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  1. [quote name='jukeboxjunki' timestamp='1371952828' post='7305108'] Damn it. I literally bought one on eBay 45 seconds before you dropped to my number on that covert. [/quote] Damn shame. Plus you are local...
  2. I don't care what kind of fetish you guys have as long as you buy my stuff... Vokey is sold.
  3. I have the following for sale. Open to trades for a 913D2 and 33" putters. All prices are shipped. Nike Covert Tour. $SOLD$ Adams Idea Pro Tour. 20 degree. Stiff shaft. $60 Titleist Vokey SM4 50 degree wedge. $SOLD$ Ping G15 20 degree hybrid. Stiff shaft. $SOLD$ 4-PW Ping AWT stiff flex pulls. Standard length. Lamkin midsize grips. $SOLD$
  4. [quote name='jmvargas' timestamp='1371557918' post='7270650'] inspite of all the whining and negative comments about merion the only valid criticism i can agree with based on the many stories of those who were there--i wasn't--is that the course did not cater very well to the spectators--weather conditions aside... ...the USGA made a decision to have it at merion even though it was not spectator friendly and in the the end the spectator experience was far from ideal... [/quote] The spectator performance was not bad at all. Unless you were at 17, 18, or 13 (or Tiger was near) you could
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