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  1. 1. FT-9 Tour 10.5 Neutral w/ Altus Stiff. 44.5 inches. Original headcover. 150 shipped -pending for 100 plus actual shipping. 2. FT Hybrid 24* w/ Altus Hybrid Stiff. 40 inches. Original headcover. 100 shipped. 3. TM Burner T3 14.5 head w/ Matrix Code-8 Stiff. 43 inches. Original headcover. 100 shipped. http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a102/osteoid/Golf%20Clubs/IMG_0150.jpg?t=1289759973 4. Swing Speed Radar, includes case and manual, works fine.sold for 40 shipped
  2. Golf Shoes for sale1. FootJoy Dryjoys. White/black/gold. 10.5. 50 Shipped. 2. Nike SP-6. Black/Yellow. 45 Shipped. Size 10.5.
  3. 4-PW. Untipped. .355 taper. Stiff flex or 5.5. Golf Pride New Decade MC grips (yellow 4-8, red 9-PW). 5-iron shaft played 38 inches in Scratch EZ-1 heads. Dry fit Mizuno MP52's and they were 38 in that as well. 100 shipped OBO. No trades please.
  4. 1. TPMills Hi Toe Fleetwood. SS head. Round neck. Headweight is in the 350's according to previous owner who sent it back in for some sole grinding to drop the weight from 374. Head has no marks that I can see. 34 inches. Black smoked shaft, David Mills grip in great shape. Black TPM "Custom" HC included. $375 shipped. 2. Cameron Newport Buttonback. 15g weights. Sightline cut by Custom Shop. 35 inches with black rubber dancing Cameron grip that is new. Will include original shaft w/ shaftband that plays at 34 inches (no grip). 2008 Club Cameron HC included, brand new has never been outside. SOLD for 375.
  5. I would love to try the 09 burner irons, longer and straighter is never a bad thing. Thank you for the opportunity!
  6. 1. Scratch Tour Dept 52* wedge. TNC grind. Raw finish. 35 inches w/ Rifle 5.5 Spinner. $100 Shipped. SOLD 2. Callaway X Forged 52* (12* bounce). Raw finish. Stock grip and shaft. Never been outside. New. $70 Shipped. 3. Titleist Spin Milled 58.08 Wedge. Oil Can. Stock grip and shaft. Used but still has milling on face. $50 Shipped. 4. TM Burner 3 wood. 15*. Fuji Tour Platform 26.3 R Flex. 43 inches. GP Tour Velvet grip. Stock headcover (well used). $55 Shipped. 5. Mizuno MP-52 5-PW. DGS300 Shafts. 5 iron is 38 inches. GP Tour Velvet grips are like new. $300 Shipped. SOLD
  7. I used to enjoy watching Tiger dominate. Now I will hope to enjoy watching him be frustrated. He has proved he is as much an a** off the course as he is on it, so I will pick the field.
  8. I think it's .370 but cannot find it onlineThanks in advance. These are circa 2002 and came as a set w/ 3 and 4 hybrids and 5-PW iron heads. Dynalite Gold shafts. I believe they're .370 but am not sure.
  9. I'm no expert but it looks fine to me.
  10. [quote name='TheMoneyShot' post='2081884' date='Nov 23 2009, 08:15 PM'][quote name='Ryan_Less' post='2081865' date='Nov 23 2009, 10:03 PM']JL is a full size smaller, puma is about a 1/2 size[/quote] Would you recommend me go XL in Puma if I wear a large in Nike? [/quote] I wear a large in nike and adidas, an XL in puma, and an XXL in JL.
  11. Some better pictures now that I'm home.... The Byron has a blackout Pingman grip, and there's no mark in the middle of the face. There is a tiny ding in the metal below the "n" in Byron and towards the middle of the face. I got this putter new and it has always been there.
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