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  1. I played with a guy once at a course in Destin, FL that had a ziploc bag full of pills and a portable defibrilator in his cart.... I never asked but I always wondered what that was all about. He was a nice guy and quit at the turn.
  2. I remember reading about some Euro Tour players that was allegedly good enough to play professional soccer(football for you non-Americans) - but I can't remember who it is.
  3. I didn't play this year but our Member Guest had some high drama.....A member brought in a guy with a 24 handicap and they decimated everyone. I talked to a friend that ended up in the shootout with them and this 24 handicap ripped a nearly 300 yard drive on 18 and then hit a hybrid onto the par 5 green....he was laying 0. He got two strokes on that hole. Everybody is fired up and neither he nor the Member get to play next year.
  4. I can't remember who - but a Tour player was quoted as saying "Jack Nicklaus became a Hall of Famer as a part time player." There will several of his prime years that he only played 15 tournaments.
  5. Hard to fathom the amount of evil there is in this world. Amazing that after a childhood of that horrific abuse that KG could get it together become a Tour winner....He is one tough SOB and whether his antics were or were not anyone's particular cup of tea....He deserves respect and sympathy from all of us.
  6. A major in Vegas would be pretty entertaining. From a historical perspective...Crystal Downs. But the logistics would be nightmarish.
  7. The Kid is injured. Apologies to anyone offended by me calling her a “Kid” but she is is young enough to be my child. I’ve watched Michelle for a long time...and I respect her abilities, successes and even her downtime’s....mostly by the way she has handled herself. But, seriously, the amount of vitriol and hatred on this site is mind boggling. Not one person negatively commenting in this thread could have broken 90 on this particular track in today’s conditions. Wie shot 84 with a handicapped wrist. Not a Tour score but she finished. Give her a break..
  8. A lot a major champions are having to qualify. Dufner is really surprising to me. That Ohio qualifier is gonna be tough one to get through.
  9. Breaking up via Text message seems classless to most of us older guys. But it won't to the younger generation. The kids that work for me rarely talk to anyone on the phone - it's all text, snap or some other messaging app. Back in the day that one girl on Sex In The City got broken up with on a Post It.....that's really harsh.
  10. A few years ago I was running our Tuesday night Men's golf league for a few weeks. I dug around and found an old Cleveland Classic persimmon, a Wilson Whale and a First Filght - I even found a a lefty persimmon from an older member. I put them all on the tee of a short par 5 and made it a requirement that everyone had to tee off using one. You guys would not believe the amount of whining and complaining (mostly from the youngsters) when everyone got back to the bar....and it was a scramble.
  11. Older USGA employees tied in with the Old Guard of traditional US Open venues are needed less now that USGA has been making a move (finally) to newer venues. The USGA hosts a bunch of events each year and older employees like to travel less. I’ve only been involved with one USGA event and that was the girls Jr Am at my home club....i was really surprised at how many USGA staff showed up. Older employees like less travel. I don’t know how the USGA is really run on a day to day basis but it’s not hard to imagine a complex organizational structure full of internal committees, task forces and whatnot where things are debated to death....take the series of criticisms the USGA has been receiving for a few years and finger pointing starts. Cleaning out the deadwood in any organization is necessary from time to time. I Hope the pension benefit is good and the healthcare policy will get them to Medicare. Maybe they can get half off on twilight golf at the closest nice course near USGA HQ.
  12. Hogan would have had a lot more attention if there had been a tv in every house. Hogan in 53 and Tiger 2000...two best seasons in golf history. Still not sure which is better.
  13. There are common sports injuries, freak and tragic sports injuries, and then....something in between. I don’t know which applies to AK...but I hope the agents, lawyers and managers that set up his package got a bonus. If he can’t play then I’m glad he has the financial protection to live his life. I guarantee he paid the premiums for his disability policy.
  14. The Internationals could always bring back Jumbo Ozaki....
  15. That article was hard to digest....Allegedly Arnie was drunk on Golf Talk Live and Joe Gibbs had security ready to yank Kessler off the air?? Interesting.
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