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  1. What is the projected drop date for February?
  2. Let's see all your cool home workshops and golf "man caves"! Looking for inspiration for a dedicated golf room
  3. user name: dclt2002 Driver: Taylormade SLDR 10.5 UST International series 6x shaft Handicap: 8 RH
  4. I have been gaming a set of R7 TP's with DGS300 shafts and absolutely love them. I currently play off a 8 handicap and am looking at making an upgrade. I want to get something as close to identical to the R7 TPs as I can (as far as offset,topline + bottom line thickness). Any suggestions? i know that it's a pretty broad topic. Any feedback from people that gamed R7 TP's in the past and upgraded? Thanks for the help guys
  5. This was just a general statement. I don't see a need for change yet either...I was just curious if there were more people out their that had hopes that TM will bring back the TP badge
  6. Does anyone else hope that Taylormade will incorporate the TP logo in their next Tour Preferred line? When can we expect a new TP line?
  7. GOLFWRX is a plethora of information for the golf equipment enthusiast! LOVE THIS SITE! Thank you!
  8. This is a tough one...but I have to go with Phil's 6 iron from the trees on 13. Bubba's shot last year is a close second.
  9. I just recently purchased the 825 pro's with the KBS tour x and they feel amazing. Not harsh or boardy at all..I was skeptical making the jump from a S to an X flex, but I have no regrets. I feel like I can make the 3/4 shots or really go after it and the feeling is still smooth. Highly recommend the KBS tour x
  10. Just ordered a set of JPX 825s with KBS Tour X flex. Too bad it's the end of the season for me, but atleast I can stare at them all winter! Will post pics when they arrive!
  11. My numbers were 86-4-2-5-4...I forget which shafts were recommended..Can someone help?
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