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  1. In very heavy rain/monsoon type weather, once, the dwr is overcome, you will wet out. Depending on the temperatures, you can mitigate this with your base and middle layers. Hydrophobic base and middle layers will help keep the wetness away from your skin. Wetting out rain pants is less of an issue due to the fact, your legs sweat less than your torso.
  2. The sleeves on the Ping Breaker jacket are very snug with a limited amount of stretch. I am hoping the sleeves stretch out, but, I, also, picked up a Norse 2, so, I haven't spent much time in breaker jacket.
  3. I use a golf glove at the driving range to prevent calluses, but, I prefer to play without.
  4. Putting together a computer from "scratch" isn't that difficult. There are quite a few tutorials on youtube on how to build a pc. A nice case can make the build easier, and, a good power supply is very important.
  5. These work well to keep your hands warm, and, they have a pocket to put in hand warmers into, if you need them.
  6. Kirkland golf glove (from Costco) in a size small. fwiw, I wear a Cadet Medium golf gloves, and, I have found the Kirkland golf gloves in a size small to fit.
  7. I don't have a favorite jacket for 50 degree and cooler temperatures. I tend to wear a 1/4 zip insulating layer, and, either a rain jacket (if raining), or, a wind breaker(breathable) to keep the wind off of me. And, if it is warm enough, just the insulating layer - Adidas Climaheat Dot from a couple of years ago. fwiw, for insulated golf jackets I have a Ping Norse 2, and, an older Adidas Climaheat Primaloft full zip. The Ping Norse is more windproof than the Adidas jacket, but, the Adidas jacket seems warmer to me. Either is great when riding a cart, but, for me, when walking, I
  8. I walk with a push cart, and, my feet are not sore afterwards - spikeless shoes. You might try playing a round of golf in non-golf shoes, and, see, if your feet are still sore.
  9. If you are walking you may get too warm. Layers you can put on, and, take off to regulate warmth is really helpful. A hydrophobic base layer (I prefer thinner) is very important, if you sweat. I usually carry a light weight, breathable windbreaker for situations, when it is windy but, I am sweating. I use Clicgear cart mitts with my pushcart, and, they really help to keep my hands warm. ymmv
  10. The grip on the FD-5R shaft was showing some wear, so, I switched over to the TR20-5R shaft. I should have tried it earlier after I had switched the heavy weight to the front of my TR20, but, I thought my results were good enough (I didn't think it would matter much, since, I am a slower swinger). The TR20 shaft is lower launching than the FD shaft, and, I was getting some decent roll out. Initially, the TR20 shaft with the heavier weight in the back, was short and spinny, but, with the heavier weight in the front - I got lower launch and, most importantly, lower spin. It is a lot more enjoyab
  11. No new items for me, I picked up enough stuff over the last couple of years to last me a while.
  12. I am high spin, with slow swing speed, and, a lower lofted driver works better for me than a higher lofted driver. My angle of attack is positive, so, it works for me.
  13. There are tabs for "The Bag Room", "The Club House", and, "G.WRX ACADEMY", adding a tab for "DEALS, PROSHOPS, BARGAINS, AND SWAPS" would make navigation to the "Deal or No Deal" sub-forum a bit easier.
  14. In the Courses/Membership and Travel sub-forum, the font for the regions has been made larger - easier to read.
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