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  1. They had a booth @ this year's PGA show...
  2. Senden will forever remain one of my ALL-TIME sentimental favorites! Many moons ago (circa the release of the Tour Burner drivers) while working LA/Northern Trust/Genesis Open, I caught up with him on the 9th tee during a practice round. He was playing solo so I took the opportunity to chat him up about how he liked the new driver. 3 minutes into the conversation he says, "Take a crack at it...see what you think!" Ummmm....WHUT?!?! Talk about nervous! I blocked the first one right about 20 yards (blamed it on the cool weather and the bulky windbreaker) but then PIPED the second about 20 yards short of his. Gave me a fist bump and proceeded to finish up his day. I could almost hear the golf claps of the gallery as I hopped back into my cart...
  3. $-Tapers are the TRUTH! I never thought I would find a shaft smoother than the Nippons but they have made me a believer.
  4. > @mdocd10 said: > Interesting that his GAPR Lo 2-iron is 18 degrees. Isn't the retail version of the GAPR Lo 2-iron a 17 degree? Tour issue bonded model...
  5. > @Popper said: > how can you tell if its tour? > "+" C.O.R sign is clearly visible on the hosel.
  6. 6/7 up and downs...9 one putts last round! [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/ye/pnr98rg3kgd2.jpg "") That typically qualifies as money well spent.
  7. Two significant changes: 1. KK XT 70 TX has been a revelation. Almost 50 and driving the ball nearly as deep as I did in my 20s but with less curvature. 2. Mizuno S18 wedges. Played the Ping Glides for the last 3 1/2 years but grabbed a 52° & 56° and bent them to 53° / 57°. My bunker and short-side issues are a thing of the past.
  8. I know him personally. He's been moving TM equipment directly from them for a number of years. He's a standup guy.
  9. I know this is old but wanted to let my southpaw friends know that there is hope...
  10. Played the S400s off and on for nearly a decade. Have experimented with the CT 130s; and the 125 S+ and I would concur with everything that has been mentioned here. They have tightened up the dispersion immensely and hot-knife-through-butter in windy conditions. My only two issues are they are quite "muted" in terms of feel and they are not kind when it comes to any joint problems you might have. I am in the process of grabbing a couple of demo irons with the Nippon 125s to try.
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