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  1. Consider yourself lucky. Not the same by me. In fact my regular carrier at work gives us a running tally each day of how many other carriers called off that day, whose routes he then has to cover that day. Days he's off...never get mail. Outgoing packages are pretty much always on time now, sometimes early sometimes late. But that's only small packages, I'll not ship clubs with them after nightmares last year.
  2. Saskatoon had a nice little 3 hole course that was great for beginners.
  3. Thanks for the review @Chilidog. My brother in law got one for fathers day and was raving about it, so I looked them up and was shocked by the price. Going to stick with my Imperial TKO hats for running and bicycling for the time being. Very breathable, seem to take on sweat (or at least it doesn't pour down me) and very easy on washing when the funk smell kicks in.
  4. This is why most putter companies use stainless steel nowadays. Even if not designed to patina, carbon finishes will wear with usage. Moisture, sand, storage, course chemicals, all have an effect on the finish, they require attention to keep them looking like new even if not being used. Most golf consumers do not understand this.
  5. @Gborgs01 I've seen covers like that before, special event covers made for Folds of Honor outings. Not so much a special edition made and sold by Titleist, but something you'd get at an event with a putter if you paid for one. There used to be an event in the Chicagoland area that did this, but I haven't heard about it in a few years. No idea on specifics with that one.
  6. I think certain events fall outside of their contractual obligations. I don't know contractual details but IMO it's no coincidence that he pulls this back out for the Olympics and has used Camerons in the Ryder Cup when under other sponsorship.
  7. You can't just drop a line like that and not say what you found that worked better... Still loving my SIM, although admittedly I've struggled with the driver the last year+ as my schedule hasn't allowed for any practice time. When I'm off it's a challenge, but when I'm swinging right it's the most impressive driver I've ever owned.
  8. Let me backtrack a little. Per his last IG post from almost a month ago, "custom orders will be very limited. I will have "stock" putters along with occasional special drops."
  9. By the sounds of it Goodwood won't be doing custom orders going forward. @agood3putt I would get a fitting and find out what best suits me, then find something cool in line with that on ebay, classifieds, etc. and pocket the rest.
  10. Bowes Creek Saturday. Warm and muggy, but thank god for the breeze. Course was in fine shape, maybe some ball mark issues coming up, but with it being so muggy lately the greens are getting those "gambled and lost" style marks everywhere, where the top surface blows out and detaches and it's bare dirt underneath. I've yet to figure out the best way to fix those. Given the conditions the greens were an interesting combo of rolling pretty quick, but very receptive. This lead to some interesting chips that checked and held if clipped right, or took off if not. The green reception also changed bas
  11. Just one item today, gonna try to keep it simple. TaylorMade Sim TI 19* 5w Head - Has some wear from usage, primarily on the face from impact. One mark on the toe that scraped away some paint, one impact mark high on the toe face near the top line. No pop up marks. Solid club, just can't get away from old faithful 5Deep. Will include a brand new aftermarket adaper. No headcover or wrench. $150
  12. If we could get cold weather temps with current course conditions I'd be extremely happy.
  13. That would be pretty high on the face for sweet spot wear though. Anybody hitting it there that consistently might be dragging the turf a lot.
  14. Looks legit to me. Not sure there are fakes of the 33/350 head.
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