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  1. Because results are more important than ego, and I have no need to work the ball. I need consistency.
  2. 1. HiBore XL 8.5 head only with stock headcover. Great shape, crown perfect. $65 shipped. 2. FT-5 10.5* w/ Rombax 6X-07 R flex (full insert, plays like a stiff). 45 inches. Stock headcover. Neutral Bias. Crown pristine, no skymarks/rubs, etc. Yellow GP multicompound grip. $210 shipped.
  3. I posted the same thing here a couple of hours ago Lee! We have a solution. I made a mistake, so did they. It's fine.
  4. You are right. I don't think they tried to intentionally defraud me for 25 dollars. No way. This was a mistake on their part for misquoting a price, and on mine for not checking the quote more carefully. Their initial customer service on the phone was not to my satisfaction, so I emailed Monica again. She has offered an acceptable comprimise to the situation. All of my concerns were addressed appropriately and I think we have a solution (not a full refund, but the problem is partially mine). Not sure why this wasn't handled during the telephone call, but I guess the end result is what c
  5. The reason I posted all of this is that I DID call them and they told me that the quote they sent me and that I agreed to did not include the sightline, even though they have my request which does include the sightline. I called them first. They were not willing to honor the quote. Thus the post so that others may confirm their quotes prior to sending work in, or choose to have their work done elsewhere.
  6. I talked to Sherry and Monica today. They stand by their pricing, even though they have a copy of my request for both a refinish and sightline, and their quote to me for 46 plus shipping.
  7. Going back and looking at their price list, I think they did mis quote me, but then I'm not sure why they have the "request a quote" function at all. They require that you send the quote with your purchase, too! Lot of good that did me. If I had known it was going to be 80 bucks I would have waited or not done it at all.
  8. I emailed for a quote for a refinish of my carbon steel putter (head only) and for them to cut a sightline. They responded with a price quote for $46 dollars "for the service(s) you requested." I just checked my card and it was billed at 82 dollars???? When I called, they first tried to tell me that it was $36 for them to ship fedex from san diego to sacramento (600 miles), then she said that also covers the shipping box! LOL. Then she said, oh, the quote we gave you was only for the refinish. The sightline (which I clearly asked for when requesting the first quote) is an additional
  9. It rolls the ball great! I think Mills have a uniquely soft feel. This is no exception. All of his putters feel great (at least all that I've hit) and this is the best feeling anser2 style head I have ever rolled a putt with.
  10. no deep milling at all. you can see that the face is milled, but the lines are almost horizontal. really simple and perfect IMO.
  11. Pics, too!I get home from a long weekend, and this beautiful baby is sitting on my doorstep. For those that don't know, the 1310 series is TP Mills' first production line of plumber's neck putters. 50 putters of 6 styles will be released, starting with the Tradition (anser 2 style). I don't know what is next, but I've heard that the mallet Huey and Fleetwood styles will not be offered. Anyway, this putter is sweet! Clean, understated, no big welds, no big milling, no crazy stamps, just class. Satin Black Oxide finish, special gripmaster grip and headcover.... Thanks to all at Mills who
  12. Adams Speedline. You can get pics off of getty images, and clubhead pics from USGA.org under the conforming heads list.
  13. I just wanted to post my thanks to Steve. He recently did a favor for me that was totally above and beyond the call. I made a purchasing mistake. It had nothing to do with him. He fixed it for me when he had no obligation whatsoever to do so. He did it quickly and the result is perfection! For those of you who don't own a Byron, rest assured that not only are you getting a wonderfully crafted flatstick, you are also backed by ridiculously good customer service. Thank you Steve. Tony
  14. 1. Cameron Black Baby T grip. Brand new. 20 shipped. 2. Cameron Red Studio Style grip. Brand new. 20 shipped (a little dirty from sitting in my bucket full of black grips, but it's never been on a club....) 3. Cameron Studio Design cap. adjustable strap. Worn 10-15 times. No stains on the outside. 20 shipped. Take both grips and the hat for 45 shipped. 4. Vokey 58.08 spin milled oil can wedge. Great shape. Stock shaft. new decade multicompound midsize grip. 1-4 sold for 80 bucks. 5. Diamana Ion Redboard 83s. 42 inch overall length. Tip prep area is 1.5 inches. GP DD2 yello
  15. I'll wait until spring for the plumber's neck in a squareback or fastback. Probably a fastback.
  16. I was told that Fastback and Squarebacks with plumbers and maybe 1.5 or slant necks will be coming to retail in March or April 2009.
  17. here's a bad pic at address taken with my phone. I'll try and get a better one later.
  18. I was told it is between 345-350g, which feels about right to me(I haven't weighed it myself because I didn't want to pull the shaft). It is E1 swingweight and the lie angle is 71*.
  19. CI-1, 35 inches, red gripmaster stitchback, HCThis is a minty fresh, flawless Byron Morgan Channel Island CI-1. It has a short flow "rincon" neck, 1/2 shaft offset. Coldstar finish and beautiful twilight zone milling. Single sightline in flange, nothing on topline. No marks, smudges, dings or anything on this flawless putter. It is 35 inches long. Stock shaft with shaftband and red gripmaster Byron Stitchback. Red Club Byron HC (small rip in the toe of the ultraleather--see the picture, it does not go through the padding on the inside). Toe hang is 5:15 ish. Looking for $385 $350 shipp
  20. solvent in cuts and scrapes is fine (hurts like hell), but in the deep tissues it will literally liquefy fat and muscle. Solvent injection injuries are really really bad news.
  21. you ABSOLUTELY get guest rates at Poppy if one is an NCGA member. I have done this for friends many times.
  22. It's more than 1 club sometimes.... It's about 10-12 percent, so on longer clubs that stay in the air longer, it's more different than shorter clubs. At home I hit Lob wedge 90 yards, in Tahoe I hit it 100. At home my 5 iron is about 185, and at tahoe my 5 iron is about 205-210. Hitting driver is so fun up there.
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