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  1. I live in the area, and have played BCC a few times (and SFGC once). I was told that BCC is kind of where the wives/kids of SFGC members play, very old money membership for the most part, so unless you're part of that world, I think it might be difficult to join. I wouldn't be surprised if a good deal of them were also members at SFGC and Cypress, if you know what I mean.
  2. A friend of mine in the industry got me on SFGC on a Monday (no play for members), pretty sure that was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I don't think I'll ever get to play Cypress either, unless I somehow luck into that....
  3. gravel42


    That is a great deal! I'd join you if I knew I was free that day, and if I could somehow drop 12+ points off my index. Have fun!
  4. I love mine so far! I wish I waited a couple more weeks would of saved $20 lol join my golfwrx leaderboard when you are all set... i am the only in it so far LOL Leaderboard code: HEYWKX I joined, you’re not completely alone...
  5. Just my two cents: I don't disagree with any of the suggestions everyone else made, but for my money, I'd never buy any rangefinder other than Leupold. Why? Their unmatched warranty and customer service. You'll see tons of examples if you do a search here--here's mine. I bought a used Leupold GX-3 from another Wrxer here probably 2-3 years ago for like $150--the rangefinder was probably already 3 years old at that point. Worked great, but lately the OLED display was starting to fade a bit on the edges. Still useable, but definitely getting harder to read. Sent it in this October fo
  6. Yep. I was trying to connect like any other bluetooth device. Just connecting via the instructions (duh.) worked. Oops. Odd though. Well, alls well that ends well, I guess. Now we gotta get out on the course and figure that out too. The watch takes a while to charge (at least via pc usb charge), so make sure you plug it in well before your next round, I can see that being an issue--not something you can just charge in the car on the way over to the course.
  7. Got mine today too, and I have an android phone too. You'll need to connect it via the phone app and then on the watch select the bluetooth button (lower right). It's not like pairing it to a regular device (you don't go through your bluetooth settings on the phone)--not super intuitive, but it'll work. Or use the included cable, download the windows or mac desktop app and do it that way. Let me know if you have questions. I'm downloading some courses right now.
  8. Well, I just got a notice from USPS with a tracking number, so they are preparing to ship them -- USPS Priority, so 1-3 days depending on how far you are from Illinois, I'm guess I get mine Friday/Saturday out here in California.
  9. Here's a video of it at Demo Day--not sure how it works with a normal clicgear, but interesting (it's the first product shown).
  10. While I'd definitely use the 3 options as a starting point, if you have a patient fitter, I would really try as many of the shafts as you can. I originally got fitted into the DG R300 AMTs based off the optimizer (and my swing that day), and while I hit them fine, when I finally tried some of the other options, I ended up with the Recoil 95 in stiff and am much happier. You just gotta find what feels right/good for you and your swing and preferred shot.
  11. I had them first in the DG AMT and then switched to the recoil 95s and my god, I love them even more. What is really surprising are the low irons, I love the 4 and 5 iron shots you can hit with these things.
  12. I've had mine a couple months, coming from other JPX lines and I think you're going to be very pleased. If you find the right shafts for your game, these things are really forgiving and fun to hit.
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