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  1. Tour Edge CBX, like a controlled Epic Flash Or Callaway X Hot Deep
  2. I play the OG Callaway Deep and a TEE 3 wood If i need to hit the ball on a rope, the OG Deep is the only club I trust.
  3. I played pretty much every wedge setup. 46-50-54-58-62 all the way to 48-54-60 The one I found works the best is 50-56-60. Loft gaping doesn't matter. What matters is, does the club it the trajectory and spin you want.
  4. Don’t worry about what loft you have. Honestly... it doesn’t matter that much. Think about, “what trajectory will get me closest to the hole?”. Then pick the wedge that best produces that shot.
  5. I was about to comment Then realized he has won multiple PGA events and I can’t make a 5 foot putt.
  6. Everyone is different... find whatever works for you. I like 50-56-60 1 for approach shots 1 for greenside shots 1 for “you’re an idiot”
  7. That terry looks way better then the limited edition
  8. MG1 > MG2 Taylormade needs to stop being cute with their wedges
  9. Phil: I want my own custom wedge Also Phil: grind the sh*t out of it and throw lead tape on it
  10. $650 per iron? How can anyone that wealthy have the time to play blades?
  11. The black looks amazing and the chrome looks like garbage. Never have I seen two polar opposites on wedges.
  12. > @JJK947 said: > My theory is that these hollow irons are much hotter high on the face. With a blade/CB you lose a ton of ball speed high on the face. This more than makes up for the lower spin that could potentially lead to extra distance. Hit slightly high on the face with the hollow iron and you get higher launch and lower spin, with minimal loss in ball speed. That's the recipe for a flier. Just conjecture on my part, though. Correct. Look at Titleists new irons where pinned the unstructured face
  13. Hot spots happen when the ball is hit higher on the face. The ball spins way less and flies forever.
  14. Hoping they release the T grind for retail!
  15. Tour Edge CBX 119 has 85 gram even flow blue and black. They are the best known secret on WRX.
  16. Callaway x hot deep (>80% off the tee) Ping G 400 Maxx (100% off the tee) Tour Edge CBX (<80% off the tee)
  17. Driver 15 3 wood ( Tour Edge CBX ) 18 5 wood ( Tour Edge CBX ) 21 Utility club ( Adams DHy ) I have a slight overlap between the 5 wood and driving iron, however they produce completely different trajectories.
  18. Let’s see if they can beat out my mp 25s
  19. ago33

    Best 52* wedge

    Callaway Mack daddy forged Best feel, bounce angle that keeps the face forward, which is great for full shots and flighting short wedges Edit: shoot you said flat sole... VOKEY SM6/7
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