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  1. I am leaving the cold and snow of NY to move permanently to Hawaii! Both items are in excellent condition. No chips or skymarks. Only normal wear. 1. Ping G400 LST 8.5 Head only. Very good condition. SOLD 2. Callaway Super Hybrid 17 degree. Pro Orange shaft stiff. plays 41 inches. Heavier weight added (That's why it is green) to get to D2. No chips or skymarks. SOLD Paypal is [email protected]
  2. Will be interesting to see if they honor the orders already placed. I would think not, but I have my fingers crossed!
  3. I placed an order too for a 5W with Ventus velocore. Ship date is 1/29, estimated of course.
  4. 97's fit nothing like the AM1's. 97's are far wider in the toe box. I can't even get my foot into the AM1's. 97's fit great
  5. Received my ZIT's as well. Went a half size up but still on the narrow side. That said, definitely more stable than my Adidas Primeblue. Does anyone think they will stretch a bit? I desperately want these to fit...
  6. Come on boys. No one has been complaining. Only reporting shipping dates and arrivals. We have all been cooped up too long
  7. I have a couple shafts that I need an adapter and length change, but all shops are closed here on Long Island. Where can I send my shafts to have the work done?
  8. I have the mens version and can't even get my foot into the AM1's, no matter what the size. I went true to size in Primeblue and they fit perfectly. I have walked 3 rounds in them and they are fantastic. They are NOT waterproof, or even water resistant. Had wet feet in moderately wet conditions. That said, I love them. The spike system works great and are short enough to wear directly to the course
  9. Something else to consider. Spoke with PXG today and they said that you can pay in full but hold off your build until you have a fitting. IMO this is the way to go.
  10. I am hearing the Gen 3 promotion will be extended through April
  11. Played my first round in my Primeblues. Here are my thoughts. Played today on Long Island. Conditions were a bit cold (50 degrees) with on and off light rain. Course was a bit muddy. Sizing I tend to have a wide toe box. To the point that I generally have to go up a size for Nike (My usual go to). Did not have to do that here, maybe because the Flyknit had a little give for my width. I am 9 in these. 9.5 for Nike. Comfort (9/10) Right out of the box these were amazing! Boost is great. I could walk every round in these and be so happy. By comparison, the low synthetic codechaos felt s
  12. Just recently purchased a Sim and was wondering if additional rear weight values will be available for purchase? Thanks!
  13. Ordered a pair from direct from Adidas. Is Adidas like Nike, in that you can wear these and still return as long as it is within the return period?
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