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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. For what’s it’s worth the 8 iron cane up as D7. I wouldn’t think the grips were lighter than the stock Nike grip but it’s very possible. All SW was done with grips on. thanks again for responses.
  2. Hey Guys, I just got my Nike vapor pro combos with stock dg pro s300 on the SW machine and they are coming up at D6?!?! They have half inch butt extensions in them. Is that causing the massive jump from the D2 they should be? I knew they were affecting SW a bit but didn’t expect such a massive jump. Curious on the club makers on here’s opinion.
  3. Ha... the t’s are gone. If they weren’t I’d combo the t’s and p’s and call it a day.
  4. Dang it why did you have to say that about the ST’s! They look gorgeous and more like something I would be inclined to play. Gah this isn’t the easy decision I was hoping for. the one thing that did shy me away from them is they are not hollow bodied but a standard forged “blade”, correct? I’ve played those my whole life and was hoping to gain a little ball speed with the new fancy tech in these rocket launcher new irons.
  5. These responses are very very very helpful. I find your comments re the turf interaction interesting, I figured the p’s would be A little more aggressive but my previous testing was with the T’s so maybe that’s the difference. also, when you say the 0211 will be “softer” you mean the feel on clubface? Even though they are cast compared to the 0311’s forged? your gapping comments are also what had me kinda worried about the 0211 which I would similarly play 1/2 short. again thank you... these responses are great and so so helpful.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I’m a low capper who’s ball striking has suffered severely last few years due to injury. Moving into some mmt’s and looking for a slight bit more forgiveness than the old forged cb’s I’ve always played. What would you recommend for a better player? How do they compare in terms of looks, turf interaction and ball flight? Generally prefer a more aggressive leading edge and sole which worries me on the 0211z And finally do you see the (Slight) price Bump on the 0311 worth it? thanks again dude, ideally in a non pandemic world a range session would answer
  7. Wondering if anyone can provide feedback on the 2021 0211’s vs the 0311 P’s (gen 2)? Pandemic is making fitting impossible right now, hoping some of the many knowledgeable Wrx’ers can help out.
  8. Janoski gone to a great WRX’er. Reasonable cash offers considered for the Jordan’s. No trades unless you have these in a bigger size or a set of irons with kbs tgi shafts.
  9. How do you like the TGI and How do they compare to the MMT? Thanks man GLWS sweet stuff here
  10. Shoes are brand new. Janowski come without box. Prices include shipping from Canada Jordans Sz 9 $500 Janowski Sz 10 $OLD
  11. Is anyone using the Stripeshow or Bomber? Why would i get a players series over those vinyl models?
  12. Looking for some help/information about debadging a set of these TM TP 09's. Mostly curious if anyone had done that with this set before and whether I will be losing a lot of weight or performance benefits. I read that the disc does serve a purpose other than aesthetics, can I remove the badging without the disc? Any advice on how to do this or why I shouldn't would be greatly appreciated.
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