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  1. I'm going to have to agree with a few others and suggest you try the Lab Golf Directed Force 2.1. I big reason is that the balance of the putter and high MOI makes it tough to make a "bad stroke". This frees you up to loosen your grip a little and spend almost all your focus on distance control instead of the stroke itself. It sounds like distance control is a big issue with you. It's "different", it will take some getting used to. There are several videos out there on youtube with suggestions on how you should tweak things to work best with the DF 2.1. "Different" may be exactly what yo
  2. You might be surprised. Keep your eye out just in case. There's a 75 lie angle for sale now and a 76 sold a few days ago. Looking at completed listings there are a few 76's in there. Regardless, good luck with it. I know it's pretty important to get the right fit with these putters.
  3. A few thoughts on the DF 2.1. I don't have a fitter close to me and I was not satisfied with the fitting video process. So I ended up doing my own measurements. I ended up getting a used one off ebay to those specs. I got the length perfect but missed on the lie angle a little and I hated the grip (the smaller OG one). Initially I didn't love the putter, it took some getting used to, but I liked the way it felt. So, I re-sold the putter for close to what I paid for it (I was out fees and shipping of course, but not too bad for a "rental"). I ended up getting another one used
  4. Personal preference thing. I've gone as high as 20g weights on really slow greens. Lots of weights available on ebay.
  5. I have the DF 2.1 and like the putter. However, I've played an insert putter for years and do miss the feel. It may have been mentioned somewhere in the thread already and I missed it, but are there any plans for an insert version of the 2.1 in the future?
  6. ssf301


    Can't comment on tour pros, but on amateurs, most mid/higher handicappers don't maintain their spine angles and properly rotate their hips through impact. They in effect, "stand up" a bit which tilts the club more upright. Check with your local fitter and I bet they fit significantly more clubs upright than flat, even though static specs (and height, etc) would indicate otherwise (more of an even split between more upright and more flat).
  7. My goal is to someday be one of those golfers that can spend all day at the course for a round (warm up, long lazy round, maybe a meal afterward), seems like a nice way to spend a day. However, I have too much going on to do that and 5 hour rounds would prevent me from playing much (if any golf). Therefore, I vote that it should be legal to pummel slow players that don't keep up with the group in front of them and don't let you through. I'm lucky enough to live on a private course and me and a couple other sub 5 handicaps always try to get the first tee time on the weekends. W
  8. I don't believe PING has ever been the flashiest brand, but they've consistently made high quality products and had good customer service. That's hard to say for too many brands.
  9. I tried Fore Play/Barstool Sports. Wow! Are they even capable of completing a sentence without the use of the words "like" and "fu#ckin"? What a collection of ****** bags.
  10. I played with the Ping Glide 3.0's and really liked them. I recently switched to Indi wedges and like them a bit better than the Ping 3.0's. https://indigolfclubs.com/wedges/
  11. I spent some time hitting the AWT 2.0's recently and I really liked the feel of the shaft (coming from the Nippon 105's). However, I didn't like change in the shaft profile through the clubs and I had some trouble with distance inconsistency in the 6-4 irons. To me, the Nippons played more consistent and I had better dispersion with them throughout the irons. I get the concept of the AWT's and I believe they will be/are a terrific fit for a lot of golfers, they just were not ideal for me.
  12. 2 and 3. I play them lofted up already.
  13. I have PING G410 hybrids with the Alta CB 76g stiff shafts in them (mid launch). I use them off the tee some and approaches on the par 5's. I really like the clubs and the way they play. I have good consistency and dispersion with them. However, my course hosts a PGA tour event each year and among the many ways the members get screwed hosting this event (I'll spare you my rant), they turn the fairways into a soaking wet rice patty to ensure they look nice and green and are ready to be fast for the pros and they make the greens rock hard to keep the balls marks away a good 6 weeks before th
  14. Taylormade. Often seems like they value style over substance.
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