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  1. Hey guys, just one item for sale today. shipping included. Pm with questions. 1. Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2. 33”. Definitely in gamer shape. Can send pics of measurement if needed. SOLD
  2. Hey guys. Hopefully a quick sale. I have 2 pairs of FJ icons. Both only worn a couple rounds. Shipping included. The white pair is 11M and the white and black are 11 1/2N. Asking $70 each or both for $115 TM 730/770/790 combo. They have TI S400 EXCEPT the 6 iron has a kbs c-taper 125 S, so the 6 iron would need to be replaced to match. PW-8 730, 7&6 770, 5&4 790. 4 iron lie is 60.5°, .5° increments. Grooves are clean, rest of irons show a little wear from play. SOLD Tsi3 15 degree 3 wood. Only used a couple rounds. Tensei white 75 X. SOLD pin 8/29
  3. As someone who currently works in a pro shop, this is 100% it. Golf course gets no money for the hot deals. That’s all golfnow.
  4. Did the same thing this afternoon and got it ordered.
  5. Makes sense. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Thanks for the info!
  6. Anyone hear back after calling and correcting your information when Callaway sent out the email to all the winners? I called and they had my email wrong so they fixed it and sent it to callaway and I haven’t heard anything since.
  7. Public place is the way to go. Only got robbed for my iPhone at a Taco Bell once. You should be fine.
  8. From my experience Left Dash is the lowest spin of any ProV. Little firmer as well.
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