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  1. Ive had my SIM 2 for about 3 weeks now. Ive played 3 rounds in the sim and had two range sessions, I play a GD Tour AD-GP 6X, i was hoping for an upgrade in tech from my M5. What ive found is it sounds like the M5 and feels close but IMPO The M5 outperforms the Sim 2 in forgiveness with the same exact shaft in it. They are within 3-5 yards in distance but i put that on me swinging. I will say the Sim2 is a spin killer, incredibly low spin. Regretting not getting the TSI at this moment. I just figured as always Cant beat a TM driver.
  2. I was under the impression that this screw has zero real affect on the playability on the driver?
  3. I was under the impression that this screw has zero real affect on the playability on the driver?
  4. Find the right shafts then you can switch heads every couple season without major changes.
  5. If it works why change? My reason is everything has a limit. Drivers 2-3 seasons irons 4-5 seasons wedges 2 seasons depending on use 60* every season Thats just my way.
  6. I do not, I have an M5 but that doesnt help. lol
  7. Looking forward to getting this out on the course tomorrow.
  8. Damn man I posted in the wrong thread lol I’ll remove it. Sorry fellas
  9. Just got it, hopefully range tomorrow or I have tee time Monday.
  10. I’ve seen them, sim is adjustable, max doesn’t appear to be.
  11. IMO its better than Great big Bertha
  12. Hello all. Im sorry for having to edit listing but i need to add shipping and fee amount, also i added add two other items. First up All prices are shipped and with PP fees Titleist TS2 10.5 driver w/ Graphite design Tour AD-TP 6X shaft used two rounds no marks! CLEAN!!!! Playing at 45" Includes cover Sold Callaway GBB Epic sub zero 9.0 w/ new never used Hzrdus T 800 55g xstiff shaft playing 45.5" $old ADIDAS TOUR BOOST USED USA EDTION I believe these were the ryder cup release, DOES HAVE TOE SCUFFS EVERYTHING ELSE G
  13. You are correct lol Its all there now, thank you
  14. Bushnell hybrid rangefinder with one season of use, It has a couple marks on the side i believe from a cart cup holder. I tried to show it the picture best i can. Comes with everything in original box. Lens are perfect. $275
  15. i like the bag but i wish they did a glove holder like the golfers journal did. That was sweet and made me wish id joined.
  16. I've used titleist bags going on 6-7 years no i have no complaints.
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