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  1. I've just had my 4th Callaway driver face crack in the past 3 years. Started with an Epic Subzero, then a Rogue SZ, then a Flash SZ, and just had another Flash SZ. Anyone else deal with this? I do practice quite a bit and hit a lot of balls but it seems like they should hold up better. On another note, Callaway's service has been AMAZING through all of these interactions. They've sent replacements quickly with no hassle. I can't say enough about how they take care of their customers.
  2. Just 1 item up for sale. It’s the Flightscope Mevo. What you see in the pic is what’s included. No original box or metallic stickers. $325
  3. n a post below, include your answers to the following questions: ​What is your home city/state? What is your current USGA Handicap? Which golf ball(s) do you currently play, and why? Why would you like attend this one-of-a-kind experience at Titleist? -Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska -USGA Handicap: 3.2 -Current ball: After playing the Pro V1x exclusively for the past few years, I'm currently a free agent. The story behind it is kind of funny. I was on the first tee of the first round of the Anchorage Open and i reached. I've played the Pro V1x, Bridgestone 330, Srixon Z Star, Kirkland Sign
  4. I play the Tour AD BB in a Titleist 915. The Tour AD F-85 X would be sick in my FW
  5. I'm trying to become more consistent with my ballstriking. I'd like some feedback on my swing and any drills that could help. Thanks in advance. -Aaron Links:
  6. Yup... I want one. Thanks for the post and giving me the idea
  7. i'd like to piggy back on this topic. Currently my 913D3 is tuned to 9.25* with a Fuji Fuel tourspec 60x shaft in it. I hit 17 balls into a screen sim (tru golf E6) and the averages were as follows: carry - 296, launch - 11*, ball speed - 173, spin - 3073. Obviously I'd like to maximize distance. Any insight as to whether or not I can improve my setup?
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