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  1. Brand new pair in box, men’s size 12. Never even tried on. Just have too many shoes Asking $285 shipped CONUS
  2. Looking for some feedback between these two. I do ride more than I carry so the bigger size Is ok with me but still prefer a stand. Seen lots of people say they don’t care for the cooler pocket on the Jones but again not an issue here. Also if anyone has any experience with the customization Jones offers please share.
  3. G/Fore mg4+ ghost masters edition, brand new in box, never tried on just have too many of same colors. $350 obo. Jordan ADG gunsmoke size 12. Also brand new in box. Sold. Nike Flyknit Elite, brand new but no box. Size 11. $120 obo. All items are shipped CONUS. Can send more pics if needed.
  4. I saw the same one on Saturday. Looked amazing and was contemplating buying and my buddy grabbed it right from under me. But we worked a deal for his 3 round old all black linksmaster.
  5. Interested in just the head here. If you want to part out to the three parties please send me a dm with price.
  6. Heading to Beau Rivage middle of February. At this time no plans of having a rental car. Is fallen oak worth the $200 for the round and transportation? Any other places I should look into? I know many say Grand Bear but appears to be about 40 minutes each way so would have to account for uber. Any other help or recommendations would be appreciated. First time in the area.
  7. Lochenheath The bear Mistwood Kingsley club if you have a private club that can call Plenty more options too around TC
  8. Anyone been to Lakewood shores this year? Saw the deal on lesson on golf and buddy and I are thinking of going. Original idea was grand traverse resort but seeing that Lakewood is a fraction of the price for 3 days golf and 2 nights it caught our attention.
  9. Any recommendations on a club builder? I'm in Livonia and work in Troy. Been out of the loop here for a while and now wanting a couple wedges done up after I get the heads.
  10. bppry


    I've sold over 10 pairs and have never been asked for anything but to ship the shoes in 3 days or less.
  11. Can anyone confirm if Troy or Madison heights has them in stock? UPDATE-- neither have them in stock
  12. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 sole stamp Te I3 here. Refinished by BOS around 9 years ago. Barely played since then. Original length was 35 but has been cut down to 34. Lie angle seems to be slightly flat. Don't recall if it was bent or now and no way to measure. Std size iomic grip in real good shape currently on it. Will come with used studio design cover in pics. Don't have the original. Asking $350, dropped to $325 delivered OBO to CONUS. Metro Detroit pick up also possible. Next up Bettinardi Kuchar model 1. This is the grey goose version. Has the logo on head over and on the stock pure grip. Full disclosure the logo on the grip is slightly off from being on top but never bothered me. All Std on this one and 35". Asking SOLD delivered OBO to CONUS. Again local pick up also possible. Feel free to send offers but not open to trades. PayPal only
  13. Noticed some shoes popping up at Marshall's around metro Detroit lately too. Mostly course classics for men but 3 or 4 styles in ladies. Also to Maxx by Oakland mall had some G4 hats for 9.99 last week.
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