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  1. Nike Lunar Waverly 11.5 grey blue stripe brand new $50 SOLD SOLD bought these on sale and have no need for them price reflects shoe cost plus shipping. thanks TP Mills 1310 milled high toe fleetwood BOS double blue great condition.mills grip, mills headcover and I recall the head being 355gm 34.5 long $300 $250 shipped lets get this thing in some deserving hands. Make me an offer on the mills, you may get lucky, however be reasonable.
  2. 3-pw Steelfiber 110cw x flex tips prepped, all pured, 9 iron does not have pured sticker. 5iron 38.5" decided to go another route. $275 obo SOLD
  3. standard length and lie as far as i know. they are the same length as my ping I e1 which are standard
  4. Yes there is a P wedge, i realized the it was in my living room and pics are not my strong point. anyone who needs to see the pw let me know ill send you a pic. it is in the same condition as the rest of the set. THese things are about as butter feeling as you can get. Thanks
  5. satin finish Mizuno mp 69 blades in very good condition. Slight bag wear no browning grooves are great. Shafts are steelfiber 110 x flex with golf pride z grip cord midsize. Length is the same as my ping I e1 which are standard lofts and lie appear standard also. These sticks are super buttery soft. PW pic added forgot it in the other room when i took the pics.The shafts and grips are like new. I decided to stick with my pings. The shafts and grips are more than the cost of the set? $300 obo SOLD
  6. No thanks, but feel free to make me an offer on this one.
  7. Selling Ping G LS tech 9 degree driver head with G cover. The club head is is very good condition no sctraches or dents or any other issues. only hit a handful of balls. $220 $200 obo SOLD for 200 pictures suck but had a hard time with the phone camera resize. pain in the you know what.
  8. Callaway sub zero in great condition no real issues of any sort. speeder 665 evo 2 ts x super low spin and anti left. comes with the xr cover. $325 GONE
  9. stp

    Ping i-e Irons?

    It looked like you hit a rock on the outer toe of your club. The finish just chunked off on its own. I had the delamination on my i20s and of the three news sets sold at my club that I know of, 2 out of the 3 i25 iron sets had it too. You don't want to see it, just be glad it missed you. I'm still playing the early version i20s and never have had any issues with these. IMO, I think some people just expect their cubs to stay pristine all the time. Not going to happen! I have had a set of i20 and s55 have plating issues. Other than the plating crumpling or bunching they were in perfect sha
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