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  1. That's entirely my point. It's a real putter, but the work is pretty poor IMO.
  2. Is that an authentic twisty? That impacts the value quite a bit IMO.
  3. @BG5 First, I'm super jealous you're in this predicament, one that you have such an affordable option in a great course, and 2 that your playable summer evenings go to nearly 10:00. If I were you I'd do this in a heartbeat, with the caveat that the course does have flexibility and openings for you to come out on the regular. A lot of courses have been swamped the past 2 years and if they are as well then it's going to be a constant struggle. But if you can sneak out anytime you want, or if you can take the kids out after dinner a couple times a week it's an awesome option. Keep in mind some of the other options mentioned like Arcadia and Sand Valley were super booked up last year, and I heard somewhat into this coming season as well. Assuming this course isn't overbooked as well, it might just be the right time to divert from travel trips and get more rounds in closer to home. Just my .02.
  4. I have no experience with the VFT, but have you given the Great Big Bertha Warbird Titanium fairways a look? Oversized for sure and great to play from anywhere with a pretty tall face for a fairway wood.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most paint strippers will take the finish off a carbon putter. I'd lay it flat and prop the head with a towel or something and fill the cavity with acetone for a little while and see what happens first.
  6. Only on WRX... nevermind recovery and/or quality of life, but how's my golf game gonna be. I understand, and I kid. In all seriousness, best of luck on the surgery and recovery, heart issues are scary stuff. Hoping for your sake you come out of the surgery well and strong and the rehab goes ok. If you time it right you can get it done soon during the Midwest winter when you're not swinging anyway and by the time spring/summer comes along you might be on the road to recovery and playing again.
  7. If you like longnecks it's a good deal. Could do a lot worse that's for sure. Congrats, longneck tei3s have long been a favorite of mine.
  8. This should be a .382 flare shaft, or bell, as stated previously in the thread.
  9. Worst by far. Full snow and ice coverage and colder weather than we'd ever seen, and for long stretches of time.
  10. Couple items for sale today. All prices include shipping to the CONUS. 1) Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Newport 2 Buttonback - Purchased new and carpet rolled, some faint brush marks on the sole and marks on the grip from storage in a bag. No marks otherwise, beautiful putter but sticking with my longnecks. $750 SOLD 2) Cobra Baffler F6 Utility - Head Only. Great condition with only a few small marks on the back edge paint and under the back edge. There are 3 small dents in the crown of the club, they are really hard to see but from my experience do not affect play. Face otherwise very clean along with the sole. Great little clubhead, just going a different route this year. $60 SOLD 3) Nike Flex Slim Cut Pants 34x32, Light Grey - Brand new with tags. Nice light weight, just not quite cut right for me and I've got too much clothing as it us. Moving it out at my cost. $30 SOLD
  11. As stated above, call immediately. Our group, granted a larger group, is going in Feb and we were misinformed about when reservations opened up, so we're kind of piecing it together most nights. If you're a smaller crew it's probably easier. Best of luck.
  12. Then consider yourself lucky, not everybody has the same shape foot. I’m the same as @Turmoil35x above, 10.5 in 4s and 5s, but an 11 in the 11s and that still didn’t feel right. Sneakers are one thing, golf shoes different entirely imo. As narrow as Nike has gone the last few years there are some models I simply cannot wear or get my foot into without going way too far up in size. And I don’t even have what’s classified as a wide foot.
  13. Putter is a legit otr with likely fake Ct weights and aftermarket bumper stamping. Not a true tour stick
  14. VNutz

    Callaway UW

    Got to hit my 21* for the first time last night, albeit in a dome. Definitely gets the ball airborne, can certainly see it being a nice weapon into par 5s off the deck. But at the same time the Cally 2019 Apex hybrid I've got in that slot hits such repeatable bullets off the tee that I'm so used to for tight par 4s. I like what the UW offers but I'm not certain it'll slot into my gaps and preferences properly. Wasn't wild about the Smoke Black RDX shaft that didn't feel like the low launch shaft it was described as, despite having a Smoke Black in my driver and hybrids, might have to tinker some there. For all the no left talk I could certainly turn it over, but I can do that with a sand wedge as well.
  15. Felipe is awesome, but that's the same time my group will be there and he's been arranged.
  16. @cavemeister Call ebay and see if you can speak to somebody, that's what I've done in the past. I've found it's always best to talk with them first and speak calmly and rationally to help get them on your side first before they make a decision on something. You've got a buyer that's past the return window looking to return an item not due to an error on your part but because it doesn't suit him, and is on record of saying so. Beyond that, he also installed it, which is a no-no as well. It should all line up in your favor but put in the extra time and talk to somebody to get confirmation before a final rejection.
  17. I don't want to sound cold, but if you look at completed listings it's pretty much in line with when he unfortunately passed. But yes, most all collectables are up in golf, and other hobbies as well.
  18. They're my favorites by far of all the Jordans I've owned, and the ones I still wear the most 3/4 years later. The retros all have a certain bball silhouette to follow, and no matter how you pad it up there's still a bit of compromise IMO. The trainers are the only ones that feel like they originated as a golf shoe to me.
  19. For as much as it's gained traction and attention in the golfing world, it's still really limited in the grand scheme of things. They all are, Buck Club, Sugarloaf, Swag, Jordan shoes, etc. Even SC who's arguably made the most progress in this market is still not all that common to see on the course. Outside of playing with friends or collector events, I've seen other golfers with non-stock SC items less than a handful of times in my golfing life.
  20. MGS had them labeled as low launch and high spin, higher spin than most, a very unique offering. They also found a decent amount to have some sort of imperfection, not sure most of us would really notice though. Testing above seems different so ymmv.
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