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  1. Footjoy Waterproof Boots. I wear these November through March. It has been a very wet year in the PNW.
  2. If they are still in good shape, I donate them to First Tee.
  3. not a favorite, but, when you talk about 80's B action movies, Barbarian Queen should get a mention
  4. My Clicgear 3.5+ worked fine on a muddy golf course. I did hose it off after I got home.
  5. I don't recall the year that style came out, but, it was a while ago, probably 10+ years.
  6. The clothing does stand out. I have seen a couple people wearing it.
  7. The original gea lapsed - Derrick has lost interest, but, left it running until a couple of years ago. They did migrate to a new platform - https://4gea.freeforums.net/ and, it looks like a lot of the regulars are still there.
  8. My Air Bandons gave up years ago(soaked feet). I wear Footjoy Rain Boots, now. My club stopped carrying Nike footwear, so, I went with Footjoy. The Footjoy's were less expensive than the Vaporstorms. The Adidas rain boot are another option.
  9. Dimensions 15.00 in. x 16.00 in. x 34.00 in. Weight 6.54 lbs. I have an original Grom with the woode top, it wasn't a light weight either. But, the 15 x 16 seems kind of big?
  10. I think Ping claims wind resistance, but, I do not have any experience with it.
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