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  1. Two shafts left, both with TMAG tips: 1. Tensei AV RAW Blue 60S (brand new with stock Taylormade grip) $150 2. Tensei CK Pro White 60S (used with NDMC Plus4 Align Midsize and small cosmetic defect near adaptor) - $175 All prices are OBRO and include USPS shipping with tracking info included. Please add $5 for shipping west of Mississippi.
  2. One item for sale today: a Rose & Fire putter cover, embroidered with the Naval battle cry “DONT GIVE UP THE SHIP” This is a unique item and is definitely makes for a great gift or conversation piece. These are $75 at retail and currently on back order. Let’s say SOLD.
  3. At the end of the day, there will always be long hitters and short hitters. Even at the highest levels of golf, there are shorter hitters who have won titles and made a boatload of cash because they've become the best wedge players and putters in the world. My 2 cents: become a better player from 50 yards and in. If you're going to be missing greens, you're going to need a reliable short game. Secondly, get back in the gym. Strength and flexibility are the recipe for speed. I promise if you find the right workout plan, you'll be able to pick up at least *some* speed.
  4. I might get some heat for this, but I use an interlocking grip with my driver and fairway wood and an overlapping grip with my irons and wedges. This is a recent change and has really helped me with control and general clubface awareness with the longer sticks. Would be curious if anyone else has experimented with two different grips. I realize this is rare/unorthodox but it's what works for me
  5. Could you post a picture of the Mizuno putter at address please?
  6. They were just a little on the large side in both length and width. If they were dress shoes, I’d keep them, but I prefer a more snug fit in golf shoes.
  7. All prices are OBRO and include CONUS shipping with tracking information provided. Add $5 for shipping west of the Mississippi please. 1. G/FORE Gallivanters. White pebble leather and “twilight” blue soles. Size 12WIDE. Pics tell the story. Never been worn outside and absolutely mint condition. Still in original box. These have massaging insoles as well. Bought them for a trip to Pinehurst and was gutted that they don’t fit. Asking $160 $150 SOLD 2. Bettinardi Queen Bee 6. I would conservatively rate the condition at 8-8.5/10. The putter is 35” long and has 3* of loft. This putter was professionally bent to 74* lie angle and has a brand new 15” Bettinardi/Lamkin deep etch counterbalance grip installed. This putter was built to play similarly to Viktor Hovland’s putting method. Asking $275 $250
  8. Interested in the Vokey if you want to sell separately
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