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  1. i've always used a line on the ball and the triple track is very convenient, and i like how it doesn't get smeared like a sharpie line does, but i've realized i don't like 3 lines on the ball. I prefer one long thin line. the middle red line on triple track is too thick for me, the thickness of the blue line is what i like. i know i'm probably in the minority on this.
  2. Nothing in your original post did you mention that you wanted to play faster, or hated being in a foursome because the rounds are slow paced. You even mentioned not wanting to slow a stranger down because sometimes you just wanted to "practice" on the course, or just enjoy family/friend time and avoid chit chat with a stranger. sounds like you want your cake and eat it too. at the end of the day we book with the course not the other way around.
  3. entitlement at it's finest...having a stranger paired up with you isn't the same as another person seated at your table in a restaurant. when you're done eating you can pay the check and leave whenever you want, playing golf there are people in front and behind you that directly effect you and the pace of play for the whole course. Like many have said just join a Club or buy out the Foursome if you don't like strangers....and who cares how much you pay, this is a free market, nobody is forcing you to golf there if you don't like it.
  4. I never thought that...small guy who hits it a mile,(lots of stress on the body) not consistent with the putter at a young age, and strongly preferring a right to left ball flight for consistency. i thought he'd get 7 or 8 majors and be done by mid 30's. but it is shocking he's still stuck on 4 through virtually his prime years
  5. aaahhh i remember right after the 2017 Open Championship and how we were all talking about how YJS was going to win at least a dozen majors and a kick in for the CGS...some guys peak early and some guys peak late, this game is not only hard but fickle at the same time...Paddy won 3 majors in 2 years, Rory got 4 in 4 and Brooksie got 4 in 3....let's see how many Collin gets by age 30. I still think only one guy will complete the CGS in the next 10 years.
  6. try an inversion table if you haven't already, been playing with a herniated disc for the last 2 years and just got one last week and my back feels like it's improving alot. good luck
  7. depending on the wind i use it 4-8 times off the tee at my home course. it's literally the only club in the bag that i can draw or fade on command. my favorite club for sure
  8. i don't think anyone in the world can tell 1 gm weight difference in a shaft of the same length let alone someone on this site...but sometimes non tour issue shafts can have a 4-5 gm weight difference and that can make a difference in performance. though that is rare i've seen it from stock wedge shafts from years ago. you're just paying for piece of mind
  9. played 18 yesterday for the first time with this ball and i'm quite surprised how much i liked it based on summer conditions...with my course greens getting softer with the heat and watering, the ball was spot on for what i needed. low spin from 80-150 yards but still enough spin when hitting it 150yds +...no knuckle balls and was softer feeling than i anticipated. only missed a few greens so didn't really test the chip shot spin but it felt adequate...now i'm gonna try the left dash next and between the two i have a summer ball for softer greens...still gonna play prov1X in the winter when gr
  10. yes for sure, i used mineral spirits in the past and had trouble with it drying too quickly. grips would get stuck. Brampton stays slippery longer. i always give my grips more time to dry as well when using it.
  11. i just buy the Brampton brand and i have no issues installing or removing superstroke grips. yes it's expensive at $15 for 32oz bottle but no headaches and no messed up grips moving forward.
  12. if you see Super Stroke grips on eBay for more than $5 off from retail price, i'm like 99% sure it's fake, unless it was an auction bid.
  13. IMO the course had the right to do what they did and i think you should've had the right to a refund and go home. asking them to make you and exception that day because no one explained the new rule change would be fighting an uphill battle.
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