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  1. this thread is too much...i use to think this topic was insane but i can see some evidence there's a factor with dimples, but at the end of the day the grass a foot or less in front of your ball maybe a bigger factor of the roll then whether or not you hit the edge of a dimple...with that being said i've never putted well with callaway balls?!?! is it the hex dimples???
  2. you've gamed a putter and it's already starting to worn? i don't think it'll be as valuable as if it was mint/new so i'd just do whatever the heck you'd want with it.
  3. yup this is clearly evident that Sergio didn't feel pressure in the Ryder Cup because it wasn't about him, it was about the team Winning or Losing...but those majors must've felt real lonely in his head
  4. there are good putters and then there are great putters and then there are clutch putters...i honestly believe nobody on the pga tour are bad putters...only the pressure of a back 9 on Sunday separates the men from the boys...with that being said Sergio Garcia during the 2000's was one of those guys that should've picked up a couple majors but didn't because of putting..notable mentions to Adam Scott and Rors.
  5. so do you think the X grinds leading edge sits closer to the ground compared to the C?
  6. that's why i was asking...there's only one 60.06 wedge spec on the T7 line and it looks like a double grind similar to a T22 X or C but not sure which one it's closer too as i only have pics of the T22 line and never seen in person obviously
  7. i have a T7 60.06...would the 60.06 X grind be similar?
  8. not always but favorite pre-round meal is chipotle, usually a bowl with chicken or steak loaded with rice and black beans etc...if it's early then i'll have toast or oatmeal at home with some eggs and fruit and some other kind of protein
  9. there's no reason at all for anyone with a herniated disc/sciatica to be hitting balls and practicing like you did (unless of course you're making a living out of it) i've had all the symptoms you described and i only play golf once maybe twice(rarely) a week. a bucket of balls every blue moon. my chiro thinks i'm crazy for even playing golf still...but with that said get an inversion table if you haven't already, i've found it to be helpful but definitely not a cure. i wish you good luck and never say never!
  10. did you have a compound fracture?
  11. sorry if this has been answered but what is the stock shaft?
  12. called a few roger dunn's and most stores are only getting 1 putter LOL...getting one will be mission impossible
  13. i'll kiss Brooksies butt right after he takes a #2 if he even gets to 10...but in all honesty it's great that he has that mentality to believe in himself...but he's starting to pile up injuries and getting older doesn't help any golfer out as well
  14. probably 6 or 7 can't remember, but one time my friend made 10 birdies and shot +3.... 3 triples, 1 double, 2 bogies, 2 pars....was the most entertaining round of golf i've ever been a part of.
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