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  1. Players- Bryson Masters- Cam Smith PGA- JT US Open- Collin Open- Rahm Fedex- Collin
  2. yea I noticed after the first 3/4 rounds the soles started getting lighter in color which wasn't a big deal as it began looking like the face. but after a few more rounds and some more bunker shots the copper totally wore off the soles and the wedge had 3 distinct colors, denim aged on the badging side, light copper on the face and worn down looking rust on the soles. this is from about 9-10 rounds of golf. I'm all for tools over jewels but I think Mizuno messed up on this new copper finish. glad I gave copper a shot as it's the best looking of the 3 finishes brand new. but the same reason I got copper is the same reason it's gone.
  3. just exchanged my coppers for the raws don't have pics as i've sent them back but was surprised how bad they wore especially on the soles after a few bunker shots. less than a dozen rounds played with them and they looked like i've had them for years
  4. I agree it's someones right to smoke outside but when you're at a packed driving range and the guy next to you is smoking right by your side, and you have nowhere else to move then what? I think it's not only important for kids to know the world doesn't revolve around them but so do those adults who are smoking. they're the kids who never learned.
  5. regarding range and putting greens, just tell them to stop, if people have thick skins and smoke in public areas you shouldn't be afraid to speak up. when you're on the course paired with cigar puffers I'd just avoid them and give them space.
  6. very true, on the course I mostly play they had the pros in mind when they built it and I'm constantly hitting a sand wedge over one or two slopes when I miss the green, even with 20-30 feet of green to work with, it just doesn't make sense trying to bump a 8/9 iron and judging the kick and slope when the green has 2 opposing breaks and uphill/downhill slopes as well going to the hole. but like someone else said you need a good short game to play this way and of course the best have them. I just try and pretend
  7. just dawned on me you're the OP lol....you started this thread asking about whether 6 feet is good or not and no matter how hard you try you're not consistently getting within 3-4 feet like you want. if you're able to chip it consistently to 6 feet it's probably a game plan approach that needs a re-evaluation as opposed to anything in your mechanics or technique. like I stated earlier you're just trying to "get it close". this mindset isn't fully considering the break and speed of the green. you notice how putts missed on a low line always run further away, as compared to a putt on the high line? we all want 3 feet or less regardless of speed or break, but the end goal is always two strokes, a chip and a putt. try leaving yourself the easiest putt and you'll notice you won't have as much 6 footers anymore. this is just advice, you can do whatever you want at the end of the day... what have the "knock it close guys" "strokes gained" discussion done to make you think of a change to what you're already trying to achieve? NOTHING
  8. golf is a chess game (aka course management) for good amateurs all the way up to professionals, that doesn't stop once you get close to the green. who wouldn't want a gimme downhiller over a longer, slower, straighter putt, but that's not always how the game unfolds. most +caps have no where near the short game as the top players in the world, that's the biggest difference over anything else in the long game. so IMO just basically saying I'm going to try to get it as close as I can is trying to play checkers as oppose to chess. there's no game plan going on and really takes very little mental effort playing golf that way...and with little effort usually comes little reward.
  9. ok sure, close as I can.....must be why most golfers never get better
  10. what do you mean "aiming away from the hole?" do u play on greens that are always flat? isn't a chip shot just a putter with more loft? it's pretty proven you make more(get closer to hole) putts and chips if you play the high line with dying speed. I don't understand how you can't understand this concept. you probably do it on the course without even realizing it lol
  11. don't think you understood what I meant, I'm not trying to have a 6 footer uphill with least amount of break, I'm trying to have the shortest uphill putt with least amount of break, and I'm playing that line, uphill could be past the hole or below the hole or even right or left of the hole, you have to understand the green before playing the short game shot. I'm not comparing make percentage of a 3 footer compared to a 6 because that's only plausible when it's the same line, and speed putt....c'mon we're WRX'ers and talking game strategy, give me a lil credit.
  12. some 6 footers are easier putts than 3-4 footers. I just look at the green and imagine a short game shot that can just miss the hole and be left with the easiest putt. doesn't always happen as your lie is pretty much the biggest deciding factor of what is a good result. if I don't have to mark it and can just tap it in I believe I executed perfectly, the belief of holing it gets most golfers, + caps included into more trouble than not.
  13. I try not to but it slips from time to time. and to be honest it should only be done when you stick a shot close to the hole. guys who do it obsessively over any shot that was solid look like a huge you know what
  14. Happy New Year! may this year you shoot your lowest round or perhaps another (or 1st) hole in one!
  15. I remember reading from an older thread Brasso is what Scottys custom shop uses to clean the face
  16. proceeding to the 1st tee as a single to join a threesome and you hear beers cracked open before any balls are in the air. then the first guy tops his drive not even to the ladies tees and the other two guys just bust out laughing.
  17. I thought Tommy was just being humble when he said anything under par would be an "acceptable day out". I think he had his B-/C+ game to be honest and still shot E. Rick played about how a +1/scratch would play on a semi-tough 7300 yard course in the cold. in terms of distance Tommy just hits it much purer than Rick and that was when we had the bigger distance gaps off the tee, Rick when he hits it on a dime is plenty long and can keep up with TF. nothing was surprising in this video
  18. only way to know how well (or how crappy) you're hitting it!
  19. agreed, just use what you want, blades definitely don't "help" your game as a single digit cap but it may not hurt your game all too much depending on the way you play...as a + cap before age and playing less to now a declining scratch golfer MP5's were my last set of MB's and now I use MP-20MMC, and the players cavity can do everything the MB's can do and more, except I guess hit low long iron stingers lol like anybody really needs that shot these days.
  20. this is a tough topic as I have a group of friends from high school who aren't any good, more like terrible...20-30+ strokes worst than I am and I've got a little worse over the years too now that I'm hitting late 30's. as a serious golfer it's more of a social outing when I play with them as usually there is alcohol and music involved. I suggest if you like these people outside of the course you should just play with them on occasion but definitely try to find a group where there are better golfers than you, or at least the same level. maybe they'll notice you have better golfers to play with and start treating you better when they do see u on the course...from my experience the majority of people who play golf like to see better golf and how it's done, the ones that don't like being paired with better golfers have insecurities that are so deeply rooted you don't want to get to know that person in the first place.
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