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  1. please no trades These were built at the Kingdom with p790 lofts, +.25 length, standard lie P770 5-P Modus 130X soft stepped 2x TM Red TV grips According to TM website, earliest availability on 770s is 2022, shafts and grips are no longer an option. Pics tell condition $750
  2. Please no trades. As you can see I’ve accumulated way too much crap. I’m an OG ho so buy with confidence. Prices inc USPS priority shipping ADD CLOSED 10/25 PM if interested in anything below not sold 1. T22 Newport 33” with 25g weights will include og weights and grip. Played one round and perfect $995 2. Tour Issue SIM2 Rescue 3 Recoil Proto Hybrid 85F5. 231g w hot melt. New no spec sticker SOLD 3. Tour Issue SIM2 3-15 212g w hot melt no range time no spec sticker SOLD 4. Tour Issue SIM2 8 spec sticker included. Hit a few balls but could pass for new. SOLD 5. Tour Issue SIM2 9 spec sticker included. Hit a few balls but could pass for new. $560 6. TM SIM2 Max 3 Diamana Thump h90X Bought this off another site and never hit it. Previous owner played one round SOLD 7. TW Grind Milled Grind2 56, 60 in plastic. KBS 2.0 120 w MMC+4 grips Selling as a set $390 8. Tour Issue M1 2 & 4 Hybrids hot melted spec stickers included SOLD 9. Tour Issue M3 3W hot melted no spec sticker sits nice and flat SOLD 10. Tensei Raw AV Orange 85TX 42.5" off a tour issue SIM2 could pass for new $225 pin 10/8
  3. Please no trades. Raising cash for new stuff. I usually ship same day or next. Buy w confidence as I’ve been here since day 1 • SM8s 52.08F 58.07M Jet Black turned raw! Both have nice patina shades. Stock wedge shafts TV360 grips. Played a few rounds Selling as a set unless I’ve buyers for both $230 • Ventus Red 7X off a tour issue SIM2 tipped 3/4”. Length 42 1/3” new $240 • Vessel DXR Stand Bag *sold out and I over paid for this. Inc. rain hood and cart strap. Used one round on a cart. Looks new even the bottom SOLD
  4. Raising cash for another purchase. Please no trades. All mint / excellent shape. Drivers could pass for new! Price includes Priority shipping. 1. Tour Issue Sim 9 w spec sticker SOLD 2. Tour Issue SIM2 Max 8 w spec sticker SOLD 3. Tensei Raw AV Orange 65TX 44.25” $210 4. Tensei Pro Orange 80TX 42.5” came off a tour issue Sim. Graphics align to 2 clicks low. SOLD 5. TM Sim Max 4hy GD DI 105S head is from the Kindom bent 1.5 flat. Sits nice and open. Shaft has half inch ext. $300 6. P790 4i Tensei Pro White 90TX std length $160
  5. Played 9 holes. Some weren’t hit. Custom 1 degree strong lofts, standard length/lie, D3 SW Bought these before their fire sale so just trying to minimize my losses. If anyone wants a set now these are it. MMT 80S w Tour Velvet 360s $2050 shipped in original box and PXG spec sheet
  6. please no trades Will ship within 24-48 hrs by USPS Priority. Been here since day 1 so buy w confidence 1. Tour Issue M3 3-15 good condition 212g flatter lie $200 2. SIM2 3-15 in excellent shape SOLD 3. Recoil ES 780/F4 matte black pulls .370 SOLD 4. SIM Kingdom Headcover $40 5. Tour Issue GD XC8 TX 41.5” $190 6. Tensei Raw AV Blue 85TX tip prepped $190 7. Tensei Raw AV White 85TX tip prepped SOLD 8. SIM2 9 Diamana 60S -played a few rounds $375
  7. Please no trades. I typically ship same day USPS priority. Tour Issue TM P7MC 5-P KBS Tour 125 S+ shafts +.25” length standard loft / lie TV 360 grips Buttery soft forgings. Bought these off a member and played 1 round. I’m just not a good ball striker so I’m sticking w my 770s. Tried to capture condition in pics. Tour issue @ retail price GONE
  8. Please no trades. I typically ship same day USPS priority.
  9. 2 SIM Rockets. Both head only. No head covers. Please no trades and don’t ask for my best price. I respond to PMs quickly and ship fast. Been here since day one! check out pics comparing the 2 1. Tour Issue SIM Rocket V2 Head is almost new. Hit a few balls but not a Mark. 2 blue COR test dots are still visible. Spec sticker is pictured but can’t find it currently. 202 grams is perfect for some hot melt. 2. Retail Rocket - 209 grams was played a few rounds. See pics for details.
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