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  1. 1986 Masters is the only answer IMO. So easy to forget that the Saturday round was incredible as well, with Nick Price and his horseshoe putt on 18 to miss out on what would still be the only 62 in a major to this day. But the Sunday drama was there with all the top names of the game in the hunt, Seve, Kite, Norman, Watson and Price all hovering around the lead, only to have Jack come out of nowhere and steal the show. Can't write it any better IMO. Aside from that: 1999 US Open 1999 Ryder Cup 2008 US Open
  2. There have been some stories in the past year+ of people pretty disappointed by Headgear and their communication and then production times. Personally I'd stay away. To be honest I don't know that Winston Collection caters to the one off personal covers. They make a lot of covers for courses for sale in their pro shops and seem to be quite busy with that, so I'm not sure just one set is something they're looking to do, but I could be wrong though. I wish I had a suggestion for you though, about 5+ years ago there were a handful of reliable options, but they all seem to have crashed and burned since then. Patrick Gibbons could be one to try, but I don't know if he does personal covers anymore, nor his price range if he did.
  3. Legit putter. Too bad somebody decided to drill out initials on the face. It's not often you find Newport II putters from this era without a site line.
  4. To be perfectly honest, you're probably better off waiting for the Black Friday 40% off sale. You'll pay a little bit more, but IMO that's worth it to get exactly what you want. I've bought blind draw items before on other items like cooler bags or similar accessories that I just wanted an item on a discount and didn't care about a logo, but for a bag I wouldn't be as carefree. Just my .02.
  5. I try to think, "I could just go to work". That usually fixes it. A bad day on the course, or a day on a bad course is so much better than most days elsewhere.
  6. I wouldn't send to Cameron for a resto as they won't replicate the original finish anymore, and I'd probably skip the COA, I'd send to BOS. Original finish on this was gun blue, which maybe it still has, but the face leaves something to be desired. I'd go for the original black oxide finish and white and gold paint as seen here. http://media.scottycameron.com/images/authentication/putters/A011525b.JPG
  7. Good call. Hit the Preserve or Shorties and call it a trip.
  8. Bandon Crossings is about 20 minutes away and a decent course. Certainly nothing like the Bandon property courses but a decent play and a nice change of pace. I believe that's where a lot of the locals and the caddies play. I do believe it's the opposite direction of the airport though.
  9. Yup, although I'm 2/2 in finding that bunker. But also 2/2 on getting out. I've never been short right on 15 BD, but I think that might be worse since it's such a small bunker and rises more abruptly. On 6 you have to get really high up but at least you have the distance to make it happen. Perspective is a bit skewed from the pic angle from below, but this illustrates it pretty well.
  10. @shanx From what I remember there's a little double sided adhesive tape in there holding it down, I think. I used a toothpick or a really skinny screwdriver to pick out after a little heat. Definitely took a little more effort than it would seem it should.
  11. Current pricing structure has simply lead to me being more creative in how I buy my clubs. For drivers, the past few seasons I've taken advantage of trade in bonuses for Callaway and TM and basically got a new club either every year or every other year simply trading in stuff I had in the basement. I acquire the Epic, M3440, M5 and the SIM this way, and a fairway or two as well. They didn't do that this year and I wasn't overly inclined to make a switch, so nothing changed. Irons I don't switch out as often, on the 3rd season with used irons I bought here and have no plans to switch. Wedges I've pushed back how frequently I replace because nearly $200 for a wedge seems stupid. Putters are a non stop revolving door and will always continue to be so. I think current pricing trends will push people like myself back into the old way of club ownership, having something for 2-4+ years before considering replacement. Or at least for myself it will be that way, and I'm a club ho. At this point I don't have the itch to change things in my bag anymore unless I see a legit performance reason, rather than just for new and shiny like it used to be.
  12. Actually it was Fowler in 2010, Overton earned his way onto the team. He and Fowler were the first players to ever make the team without having a victory, and Fowler was a captains pick. Overton still had 2 points that weekend. I still think 2010 plays out differently if not for the weather and forcing all players to play on days 2 and 3. Exposed their rookies and lack of depth.
  13. If you look at the post I referenced it's in regard to tweets he's liked, not tweets made, many of which were calling out Stricker (some insulting) for not picking him. Looking at it when I posted there were probably 10 or so, now only 4, he's covering his tracks. I have no idea what his wife has been doing, don't follow and don't care. Regardless of whether it's him or not, it's someone within his camp or circle and speaking for him.
  14. Exhibit A as to why you can't pick him for the back end of a team. He's not going to sit quietly and accept not being in the middle of things. He's not afraid to make it all about him and disrupt a team.
  15. Looking deeper into the numbers, Reed, Na and Kisner don't score well on par 3s. Na is 12th in par 4 scoring average but only 37th in birdie or better on them, so he makes a bunch of pars. That's nice but you need some guys that can birdie par 3s and 4s as par 5 birdies are often a given. Berger, Scheffler and Finau are all strong on par 4 birdies, which account for the majority of the holes. I could see Na would have been a solid dependable wingman to somebody like DJ or Brooks and just let him go for broke. I also think after last time Stricker could not choose Reed to be a back end player. In 2018 he made a stink when he wasn't front and center and paired with Speith, and proved he was out for himself as much as the team. You can't have that with your 12th man this time around.
  16. You could also say the Euro team has enjoyed great success since adopting captains picks in 1985. Since then one side has done considerably better than the other. Over the years in general I don't think it has as much to do with captain's picks but rather that the Euro teams have simply performed better, despite perhaps being seen or ranked as inferior. But I'd still prefer they have some control over the back half of the team to better account for better players that had an off season or injuries.
  17. Yeah but that's how you end up with a team of Brett Wetterich, Vaughn Taylor and JJ Henry. I think 6 picks is too many, 2 too few, 4 is the sweet spot IMO; I'd even be ok with 3. Let some guys play their way in and others get picked.
  18. Ah yes, now I remember it. For some reason I had it in my head that the North 9 was some sort of practice or kids course, which it most definitely was not once I got out there. The big cups concept makes much more sense now.
  19. Played Broken Arrow Saturday afternoon for the first time in probably 5 years, East to North. I'd never played the North 9 before, crazy setup with the greens in that they're designed twice as large, usually in an infinity shape connecting the middles, and to have 2 pins each and you can choose which to play to, but it wasn't set up for that for us and made for some interesting putts. Greens were very soft and slow, lots of crater ball marks. Place felt oddly empty, little to no gear in the clubhouse and nobody working the turn at 4:00 on a Saturday. Of all the courses I've played this year, this was the only one that felt like it was back to the pre-2020 days and not packed to the brim on a weekend, in fact it felt empty. Very odd.
  20. It's not common to have a range connected with a good used club store. Maple Hill in MI has it, and it's a great place to test things out. They're a unicorn.
  21. App hesitated for me and I had to re-navigate to it. Browser never came live for me and said sold out the whole time.
  22. You're not the only one apparently.
  23. The web.com Boise Open, which was last weekend.
  24. Hawks Head is right off the highway and easy to get to, I've not played it but it's well reviewed around here. I've played Lake Michigan Hills plenty of times over the years and it's a decent layout but definitely more of an old school kind of course. Some nice holes, some quirky ones. If this is part of a trip I'd pass on it.
  25. These types of afternoons are what makes that course so special.
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