softer fairway, but low enough for chips off hard fringe. 52 degree with the go to for
  3. Went through a exhaustive demo of drivers today. Launch and spin numbers were similar (12 degrees, 2100 rpm, +0.5 AoA up, path -1.0 degree) Draws had -200 rpm spin, fades were +400). The key for me on these are mostly sound, feel, and ball speed) Currently play Titleist 915D4 9.5 (D4-lefty) Rogue 125 70TX - Ball Speed 165 with 168 max, (loudest) Titleist 917D3 9.5 (gamer shaft) - Ball Speed 162 with 166 max (2nd loudest) Taylor Made M1 2016 9.5 (Weight front and center) Hzrdous Yellow 75X - Ball Speed 166 with 169 max (similar to 913 sound) Taylor Made M1 2017 9.5 (Weight front and center) H
  4. Any spec on this shaft? Torque? I'm a Rogue 125 guy and finding different shafts to compare is my hobby. Mainly I want to see if the Tensei White is under 3 torque at 70TX. Your spin results definitely has me interested. Thanks for the youtube link as well, makes the review easier to picture your results for me and compare the way you deliver vs my swing.
  5. I've been thinking about a new approach to my short game and a golf ball change may help. Currently I'm averaging somewhere in the 60% range on up and down. I purchased the standard short game video which is promoting picking a landing spot 2-3 steps on the green and letting the ball roll to the pin from there. I currently use a 60 degree for most short game shots and can control the trajectory well but with more variables in lies around the green this time of year I might gain better distance control with a less lofted club. I play the Srixon Z-Star XV, but wonder if I should go with a non-ur
  6. This is a perfect opportunity to test Miura vs. Epon. Loads of videos on other clubs let's see AF Tour vs. MB 001. Maybe even the CB of both lines. Discussion of best feeling irons is always a hot topic here and usually ends with Mizuno, Muira, and Epon. The vote totals always depend on what the users are playing. Would be spectacular to see a more objective point of view with each represented.
  7. This is a look and feel question which is impossible to answer. I have refurbished sets of the MP68 and 690.MB which is the closest a lefty like me can test without throwing $1000 dollars for a new set. At first the MP68 won out because of feel and perceived performance. I was scoring way better, but after some months I installed the same shaft in the 690's and scoring evened out. Needless to say I became a huge Nippon fan boy for 2 years. From a fitting standpoint the head weight of the 690 was closer to D3 swingweight without adding lead tape or plugging the hosel. Mizuno heads are notorious
  8. I have not found a 3 wood yet that doesn't low hook into trouble. There might not even be trouble visible, the 3 wood can find it. It's a big gap between driver and 2 iron (could be 80 yards). Looking for suggestion. Driver is 9 fairways and 2 just off. Then there's 3 or 4 opportunities to place the in the fairway or near a green per round where a great 3 wood could lead to my lowest score. Tired of skipping out in competition and going 2 iron leading to a longer approach. In casual rounds I test the 3 wood. The club looks closed and believe me manipulation and practice only hurts my swing wit
  9. What's the current driver model you're playing? Titleist 915 D4 What shaft are you gaming? (mfgr, model, flex, weight, tipping) Aldila Rogue 125 70TX. Play 45 and is not tipped. What's your current ballfilight? Mid Average driving distance? 305, Colorado air, 12 degree with 2100 rpm Are you happy with this current shaft? Yes, I like the low torque because I feel I have good control. My miss is a low pull draw which can be dangerously bad. As a higher swing speed player I prefer shafts that feel boardy to most. Fitter says he would like to see me with a shaft that has a stiffer mid section. I
  10. Best value would be lurking on ebay for the following: Mizuno MP32 Titleist 690.MB Mizuno MP68 Buy the most beat up version and send them to "The Iron Factory" to get refurbished. They will totally peel off the finish and replace it which will make them like new. This guy refinishes clubs for Nike Tour Pros (You know who I'm talking about), as well as legends like Gary Player. You'll get a brand new set of sweet blades for less than the price of new. They cost about $30 dollars per club so take that into account when you are evaluating sets on the bay. If money is not an issue I recommen
  11. I want to demo a full set of clubs at a 74 degree lie angle. Just to know. Would it ruin my swing for life or would I be the new club champion? It's one of the bucket list items I'd have if I won the lotto, which I don't play. They would probably need to invent hosel insurance.
  12. Rogue Silver 70TX has been a wonder for my game. But I love trying new tech so NV 2XKV 75X please.
  13. It's called the 120. Weight wise, yes. Feel wise, no. I was referring to something along the same feel as the 105 but tad bit heavier Exactly! LSL has a mild butt section, stiffer middle and normal tip. So slightly stiffer butt than 120 but similar mid section IMO and maybe just a hair lighter than 120. But will feel, IMO, closer to a Tour125 with less kick and slightly lighter. It's an even further blending of 120 and 105/125 IMO. They really have something if it can get all sorted out. Very DG-ish with smoother feel, 15g less and what I think will end up being similar to lower spin/l
  14. Just ordered a set of 105's to install in 690.mb's. I have tested and played the 125X, and 2t15 X and noticed a difference in feel. The 125X performed better for me regarding timing and transition enough the profile was said to be similar. I had my best results with a set of st proto's in a set of MP68's so I'm looking to see if the 105 matches or surpasses that experience coming from the ST Prototype. My current irons have TT AMT and I'm noticing inconsistency using long irons vs short irons in ball flight. I was sold on the AMT to get launch higher in the long irons with added spin. What I'm
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