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  1. Modus 120x in the JPX and DG in thePings
  2. I got i210 set gap wedge has been just ok. Tweener yardage not so good. Glide 3.0 is next move.
  3. Petes Golf is in Nassau County. They have been around for years. Never heard any complaints about them.
  4. It would be nice if the OEMs had a build out option were they would just send you the club unassembled and allow the customer to do it themselves. There are just too many differences in the way manufactures weigh, measure and assemble golf clubs to know what you are really getting. I know this will never happen but for someone who likes to geek out on their clubs I think this would be great.
  5. I've had both. I210 long irons are easier to elevate then the 900s
  6. Standard length? These don't happen to have the cushion inserts do they?
  7. I'm mot usually a TM fan but boy they did a really nice job with the P770. Please report back after some rounds about how you get on with them. Specifically interested in distance consistency.
  8. Ping G400 19* Hybrid with Ping Tour 85 stiff shaft. Standard everything. Sandy ball mark out on the toe. Not too visible from address. Overall decent shape. OEM headcover included. $SOLD shipped east of Mississippi OBRO.
  9. I210s. Not great at anything but good at everything for me.
  10. If you do a search I believe I asked this same question about a year ago. px lz 6.5 vs modus 120x lz modus site:golfwrx.com
  11. Not only that he could of made some effort to lay it on smoothly.
  12. Looks like lead tape in an attempt to lessen the swingweight. I've never seen it done this way. Normally material be removed from the hosel bore to decrease swingweight. If these were my clubs I don't think I would be to happy.
  13. Black elevate = elevate Tour?
  14. WTS: Taylormade M6 driver. Fujikura Pro 2 5.R shaft. Item is like new. Club plays to 44.75" OEM headcover included. $Sold
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