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  1. he'll be 32 in a few weeks and hasn't won a major in almost 7 years...Tiger who he immensely looks up to won major #14 at age 32 and major #15 at age 43. the field is deeper now than those 11 years Tiger didn't win one...Rory also knows he's not half the player Tiger was....put it all together and i don't see how he can't not panic lol. I'm sure he'll win at least one more major but right now is dark times for Rory since he's lost his swing and his stroke
  2. gotcha now...but in relation to Rory and Jordan are you trying to say Rory's next major has to be the Masters or else he'll never win one after that? and Jordan has a year and a half to win another major or else he'll never get the PGA? golfers don't usually win much majors in their 40's and the old generation had later peaks to their careers...except the GOAT's of course
  3. huh??? jack won the the us open and pga in 1980, then the masters in 1986...tiger 2008 us open and then of course the 2019 masters. anyways i go with spieth to win before mcilroy(if ever)....i just think rory will end up being the most overrated GREAT player of all time.
  4. every manufacturers goal is to make a "better" product than the previous. well us knowledgeable golfers know that idea is pretty much maxed out for years now. they're just tweaking balls back and forth every 2 years of being firmer/softer, spinnier/less spin....of course titleist is just glad they're still using a titleist and not a competitors ball, but we the consumers are who they're selling too, not Jordan,JT, Adam etc...and we know tour influence is for the 90% of golfers who don't roam this site. at the end of the day the tour players are the best advertisement. titleist won't push them
  5. i've seen people take pics of grips with their cell phones inside a roger dunn's before...what the heck do u think they're doing? when in doubt buy in person.
  6. so far Spieth, but JT will pass him soon
  7. i'm with u on that tour only 11.5...i hate mallets with long lines so the retail 11's are a no go for me....but if the tour only 11's were released i would've had to order both the 5.5 and 11's lol
  8. i think it does...when i did the virtual ball fitting a few weeks ago, the guy i spoke too claimed jordan was using the 21X when i brought up the fact i saw him using the 17X at Bay Hill....he said he was "almost certain jordan is using the new X" didn't want to argue with him, even though i have a recording of jordan's ball hanging on the lip with clear 17X arrows. though he did admit some guys still use older models, no names were mentioned who did.
  9. i remember Nick Faldo said on one of the telecasts years ago he used a toe hang putter when he felt he was missing too many putts to the left because it helped him slow down the face rotation. makes alot of sense, because it's hard for me to hit a driver left when the head is heavier. with putting their is read and speed involved so sometimes it's not as clear.
  10. head only, looking for a used 9.0
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