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  1. It’s now time for a tradition just like many others...and despite what the images look like, these were are taken on the same spot of my one dining room table (thanks a lot iPhone 12 Pro camera). All items are Peter Millar Medium and come from a smoke free home. I will provide details on materials below. Scotty Cameron Jackpot Johnny Black 1/4 Zip Pullover...this is 100% cotton and in like new condition. I’m not sure why I ever bought a black pullover because I rarely wear black...and 2-3 years later I can’t remember ever wearing it but there are no tags so I probably did at some point. SOLD Scotty Cameron Five Crowns Heather Grey 1/4 Zip Pullover...this is a 55% cotton 40% modal 5% poly blend. It has been worn but is still in great condition. SOLD Scotty Cameron Blue Dog Wave Polo...Seaside Wash is 92% Cotton & 8% Elastine. Ive always loved the look of this shirt but I strongly prefer the summer comfort shirts for golf in the Texas heat. SOLD Scotty Cameron Jackpot Johnny Navy Polo...Seaside Wash is 97% cotton and 3% elastine. $65 shipped Scotty Cameron Seven Crowns Masters Release Polo...100% cotton. This is from a masters release as few years ago and the 10 tally marks on the left sleeve represent the 10 Masters victories using a Scotty putter (that number has since increased). SOLD Non Scotty Cameron Items Four Summer Comfort Polos that are either 92/8 or 94/6 Polyester/Spandex blends. Please note that the Pebble Beach shirt has a few blue marks at the bottom but these sit below the waist line when tucked in. $100 shipped for the lot.
  2. I’m shocked the Versa WBW is still available. It took me forever to find one in good shape again after selling mine years ago. If this was 35” I would snap it up in a heartbeat.
  3. I called today and they had two spots available from a recent cancellation so I booked them. With Wisconsin opening golf back up it appears the event will move forward as planned.
  4. Looking forward to checking out these podcasts, Shackman. I tried for the first time this year but didn't get in. I should've employed my auto refresh and autofill tactics I use for Scotty Cameron but didn't see this thread beforehand to learn how fast it would go. It occurred to me last night that they might get a few cancellations thanks to covid so now I'm back on the hunt for a spot. I assume the best way at this point is to just call reservations periodically in hopes that somebody dropped out? I checked last night and they said it was still full.
  5. With not much else going on in life, it’s time for my not quite annual closet cleaning. Ten shirts for sale... 1) SOLD Nike TW Collection Victory Red size L - I tried to show the very subtle pattern in this shirt. $30 shipped. 2) SOLD Nike TW Collection Black w/ mint green sleeve stripe size L - $30 shipped 3) SOLD Nike TW Collection Black with black chest stripe and black stripe down the back. - $30 shipped 4) SOLD Scotty Cameron Peter Millar Summer Comfort red size M - worn 1 or 2 times. From the 2017 Cinco De Mayo release. - $50 shipped 5) SOLD Scotty Cameron Peter Millar Mountainside wash size M - worn once. $50 shipped 6) 5 Peter Millar shirts, all size medium. From top to bottom, they are: seaside wash, summer comfort, summer comfort, summer comfort, summer comfort (before the tag would list it). Bottom two shirts are logo’d from Liberty National and Old Sandwich. Asking $75 (SOLD) shipped for all 5 shirts. If somebody wants to buy the 2 remaining shirts, I will do it for $55 shipped. PM me for payment info. First to PP gets it.
  6. Callaway sold roughly 70-85mm golf balls in 2018. If one person has 2 of them crack, does that mean there is a QC problem? I cut open one ball from 4 different CS boxes I purchased at different times and from different clubs and didn't find any off center cores. The ball works well for me and, most importantly, I enjoy playing the truvis patterns so I'm not in a hurry to switch. To each their own...
  7. My understanding is that the number of lefty’s made in a given year are based on the number of lefty entrants in the tournament. Statistically there would be 2-3 out of 58 so it’s not unreasonable to think there is only 1 made for a particular year.
  8. you must be thinking of a different course in Las Colinas because Las Colinas CC runs out towards 114 on the 4th hole, away from it on the 5th and that’s the only time you’re near or can even see a freeway.
  9. Has their ever been a Spieth WITB thread where people aren't complaining about the condition of his putter grip? I'm not sure about now...but in past years he would swap it out in December and then use the same grip for the next season. If he swapped that one out in December then he sure has put a lot of mileage on it in 30 days time...
  10. Why can’t I drop from above knee height? What advantage am I gaining by dropping from my shoulder vs my knee?
  11. Back to the 915... He's gotta be losing numbers on that. if his confidence is up...it more than makes up for losing a few yards. He’s never had the mindset of a power player so I would think he’s better off trusting the club to flight and carry a certain way as opposed to maxing out distance.
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