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  1. Stiff flex but will consider others. thank you
  2. Title says it. 10.5°. Used less than 10 rounds. very clean $300
  3. 2 ball 10 used once, put a new grip on.. 35”, stroke lab. Just not for me. $215 obro. PayPal/shipped.
  4. Awesome condition, less than 15 rounds on them. Love these, just went with different loft combo,, selling as set. $185 shipped ( for the set )
  5. Played just a few rounds, head cover included. I have a reg shaft or X flex I shaft if interested $310 shipped .. no trades Please text for replies 503.931.8747
  6. Head only, mint condition, used a couple rounds, one small mark on the bottom from a tee, head cover included. I have a couple stiff shafts if interested just lmk, otherwise $399 shipped. text For faster response, no trades.. 503.931.8747
  7. Hit less than 15 times. 9°.. all you see in the pictures is a little water on the club. $395 obro shipped. If you need a shaft, I have a few feel free to ask
  8. 8.5/10. Ping i210, brand new golf pride mcc +4 grips on the 5-pw. 4 iron has different grip, I never used it.. I bought these from a fellow wrxer and thought I game them but never did. Years of life left, awesome condition. Standard length, and lofts, lie is green dot, DG pro s300 shafts. $525 obro. Shipped feel free to text for quicker response. 503.931.8747 Only trade, sim2 max.
  9. First up: Ping Limited edition prime time 4 absolutely mint, rolled it a few time on the putting green 35” - $ 390obro Next: taylormade p770/P7mc combo. Bought these from a fellow wrxer and never hit them. standard LLL modus 3 tour 120 stiff flex 5&6 - P770 7,8,9,pw- P7mc Solid 9+/10 condition $800obro Will consider trades for the irons, Cash for the putter. Trades offered must be in like condition.
  10. Selling as a set, less than a month old, staring to rust, tons of spin, paid $170ea will sell as a set for $325 all standard LLL
  11. I play the same driver, The AV raw orange shaft is a anti left shaft, kind of like the pro orange... so if you are slicing the ball or fading it more than you like I’d try a different shaft, meaning it is going to make your right misses a lot worse. Someone correct Me if I’m wrong but I’m guessing a shaft that is not counter balanced like the orange would help a ton. For me nothing I’ve hit in the past is as straight as the 425, however this is my first ping driver so I have nothing to compare to. Just my 2c. Good luck.
  12. Title says it all, 35” all standard specs. No Trades at this time. $250 obro
  13. If you want distance, sim... accuracy. Ping.. all day long. Both great clubs, just my 2c. I got about 8-10 yrds more out of the sim, doubtful ping will ever leave my bag... good luck!!
  14. MINT Srixon zx5/7 combo, c taper 120 stiff. All standard LLL w/ lamkin sonar grips.. ordered directly from Srixon, just didn’t work for me unfortunately, very soft feel! The 5 and 6 zx5 irons are 1° weak to blend with the zx7’s. All clubs Played less than 10 rounds 5 & 6 iron are zx5’s 7,8,9,pw, “A” wedge zx7’s 54° Cleveland zipcore mid bounce wedge also has c taper shaft 58° mid bounce has stock dynamic gold spinner shaft. take EVERYTHING including both wedges for $1000 5-aw - $850 obro. wedges only $175 text for faster reply, 503.931.8747 thank you
  15. First up: Titleist tsi 3 18° 5 wood, near mint condition, played just a few rounds. Hazardous smoke RDS 6.0 stiff flex. $220 obro Next: Srixon ZX 20° driving iron. Could pass as new, ordered directly from Srixon with miyazaki 8s (stiff). Used maybe 2-3 rounds. $150 obro feel free to ask questions or text 503.931.8747
  16. Mint TSI2—7 wood (21°) hazardous RDX stiff flex. Used about 3 rounds, ordered directly from Titleist.. 1/4” short of Titleist standard length. $210 obro... headcover included (not pictured) only trade into would be a Scotty or other higher end putters. thx
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