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  1. First set of clubs was a combination gift between my parents and both sets of grandparents, a full set of Wilson HT1000 clubs, driver, 3w, 5w, 3-PW and putter, I think when I was in 6th or 7th grade. I was so excited, back in the 90s oversized metal woods were becoming the norm and I no longer had to have mix and match hand me down persimmons and blades from my dad. First clubs I bought were in March 96, original Titleist DCI 3-PW and Big Bertha War Bird 11* Driver used from a family friend for $250. Those made me feel legit, ha. Great clubs that lasted me 11 more years and now reside in my dad's bag.
  2. Very enjoyable round that day, even in carts!
  3. Flitz certainly removes rust, but it can take everything else too, usually not recommended for finishes. How big are the rust spots? If they're large then those spots will show, but if they're pretty small you can use some gun or baby oil and extra fine steel wool and very lightly and gently remove some of the spots. Just know it can take the finish as well, so work in baby steps.
  4. Random question with torching stainless, if you don't like the end result, how easy it is to go back to the base grey stainless look? I've got a putter I'm debating doing the honey dipped finish to (but I also love that blue finish @5hort5tuff), but am wondering if it's a simple as a carbon and coking it back to that dull grey look. Would a naval jelly get it back to normal, or would there be a difference?
  5. I've stated it before, but the Studio Select series and on, all the over the hosel shafts are proprietary from Nippon, and there are not perfect fit alternatives out there to my knowledge.
  6. For years I went with the feel route and putted pretty well, but never got "good" at putting. To me the first way to improve your putting is to know if you're rolling the ball on your intended line, if you're not doing that you're compensating somehow and eventually it will hurt you. If you can get to a point where you're hitting your line consistently, then you can rule out the variable of whether a miss was a bad roll or a bad read and from there it's all on your ability to read greens. And that leads to a more confident stroke as well. But at the same time, don't be the guy lining up every putt and re-lining it up when not comfortable, that takes forever.
  7. They do this often. They’ve stated they have a lot of inventory waiting on boats so that could explain the light inventory, that and the 40% sales the last 10 days.
  8. I think pushing from 13 green to 14 tee at HOE on a hot summer day cemented my decision to carry going forward. I think understanding you don't need half the crap most people keep in their bag makes things so much easier for carrying.
  9. Same. I think it's better just to carry in general, which is why my push cart is still in its box waiting for my kids to grow up. Cart golf in the cold is miserable. I have a cart heater and have used the covers, and while nice it's not the same as walking and getting the blood flowing.
  10. I've got a pair of the mittens as pictured above, Ping version I think. I honestly found them cumbersome for playing, just taking them on and off. If I were walking my pockets and a pair of hot hands did the trick just as well, if I were in a cart I'd spend more time putting them on and off than I would driving, so I just gave up. Use them only for shoveling or playing in the snow with the kids now. Years ago there was a version that attached directly to a push cart and stayed there and you just slid your hands in. If I still push carted I'd definitely go that route instead.
  11. Callaway 5Deep and Adams dHy 4 have been in the bag for a long time, although both are on the chopping block this winter.
  12. I think even 25 years ago that would hardly play on tour. Corey Pavin was probably the epitome of this and he was the exception rather than the rule. He had to be absolutely on top of his game to compete. Today even 300 down the middle is losing ground at times.
  13. So happy I've got my trip planned for Feb 22, but afraid of how long it will take to get the way things are going.
  14. Do tell... I love those fairways, but eventually tired of them looking closed in. Would love to hear what can be done.
  15. I'm sorry this happened to you, and that's a crappy way for him to do business. But it's really simple and easy to get a cost estimate online, and as a seller that's your responsibility.
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