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  1. Both times (from Chicago) I've flown into San Fran and then to North Bend; I hate the idea of catching an early flight, relying on a connection, and then driving 2 hours once I touch down. But admittedly I've gotten very lucky with both my flights out of San Fran into North Bend each time I've gone. San Fran can be socked with fog, and North Bend can have rain and/or fog. My last trip had the flight going back home cancelled and I realized how frequently North Bend has issues, and it's the only commercial flight in and out of that airport so it's not like you can catch something later. The dri
  2. Wow, saw the site and it instantly reminded me of the old Golf Channel infomercials, 4 easy payments and credit card logos and all. I didn't think you could recreate that feel on a website, but sure enough.
  3. Well when you have a generous 30 day return policy on a limited item that's what going to happen. Many buy just to hold and see what the market does, and try to flip in the meantime. If it doesn't resell high then they return. That's why they almost always have a restock at some point.
  4. VNutz

    Anyone Remember?

    Man, that's the first thing I thought of and you beat me to it. Dang!
  5. I don't hate the idea, I just dislike the execution. There has to be somebody on the design team that steps in and says "stop, these are horrible"
  6. These look more like St. Paddy's colors than Masters to me. And they're not good.
  7. Yup. Retailers do it all the time without question. That's basically what they are and are using ebay as their storefront. Unfortunately scammers can do the same.
  8. Just to be clear, I'm the one who said "fishy", and I don't think they're fake. To me the circumstances surrounding it and the story are "curious", and I'm not implicating the seller is fishy, just that the story would be typical for somebody trying to move something they weren't supposed to. Just my .02, and in the end it doesn't really matter. Cool get for somebody.
  9. VNutz

    Cameron stamp ?

    @golf1010 When first produced, the Futura Long version was deemed illegal by the USGA & R&A under certain circumstances. So SC/Titleist took them back and replaced them with legal versions. Eventually the "APPROVED" was added to the production engraving.
  10. The entire line of green snake skins were cancelled and not given to players to wear was my understanding, they wore the light tans above instead. Rumor was that Augusta objected to something about them. Here's a pic from the 2019 thread. The Jordan XIs would have been epic. Some have snuck out as I know somebody that bought a pair on one of the aftermarket sites, not even knowing the whole back story. So lucky.
  11. I think these are what players end up wearing that week, so entirely possible these shoes were worn at Augusta that week. Personally there's a little something fishy about this to me. Used shoes, doesn't know what they are, yet priced at $120?? Seller still probably did quite well vs what they paid. For some reason the green skins were eliminated entirely but the camo skins and hands weren't a problem? Here's what they originally should have been:
  12. If you can find one of the original Adams dHy in the 5/27 loft that might be an option. Not as chunky as a Srixon U and plenty easy off the deck IMO.
  13. To be honest, a golf sweater is for the most part just another sweater, with golf branding applied and an upcharge of 50-100% added. Just find something local that fits you well or some place with a deal and go from there. As to Tiger, Cantlay, etc., a lot of those guys get custom clothing, or even clothing from other brands with their own branding applied. Not easy to find. If you really want to break the bank on a golf branded sweater I'm a big fan of Greyson designs, and you can find some on ebay for far less than retail. Not to say that's cheap by any means though.
  14. As stated above the TM adapters during this era (I think SLDR) were compatible. I believe the main difference was that the TM adapters have the plastic around the adapter itself, where the Adams models were full metal.
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